Hoy, peoplez. I know I'm writing TWO stories at once, but this was an idea I COULD NOT IGNORE!! I LOVE the Lion King and the Zelda series. And this idea dawned on me after reading Darren Mathias' "Chriscules" (a parody of Hercules and Resident Evil) and while I was in a bath. XP.

Well anyway, here's the cast! I'll be incorperating characters from many Zelda games, so it's a huge mix up.

Zelda as Simba

Link as Nala

Daphnes Hyrule (the King of Hyrule in Windwaker) as Mufasa

Ganondorf as Scar

Veran as Shenzi

Onox as Banzai

Majora's Wrath as Ed

Impa as Sarabi

Minister Potho as Zazu

Anju as Link's mother (in that small scene)

Saria as Pumbaa

Ruto as Timon

Rauru as Rafiki

I think I got everyone. See any mistakes? Anyone missing? Drop me a message, and I'll make a change.

If you like what you see, read on!

Also, I haven't watched the Lion King in a loooong time, so I may not be following the EXACT script. I'll be inserting a few words I don't remember, kay?

Love ya all!