Two Nations: One Heart

Summary: He's a prince of a violent nation. She's Princess of a peaceful nation. Two people. Complete opposites. But when they meet will sparks fly or will the danger keep them apart Namine and Roxas.

Disclaimer: kinmoku2 does NOT own any of Kingdom Hearts but does own Ronald.

Chapter One: Behind Blue Eyes

Roxas's POV

Here I stood in my father's palace, my palace. In the Twilight Kingdom, the land betwixt light and darkness. A land full of hate and scorn, violence hailing at ever corner. Shots always heard throughout the hills and valleys. But I never seemed to mind, having lived in such a place my whole life. I soon became adjusted to the daily bloodshed as peculiar as that might sound.

I continued my leisurely stroll through the grand hall. Tapestries hung from the ceiling, each depicting previous victories of our nation. I myself didn't really care for such things. I hardly ever gave them a second glance. But my father's pride full of abundance seemed to be contagious as I couldn't help but feel a twinge of pride course through my veins.

I kept my pace, arriving at the throne platform. I stepped onto the platform, seating myself in my father's chair.

I closed my eyes, which might I add are a striking azure, and the only other people I know in the entire known universe who have identical azure orbs like mine are my father and twin brother. I let my hand stroke the gold paved throne chair. I thought about becoming king, I was even recommended the title. Since my brother is well to put it lightly a bit of an air head. I'm amazed he can even get himself dressed in the morning some days. But as astounding as the role of king sounds I would prefer just to be normal. No worries, just me and my pen, forever writing the days away. But unless my brother acquires a massive amount of brain cells I highly doubt I'll get myself out of this predicament.

I sighed, trying to relinquish any negative thoughts that dare cloud my mind.

"Your highness!" I blinked 'So much for trying to relax'

turning my irritated gaze to the small voice that requested my attention. Ugh! It was my as I like to call him 'stalker' Ronald. That boy is just..Just ugh! I mean he dresses like me, tries to act like me and let me repeat that TRIES to act like me, he even attempted to spike his hair! I swear if it weren't for the fact he were a male he could definitely pass as one of my obsessive fangirls!

"What!?" I asked quite irritated. I hated being bothered like this, especially from the likes of him.

Ronald looked at me meekly, obviously trying to avoid eye contact with me. Which I found quite amusing, but retained my composure. After all I'm sure every royal would burst out into a sudden tidal wave of laughter at one of their subjects stupidity.

"S-Sorry for the disturbance your highness, B-but your father requests your attendance in his chambers," Ronald said bowing his head, I could tell he was shaking. Yet another thing amusing about Ronald. I could have taken one sharp step towards him and he would have bolted out the door in less then a heartbeat.

I stood up, dusting my black slacks to brush off any excess dirt or who knows what that might have attached itself to my pants.

Stepping down from the platform, I turned to Ronald with a firm expression. "Then I suppose I should grace him with my presence." I stalked off in a calm aloof pace. Ronald did his best to imitate my movement but failed miserably. He kept tripping, and skidding across the marble floors, his orange hair constantly falling in front of his eyes.( Thanks to his lousy spikes of course)

I went through the many halls that led into the main corridor. The halls

all seemed the same to me. Red carpet rolled throughout the center of each hall paintings of ancestors placed on the walls. Their cold lifeless eyes following you, a creepy aura emanating from them. Enormous windows were placed at the center of each wall, red velvet curtains bundled on each side of the window.

The halls as I stated before were identical, I guess I didn't care much but at the same time I felt like this entire palace were hollow. Nothing ever really stood out, everything had to be organized and bland. But I decided to let the feeling pass, I knew my father's favoritism would easily leave me if I dared to criticize him in any way.

The rest of the walk was a blur finally arriving at the enormous oak doors that lied before me. I clutched one of the brass knobs, and thrust open the door to my father's chamber.

As soon as the door was open my eyes instantly caught site of my twin brother, Sora. The happy-go-lucky brunette turned his head towards me and did a happy and fast wave. Sora didn't need sugar to get into a sugar rush, he was just naturally like that. My parents at Sora's hyperness suddenly having been focused on something other then them, turned their attention(which is surprising, I have known Sora long enough to know he didn't have an attention span) towards me.

My mother smiled, she was always like that. She was the optimistic one in the family to said it plainly. She almost always had a blissful smile on her face. The only time I had ever see her cry was when Grandfather died. I remember her practically crying her eyes out. It was a moment I never wished to relive.

My father though only had his usual stoical expression, using his hand to gesture me over to him. My father. I sighed inwardly. He sure was something. I hardly ever saw him smile. Not even crack a grin. In the family he took the role as cold, emotionless member. I can't even recall the last time he ever smiled. Well maybe except the one he gave my mother on their anniversary. But other then that he was as hard as stone.

For him, you make one little mistake after having been on his good side he treats as nothing more then a commoner .

I, myself have earned this place. But the cost is great. After getting on his 'good side' I had lost my smile. I couldn't play blitzball with Sora, nor hang out with any of my friends. It was all too big of a risk. Because if screw up I practically dead to my father.(I wonder...If I DID die, would that even phase him?) And if anything I do not wish for that to happen. So I remain hard, and emotionless to please my father.

I stood in front of my father and mother who had seated themselves on two of the red leather chairs. My father stared me straight in the eyes for a second, and I couldn't help but flinch at his intense and cold stare. Then as if nothing had happened, motioned me to be seated. I nodded, doing a quick bow before taking a seat beside my brother.

My father coughed, to gain our attention. Both my brother and I immediately turned our eyes towards our father, listening intently as he spoke.

"Now boys, as you know we are not on good terms with the Destiny Kingdom," my father said he paused to make sure he had our full attention.

Which of course he did. Everyone knew that the Destiny Kingdom was our mortal enemy. Their kingdom and ours long time feud had first started when we asked for their alliance, after being besieged by the Olympian Kingdom. But the people of Destiny refused saying they would not help us cause violence among the kingdoms. Their people just to say are tree-hugging hippies. They won't even harm an annoying fly! They say that they must 'become one with nature.' Which I honestly find kind of creepy.

My oh, I don't know great-great-great-great-great-great-great

well you get the idea grandfather was then enraged! Our kingdom after obtaining the assistance of the Kingdom that Never Was(I personally have strong connection there but am not at liberty to discuss such things.) We were able to defeat the Olympian Kingdom. But then as revenge invaded the Destiny Kingdom. But the people being the peace lovers they were wouldn't even fight back! After that mini battle we really saw how different we were. We both had strong beliefs. But they didn't believe in fighting, not even self-defense! While we believed in violence. Every year we even hold a tournament to pretty much see who'll beat the crap out of each the most.

Anyway enough of History 101.

"Well your mother and I have decided to host the two Princesses of Destiny as a sort of....," My father stopped searching his wide ranged vocabulary for the right word. "Peace treaty."

My eyes widened in horror! Have some tree-hugging princesses stay at our palace!? This couldn't be happening. I took my furious gaze and relocated it at the golden curtains that billowed with the afternoon breeze. I shouldn't argue with my father but just the thought of having a nature freaks in our home appalled me.

I stole a glance at my brother, he seemed fine about having our mortal enemies staying at our home. He seemed even happy?!

"Now I know this isn't your or my idea of a wonderful experience," my father looked directly at me he obviously knew my feelings. I had to cringe just to retain my anger. "But having one less enemy is something we should take advantage of," my father finished running a hand through his golden spikes. I could tell he was just as stressed and infuriated as I was about having some hippies stay at our palace. But he had to consider what was best for not only himself but the entire kingdom as well.

Our father dismissed my brother and I. We both started towards the doorway. I took one last glance at the bleak room. Wooden walls plastered the room, while small antiques were splattered around the room. Small chairs were set around a coffee table. It was just like any other chamber in this palace. Perfect.

And as soon as my parents thought Sora and I were out of earshot they began talking in hushed tones.

"Don't worry Cloud everything will work out, just wait and see,"

my mother said softly probably stroking my father's cheek with her slender fingers.

"I sure hope you're right Aerith, I sure hope you're right," Cloud replied most likely letting his hands weave through my mother's long brown locks.

"What do you think the princesses are going to be like?" Sora suddenly questioned in a dreamy tone.

But I couldn't hear him. I was lost in my thoughts. Trying to think things through. But Sora being well Sora persisted to bother me.

"Roxas? Roxas? Hello? Earth to Roxas?!" Sora said waving his hand in front of my face with much ferocity.

"What!?" I said petulantly.

"What do you think the princesses are going to be like?" Sora repeated his question using a exasperated tone, as though he repeated his question five zillion times instead of just once.

" As long as they stay out of my way I could care less," I said listlessly.

Sora gawked in disbelief at my lack of interest. But Sora was like that he was all into girls but I could care less about them. All they ever are, is selfish, obnoxious, clingy, witches.

"How can you say that? They're princesses!" Sora cried as if I just said I hated sea-salt ice-cream. (Which of course was NOT true if anything I was obsessed with that stuff! Believe me I LOVE sea-salt to me it's natures gift...Well natures manufactured gift, but you get my point. )

I stood my ground with a resolute expression. "So just because they're princesses doesn't mean they're perfect you know," I said in a matter-of-fact way.

Sora stuck out his lower lip and pouted before he just dropped the subject. We stepped out into the sultry weather, the heat was unbearable as Sora and I walked into the market. It was nothing more then dirt with tents and small shops splattered across the land.

Sora and I decided to get the greatest thing in the world(and no it's not a Reno plushie!) It's sea-salt ice cream! We approached the colorful stand, the shopkeepers face transforming from a dull frumpy expression to that artificial cheery expression. You know the one where your teacher's talking to your parents and have that sweet look. Then they turn back at you and looks like they're going to bite your head off.

Anyway back to Sora and I getting our delicious frosty substance.

"Two sea-salts please," Sora asked, fishing the money out of the pocket, then setting it on the wooden counter.

The shop keeper smiled, nodding her head. You couldn't see her eyes though since they were concealed by her white and aqua visor. She went to the back of the stand, pulling out the two beacons of frosty light. Sora's mouth was already watering as the girl walked back over. The girl stuck out her arm expecting a gentle exchange, but clearly she hadn't met Sora. Who practically yanked the girls arm off while swiping the ice-cream.

The girl's face once sugarcoated contorted into a contemptuous glare. It was obvious she had to restrain herself from telling Sora off. I had to stifle a laugh, at her face but more importantly Sora's. Sora had been so wrapped up in his ice-cream the girl to him was imperceptible. I watched him eye the ice cream like the golum eyes the ring in Lord of the Rings. Then as if the hypnosis of the ice-cream wore off Sora faced me and handed me the other ice-cream bar. I shook my head, taking small polite licks of my ice-cream while Sora already gobbled half of the ice cream. I'm still amazed he doesn't get brain freeze from all that ice-cream.(Then again no brain. No freeze.)

We walked along the ice-cream eventually melting leaving nothing but the wooden sticks, which we threw into a near by garbage. I looked around me, crisp golds paved the skies as we continued, although the thing that bothered me about this glorious scene was the people.

The constant murmurs of the people spread like a virus contaminating every one of the citizens. I could vaguely make out what they were saying.

"Isn't that the Prince Sora and Prince Roxas?" asked one.

"I believe it is," said an older woman adjusting her glasses to get a better look.

"Hmm aren't they the ones hosting Destiny's Princesses as well?"

Asked a younger man with obvious envy.

The other man nodded in a daze.

I tried ignoring their comments as Sora and I strode through the market. Sora was oblivious though to all of this. I followed Sora's suite until one of the young men made a comment that cut through to my core.

"Yes I heard goldy-locks over there is nothing more then a cold heartless shell of the man he was " the others around the man snickered.

Sora noticed my distraught look, and put an arm around my shoulder. "Don't listen them. He's just jealous of you, nothing more then a bad case of envy."

I glanced at my brother and nodded. I really did value my brother, no matter how foolish he may be. I know I always have a best friend at my side.

I sighed, but no matter who's beside me. No one knew what it was like Behind My Blue Eyes.