"What a mess." Tsunade mumbled. She and Kurenai hung over Sakura who was sprawled out on a hospital bed.

"I knew this would happen, some things in the past just won't stay in the past for some people." She continued.

Kurenai walked towards the door, making sure it was locked. She then turned, facing the Hokage once more.

"I never wanted to do this to her in the first place!" She exclaimed.

"Erasing memories always hold a consequence, nightmares; re-living traumatic experiences…even hallucinations! We've put her through enough." The thought of seeing Sakura put in anymore pain was just unbearable to think of.

Tsunade could feel the irritation in her rising. "She was fine. She was living the perfect life without the slightest memory of what happened back then. Something in her life right now is triggering her memories, that, and Ino isn't helping either."

Kurenai took a few steps toward the unconscious Sakura. "Ino said she would be the true friend she was and help her…I guess that didn't go as planned. Once Sakura is stable, I'll have to erase everything she's found out about her past once more."

Tsunade relaxed a bit, "Good, and don't worry about Ino. After I found out about her attack on Sakura, I've put her somewhere where she can do no harm to anyone."

Gaara took long strides away from Konoha Hospital. He had to get as far away from here as possible. The whole reason he came here in the first place was to ask for assistance.

He knew something was wrong, very wrong. He couldn't tell how but he could almost feel as if eyes were watching him all the time.

The word had probably spread that he would soon be the Kazekage of the Sand, but upon reaching the Leaf, he was attacked?

The strange thing was he could barely remember how it all went down. The only possible motive he could think of was to get rid of any protector of the Sand, and without protection…an army of anyone skilled enough could bring it down to nothing.

The thought of Sakura reached his mind. A faint smile crossed his lips, but was soon hidden when he remembered where she was at this very moment.

He heard the commotion from his room in the hospital. Loud screeching and all. By the time he got up to look for himself, night guards restrained Ino and was escorting her out of the hospital while Sakura was passed out on the floor.

He, himself was escorted away before finding out what truly went happened. He couldn't place as to why, but felt worried for her. He honestly felt the need to stay by her side a bit longer, but had bigger problems on his back.

While passing by a few buildings, getting near the outer edge of Konoha he heard a few people talking amongst themselves.

"She's crazy!" A middle aged woman said, throwing her hands up in the air. "I heard after she tried to murder that poor Sakura girl, they threw her in a mental institution."

The older man she was talking to scrunched up his face in confusion, "You couldn't possibly be talking about Ino Yamanaka. If anyone, Sakura's the crazy one! You know as well as I do how she broke down way back in…." He trailed off.

Gaara paused after eavesdropping. Ino…in a mental hospital? The curiosity inside of him stirred. He knew making it to the sand was priority, but something in him felt like he needed to know what happened…for Sakura's sake.

Although she was extremely annoying, she had grown on him a bit. After this, he promised himself it was back to his own village for him.

Sakura was awake. She felt drained of all energy existing inside of her, but was very well alert otherwise. She tried to look around the room, but everything was such a blur.

Where was she? How did she get here?

She tried to think up an answer but her mind was blank.

She tried to somehow move her arms or even call for someone…but all she could do was whimper.

She did however; hear distinct footsteps coming towards her. A soft hand was placed on her forehead.

Sakura squinted, but couldn't get out who the person was.

"I don't want to do this to you…which is why I need you to listen to what I have to say."

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