Death By Love
Sakura walked briskly out the front doors of Konoha Hospital. She had just finished working, and wanted desperately to sleep. Tsunade had a habit of giving her the hardest work there is in a hospital.

She walked down the pathway and idly looked over at a bench that she had seen too many times to count. That certain bench held memories that she wished she could forget.

That bench was the same bench Sasuke had tossed her on before he left the village. That was 4 years ago. She sometimes wondered if she ever loved him in the first place.

She had long realized that Sasuke would probably never return to the village. His mind was set on avenging his clan, and will forever remain that way.

Sakura started to walk faster. It was getting pretty cold and she didn't have anything to help shelter her from the wind. It was then that she saw something in the corner of her eye. It was lying down on the forest floor. Unmoving. It's probably just an animal…Sakura thought.

She shook her head and began walking again. But she couldn't help herself; she turned her head just to look once more at it. At second glance, Sakura could clearly see that it was not an animal.

Sakura approached it for a closer look. She couldn't make out what exactly she was looking at until she was standing just in front of it.

Holy crap…Sakura thought as she clearly saw what she thought was an "animal". It was actually a human. A man to be exact. Because it was so dark out, Sakura couldn't identify who exactly this man was. But she identified something else. Blood.

It was all over him and the forest ground around him. He was badly injured and was deathly pale. Sakura's mind raced. Is he dead? Who did this to him? Is the person still here? Sakura took a kunai out and looked around. She found no one.

She looked back at the man in front of her and checked for a pulse. Yes, he was still alive. Now what should I do? Sakura thought.

She could, 1) Carry him to the hospital she had just left from, 2) Carry him home, or 3) Leave him to die. She chose to do number 2. She was a lot closer to home than she was to the hospital, and she couldn't live with herself knowing she could have helped saved a life but instead, left them to die.

Sakura picked up the man as fast as she could and used chakra on the soles of her feet to move faster. He was a lot heavier than she thought he would be.

It was only when she stepped into the light of her house that she realized who the man was...

It was Gaara.

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