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Final Battle

Everyone had stopped what they were doing. The sounds of reiatsu blasting, the sounds of metal clashing- all the explosions- all of them went silent. The only thing that was heard was the maniacal laughter that resounded through the white halls of the king's sanctum. Aizen Sousuke had a manical look on his face as the hollow mask on his face disappeared slowly in small white fragments. The Key of the King lay floating in front of the door.

Kurosaki Ichigo laid punctured, on the edge of his sword.


The voice of Kuchiki Rukia resounded this time, angrier, sadder, and louder then anyone could have thought the small woman was capable of doing. Her violet eyes widened, her knuckles white as she gripped tighter on Sode no Shirayuki. Reflected in her eyes was the look on Ichigo's face… it was expressionless… lifeless. Her hands trembled as she let out a hollow scream.


As soon as it had stopped, the action started up again. Soul Society was making their last stand against the new army. Arrancars and Vizards clashed, the powers of their attacks sending shockwaves against all those around them. Captains were fighting against members of the strongest, the Espada. The rest of Soul Society fought against the lower level hollows. The Royal Guard of the King's Sanctum laid in a pool of crimson, slain long before Soul Society had even reached the door to the core sanctum.

"Rukia! Calm down!" Renji yelled, glancing over his shoulder. He grimaced as several waves of hollows came at him. Their numbers didn't even seem to be decreasing.

"Tsugi no Mai! Hakuren!" Rukia yelled, freezing several of them with a wave of ice. She jumped over the now frozen hollows, and continued her way to the door of the core sanctum to where Ichigo was. Aizen needed only a few more minutes before the ritual to open the final doors was complete. He was moments away from seeing the King himself.

Old friends met.

"Gin! Stop this!" Matsumoto yelled. Ichimaru Gin had taken out several ranked officers, and was stepping slowly towards her. Slow breathing was heard behind his own hollow mask.


"ICHIMARU!" Ichimaru turned around, flash stepping away as soon as Hitsugaya Toshiro sent a cone of ice from his sword. Matsumoto stared at the two, who started to clash with one another. Her eyes narrowed as she jumped in to join the fight.

They clashed.

"TOUSEN!" Komamura yelled, his giant bankai smashing the ground into pieces. Shuuhei fought nearby, using the giant's arm to propel himself into the air. Sounds of steel filled the air, as lieutenant and former captain fought each other, flash stepping with each clash of the sword.

"Is this the path of justice? Tousen-taichou!" Shuuhei Hisagi yelled, pushing him back. The hollow masked Tousen said nothing, as he continued to fight both of them.

Their bonds, severed.

Rukia was running as fast as she could, not even caring to notice all the blood shed around her. Her vision was blurring slightly, the only sound she heard was the sound of her own heart beat. She stopped, as several more hollows came to block her path. She grimaced as she held out her sword defensively. Her eyes widened, as all of them concentrated their power into their mouths.


The blast created a huge explosion. The dust soon settled, as Rukia slowly opened her eyes. She was alive. Even after having countless ceros fired at her, she was alive. Looking at the three figures in front of her, she knew why.

"Ojisama! Urahara! Yoruichi!"

Kurosaki Isshin only smiled at her, while Urahara Kisuke pulled down his hat to hide his eyes. Yoruichi was sparkling, Shunkou activated. They had negated all the ceros with their own reiatsus. Rukia stared at them.

"Go on Rukia-chan! We'll be right there!" Isshin said brightly, turning back to the hollows. Rukia shook her head out of her stupor, before nodding and running off. Urahara stepped up, a glint in his eye as he pulled his sword to the side.

"Reminds us of old times, doesn't it?" He said with a smile. Both Yoruichi and Isshin returned the smile. Urahara lowered his glare, before looking back up.

"Nake! Benihime!"

Rukia looked over her shoulder, surprised to see a large red flash. She was getting closer to Aizen, and closer to saving Ichigo. He had always protected her. His words gave her strength, and now it was her turn. She had to save him. She had to stop this.


Ishida appeared next to her, pulling her out of the way as a bala blast came towards her. Chad, who was now fully transformed into his hollow armor, smashed the Arranacar who had shot at her. Rukia nodded thankfully at them.

"We need to get to Ichigo!" She yelled, as she led them. She looked behind her. "Where's Inoue!"

"She should be treating the wounded with Unohana!" Ishida said. Rukia nodded again. The stopped in front of the steps where Aizen was still doing incantations, while the body of Ichigo laid on the side. Rukia breathed deeply as images of Ichigo getting stabbed continually played in her mind.

"ICHIGO!" Rukia yelled running up to his body. Her eyes widened as she turned Ichigo's body over.

Ishida disappeared, now floating behind Aizen. Sending several arrows towards the target, Ishida's eyes widened at how they merely went through him. Chad followed behind, sending a large attack towards Aizen. This time, Aizen held out one hand, and deflected it. Both men just stared in shock, as Aizen wasn't even distracted.

"Rukia!" Renji yelled, flash stepping next to her. Renji leaned over her, shaking her shoulder. Rukia continued to stare down at the orange haired boy, her face expressionless. Renji's eyes widened.

Kurosaki Ichigo… was dead…

"AIZEN!" Rukia yelled, getting up angrily. Her eyes were narrowed in anger, tears threatening to fall. Renji, Ishida and Chad both watched in horror as she charged blindly. Aizen only smirked, turning towards her.

Ichigo felt light, he felt light as air, floating in a dark void. He felt two hands pull on him, bringing him to the light. Sitting up with confusion on his face, he stared around the familiar surroundings of his soul. Was he… dead?

"What… am I doing here?" He whispered softly with a scowl.

"King, you're so dense. Isn't that right Zangetsu-san?"

Ichigo slowly turned around.


Zangetsu and his Hollow stood behind him, staring down at him. Ichigo gaped lightly, before he stood up to face them. He didn't understand what was going on. All he remembered was getting stabbed…

"It's time Ichigo." Zangetsu said. He held out his hand. "Let us help you."

Back in the outside world, Rukia had charged at Aizen. The other three soon followed her lead and charged as well. Aizen smirked, before pointing out four fingers.

"Way of Destruction: 90… Black Coffin…"

Ichigo looked at his hand, before taking it with an appreciative smirk. His eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at his hollow self. He only stared back, a slight look of disgust on his face.

"How about you?" Ichigo asked. His hollow self stared at his hand with great anger. He turned away.

"I thought you agreed to help." Zangetsu said blankly. His hollow self scowled before taking Ichigo's hand. Ichigo stared into his black and yellow eyes.

"I will lend my power to you." He said with disgust, pulsing a dark reiatsu into Ichigo. Zangetsu did the same, pulsing a blue reiatsu into him. "Che, I hate this… but I'd never be able to take over your body if you died."

The four outside were instantly covered in a black box of reiatsu, never expecting such a high level spell to be incanted so quickly. As the darkness slowly moved away, the four of them fell simultaneously, cuts all over their bodies. Rukia breathed heavily on the ground as Aizen stepped, over pointing a sword to her head. She looked up at him with the utmost disgust.

"Prepare yourself, Kuchiki Rukia…"

"Protect your precious people." Zangetsu said, nodding at Ichigo.

"Don't die, you fool." His Hollow said.

"Thank you for your power… Ossan…" He said, looking over at Zangetsu. He looked over to his hollow. "…Partner…"

His hollow self only smirked at him before Ichigo felt himself back on the cold floor. His eyes slowly opened, watching in horror as Rukia laid in front of him, Aizen standing over her.

"Now... die." Aizen said, pushing his sword forward.

Rukia stared in shock as she waited for it. A hand came out of no where, grabbing the sword inches from her eyes. She looked up, shock on her face as realization hit her.

Ichigo was alive.

"Kurosaki… Ichigo…" Aizen said, surprise on his brown eyes. His lips curled into a smile. The eyes turned black, his pupil turning yellow as his hollow mask started to form on his face. "I thought I killed you."

Ichigo's own hollow mask started to form on his face as he smiled back. He twirled Zangetsu, before holding it behind him. He pushed Aizen's sword back, stepping in front of Rukia.

"Are you okay? Rukia?" He whispered softly. Rukia smiled at him softly.

"Ah… idiot…"

Aizen pulled his sword back, as Ichigo let go of it roughly. Ichigo had fought Aizen moments before, and he knew how dangerous the former captain was. His illusions were almost flawless. He was going to have to go full out, this time… stronger then he was before. He stuck his sword out in front of him, pointing it out towards Aizen.

This time… he was going to win.


A large beam of light exploded down from the sky, engulfing Ichigo in a dark blue light. Aizen stared at him in surprise form behind his mask. Rukia, Ishida, Chad and Renji covered their eyes, the power and light nearly intolerable.

"Impossible…" Aizen said. This was the first time he had ever been surprised. In front of him was the perfect example of a Shinigami and Hollow hybrid. Kurosaki Ichigo had unlocked the full potential of both sides.

Ichigo had now looked slightly like his hollow form, a tail swinging back and forth behind him. However, he retained almost all his usual human like appearance. The new Hollow Ichigo breathed deeply, hissing as his hands gripped tightly on a new form of Zangetsu. The blade was now even longer and had intricate red markings.

"Aizen…" Ichigo hissed, his voice now containing the three voices. "…I will win…"

Aizen smirked.

"In the five minutes that it will take to unlock the doors… you will be dead… and I shall sit on the throne of the King."

The two great powers clashed in the air, flash stepping, sending balas at each other. Soul Society was starting to gain the upper hand, pushing back the hollows and arrancars. They were running back into the Garganta, and back into Hueco Mundo.

"I should I have killed you when I had the chance." Aizen said. "You were always a threat." He added. Ichigo pushed him back, stabbing him through the stomach. His eyes moved back and forth as the illusion disappeared. He winced as he felt a slice to his back.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" Ichigo yelled, turning around. Aizen held out a hand to block, a small grimace on his face as the attack engulfed him. Ichigo pulled his sword back, lowering his stance.

"GETSUGA…" He started to flash step. "TENSHOU!" He finished, launching his attack from multiple directions. Ukitake looked up, his eyes wide with surprise as he watched from the ground. The amount of reiatsu was three times, no… almost five times as much as a captain's! The black ball of Getsugas grew with every attack Ichigo threw.

"Ukitake! We need to stop the King's Key!" Kyouraku said, grabbing him. Ukitake finally took his eyes from the battle above. He had more important things to worry about.

Orihime ran up the stairs, her eyes wide as she stared at the four bleeding people. She was sweating slightly from all the reiatsu she was using, but she knew she had to keep going. Spreading her healing circle on all four of them, she stared at the battle.


Orihime glanced at Rukia, who was slightly unconscious. She smiled, relief on her face.

"Let's get started!" Kyouraku said, flash stepping in with Ukitake right behind him. "Let's destroy the key before it fully activates!"

"You are doing very well, Inoue-san." Ukitake said, nodding at her. Orihime nodded back, before turning to look at the battle at hand. Ichigo was starting to loose…


Ichigo was getting tired, he was using a lot of reiatsu just healing himself. Aizen was not unscathed, as the last major attack had damaged him, both physically and his pride. However, the illusions were getting stronger and Aizen was fighting smarter.

"GAH!" Ichigo was slashed again, as he destroyed another illusion. Swinging his tail around, he knocked the Aizen into the air, only to find it was an illusion too. Ichigo snarled as Aizen laughed at him.

Ichimaru Gin lay on the ground, bleeding from several places. It had taken several people to take the former captain down. Hitsugaya walked up to his body, prepared to make the final blow. Matsumoto held him back, her eyes holding back tears.


Tousen lay dead, his body lifted up Kokujou Tengen Kyou's hand. Komamura and Hisagi looked at their former comrade's body with pity, before they fell over from the wounds they received. Komamura's bankai disappeared, Tousen's body falling to the ground with a soft thud.

"I'm sorry… Tousen…" Komamura said, reaching out for his hand. He soon fell unconscious.

Ichigo was on the ground now, breathing deeply as his mask shattered, reverting him back to his normal bankai form. He was bleeding everywhere, as much as he did when he fought Byakuya oh so long ago. Aizen's mask had also shattered, a smirk on his face as he pointed his sword at the now exhausted Ichigo. Ichigo scowled, still panting.

"I… can't lose…" He said, steadying his sword.

"Ban…kai…" Aizen said softly. Ichigo fell on one knee as he felt heavy. Aizen laughed softly, staring at the only man that had every touched him. "My bankai's special ability… it allows me to attack everyone with my illusions… with your wills at my whim… this is the end…"

Everyone stared in horror, as they were caught within the effect. A copy of Aizen appeared next to each one of them, prepared to slice their necks. Was this… really the end?


Matsumoto turned around, surprised to see Ichimaru shoot his sword up into the sky. Though bleeding profusely, he was staring at Aizen with great hatred. His red eyes glowing with power as his hollow mask appeared once again.

"Kamishini no Yari."

Ichigo felt blood hit his face. He stared wide eyed as Aizen Sousuke, caught off guard, was stabbed through the heart by one of his own. Judgment from the heavens themselves, as Shinsou had extended upward before curving downward from the sky into multiple blades. Around them, every copy had also gone through the same treatment. There was no escape for him this time.

If Aizen was God, then Gin's sword was truly the God killer.

"Gin!" Matsumoto yelled, running over as soon as she was free of the effect. Ichimaru fell over, unconscious. Matsumoto rubbed his blood stained hair, tears dripping from the corner of her eyes as she held him. "You played a dangerous game…"

"No… this can't be happening…" Aizen said, blood dripping down from the corner of his mouth. Ichigo breathed deeply, before he put a hand over his face. Pulling it down, he reformed his hollow mask. He stared at Aizen, his eyes brimming blue with power.

"It's over… Aizen…" He held out his hand, pointing two fingers. "Sayonara…"

A large Cero was discharged, ending the final chapters of the Arrancar Wars.




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