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Deidara: Un fine...

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Deidara: Damn un...

Chapter One: The Wrong Bus

I growled waiting for the bus to show up. I was either very early or no one was coming to school today because no one was at the bus stop except me. I snapped open my cell phone to check the date. Everything seemed normal it wasn't a holiday or a teacher meeting. I whimpered again crossing my arms. I so did hate waiting for anything.

Ten minutes later a bus stopped in front of me. I stared up at it something was very wrong I could feel it but before thinking I climbed up into the bus and looked blankly at the driver. It wasn't my bus driver who was at lest five hundred years old this guy was just creepy. Thin, short, pale white skin, long black hair that dripped over his shoulders and forehead, his most striking future though were his golden eyes with slits for pupils.

I shivered sitting down in a middle empty seat. Only a few people were on the bus but none of them I knew or even looked normal. I think I'm on the wrong bus.

It took five minutes to get to our next stop picking up about five or so kids. One boy sprang to the back of the bus fallowed by a quieter black haired boy and a pink haired girl. Yes pink! I took a second glance at her before deciding it was mostly dyed. The next two boys were older maybe seniors. The first one had long blond hair tied up in a weird ponytail with bangs hanging over his left eye. Drop dead beautiful was what came to mind; I never thought a guy with so much hair could take so much care of it.

I nearly fainted when he sat next to me with his friend in the seat across from ours. His friend was handsome too with short red hair; half open reddish brown eyes, and eye lashes a girl would die for! I didn't even look at either of them much to self-couscous to be caught staring. Even if I really wanted to.

I quickly took out my math folder and flipped to the back pages and began to draw. I had become so consumed with my drawing I didn't realize the silence next to me.

"She's good," the red headed boy murmured getting a nod from his friend.

"Oh," my head snapped up seeing that now the haired boy had gotten in the seat behind me and was looking over my shoulder. "I…uh…thanks."

"What's your name hmm?" the blonde next to me asked.

"Um Jenny," I said back looking at him in the face.

"I'm Deidara and this is Sasori-Danna yeah," the blonde introduced them both. Well those are not names you hear every day. "You new hmm?"

"I guess," I murmured blushing from under my shield of black hair. "I am just a freshmen."

"Freshmen?" Sasori and Deidara said at once and I nodded dumbly. "Ah hell," Deidara mumbled "your from the vocational high school aren't you un?"

"Uh yea," I answered with a frown.

The two boys looked at one another for a second before Sasori shrugged and looked out the window.

"Well you must be the new Ginin then hmm," he stated with a rueful smile. "But that's okay Sasori-Danna and I will show you around humph!"


"You're the newbie," Deidara said "Yeah the newbie." I stared at him dumbly. "Come on you never heard of the Academy hmm?"

"She wouldn't know of it brat," Sasori mutters "Does top secret mean nothing to you?" Deidara just smiled.

"I still don't have any idea what you guys are talking about," I said my eyes a little wide behind my glasses.

"It's not really for me to say yeah," Deidara said scratching the back of his head.

"Mine either," Sasori sighed from behind us.

"Lets just say I hope you packed extra clothes un," Deidara smiled and I just looked dumbly back at him as the bus rolled on under us.

"Why would I do that?" I murmured looking in my small bag holding some safety glasses, rubber gloves, and a dust mask that I needed for auto body shop. I had a notebook and a pencil also. Not really anything a person could live off of.

"Ah crap hmm," Deidara murmured looking in at the stuff in my bag rather nosily. I quickly shut my bag a little annoyed.

"I'm sure Tsunade-sama or Pein-sama would get he some uniforms or something," Sasori said and Deidara nodded. "I doubt Orochimaru would though hopefully she doesn't end up on his team." The red head mutters in a worried voice.

"She's not his type," Deidara laughed pocking my temple "she's much to artistic un!" I blushed and hid behind my hair again.

Sasori raised a brow at him.

"I can sense these things un," he said with a shrug.

"Right," Sasori said rolling his eyes.

We stopped again; I didn't recognize this part of town at all. It was mostly countryside with a few odd Asian looking houses. I wasn't even sure if we were in America anymore everything was so alien. A group of boys had formed around me, not all as far looking as Deidara or Sasori but all made me blush whenever I was given a compliment. They all wore pretty much the same thing unlike most of the other students. They had a uniform of black tight tang top shirts over mesh t-shirts and baggy-ish black pants. On there feet were odd either blue or black toeless shoes which looked difficult to walk in.

I listened quietly to there conversations. Smiling whenever the odd looking fish man Kisame made a stupid joke or when Deidara said 'un' way to many times in a sentence that no one could understand what he was saying. They gossiped like the Cosmo Girls at school it was rather entertaining even if I didn't know the people they were talking about.

Outside I saw a sign reading 'The Academy' I tilted my head seeing that the sign gave no other information on what kind of school it was. I blinked as we passed houses in the same Asian style. These were closer together then the ones before. I saw stores of all kinds and more apartments. Now I knew why Deidara had asked me about needed cloths. This was a boarding school!