Disclaimer: ALL real people making appearnces in the following stories are competly fictioucous accounts. They dont do what i say they do, or say what i say to them, I dont intend harm into them in ANY way at ALL. NONE. This is intended for humor, and humor ONLY. I dont want the secret service knocking on my door because Dan accidently fired a nuclear warhead at the whitehouse or anything like that, its a story, fiction, and will never, ever, EVER happen.

This is basically the works i have done in my spare time for about a year, off and on. the first few chapters are new, and i wrote them as a sort of prequel to the antics that began as me writing a ficticious ending for him in MvC 2, that had a sequel, that had a sequal, and soon Dan is teaming up with all sortsa characters and taking down badguys and saving the world, making love, breaking up, getting laid, while parodying things from Silent Hill to Bill and Teds Bogus Journey. I hope you enjoy it.

And our story begins.......

Before the fall of the Dark Queen, and before even the defeat of Abyss, There was an age undreamed of...
And into this, Dan, destined to wear the CvS crown upon a troubled brow.
And it is I, Onikirimaru, his chronicaler, who alone can tell you of his saga

Let me tell you of the days of High Adventure

*In a small village located somewhere far far away, Go Hibiki stands painting a picture*
Go: Do be do be do
*Lil kid Dan runs in*
Dan: Daddy! Daddy!
Go: What? Dont call me Daddy, i am not your father!
Dan: Huh?
Go: Hahahaha just kidding! You should have seen the look on your face my boy!
Dan: I love you daddy!
Go: Now come and sit, i have something you must hear *talks while painting*
Go: Fire and Wind come from the sky, the gods of the sky. But Crumb is your god. The god of the tuant and he lives in the earth. With a red grumpy face and a big long nose. And one time Crumb tuanted the gods, and they got in a fight and beat Crumb down. But in his haste he left the Enigma of Tuant on the battle field. And who found it? Just men, nothing special, just men. For who can you trust? Not men, not women, not beast, but this *points to newly finished painting of Go Hibiki giving thumbs up* This you can trust!
Dan: *tears in his eyes* Wow Dad you rock!
Go: No go off and play!
*Dan walks out and sits under a tree*
Dan: dum de dum, huh?
*Choi runs up and stands on a stump*
Choi: Grrr, grrr, grrrr
Dan: Well your a funny little man
*Mike, Birdie, and Sagat with long flowing dreadlocks and sideburns suddenly run up behind Choi and into the village, followed by lotsa badguys*
Dan: Cripey! They are attacking the town!
Villagers: Eeep! *run this way and that*
Go: Hey now! Whats this?
Sagat: Get them!
Go: No you dont!
Sagat: You dare challenge me! En garde!
Go: *punches Sagat in the stomach*
Sagat: Ow!
Go: Flying Fancy Uppercut! *does a flying fancy uppercut*
Sagat: *gets knocked on his butt*
Sagat: Oh well you surprise me but you wont survive! Tiger Uppercut!
Go: Ouch no!
Dan: Ouyaji!
Go: Stay back Dan! AAAUUURRGGHHH!!!
Dan: No your killing him!
Sagat: *is giving Go a noogey*
Go: Arrgghhh *feels around and grabs a spork*
Birdie: Look out hes got a spork!
Sagat: What? *gets sporked in the eye* Oww!! My Eye!
Go: *Grabs hair remover and tosses it on Sagat*
Sagat: Eh? What! *dreadlocks fall out* NNNOOOOOO! MY HAIR!
Go: *smashes Sagat with his Self Portrait*
Sagat: Now you die! *grabs Go's head*
Go: Doh!
Sagat: *breaks his neck*
Dan: OUYAJJIIIII!!! *runs at Sagat*
Sagat: Look at the little boy running to challenge me! Havnt you heard of Live and Let Die?
Dan: *kicks Sagat in the shin*
Sagat: Ow! *hops on one foot*
Dan: *pushes Sagat down a cliff*
Sagat: Ouch, ouch, oof, ouch ouch,
Birdie: He pushed boss down a cliff, grab him!

Who knows what they came for, money, women, something to do. My Lord was taking North with the other children

Dan: Whats this place?
Mike: Its your torture place! Get to work! *hands him a Rubic's Cube*
Dan: Whats this?
Mike: This is a rubics cube factory, your job, is to fix them so they are same color on all sides so we can ship them
Dan: Crumb!!

Years passed and my lord was summoned away from the factory

Big Guy: Sit here
Dan: What!?!
Big Guy: SIT HERE!
Dan: *sits across from Ratsu*
Dan: Hey dont i know you
Ratsu: Eee hee hee hee

Big Guy: Ok place your bets!
Dan: Bets? Eh?
Ratsu: Prepare yourself! *punches Dan*
Dan: Ow! That hurt!
Ratsu: *karate kicks*
Dan: Ow! CRUM!
Ratsu: *hurricane kicks*
Dan: nnnoooo!! *falls down*
Crowd: Booo boooo, who booked this fight?
Dan: Grrr! *bites Ratsu's neck*
Ratsu: OOOOWWW A biter!!
Dan: *scratches Ratsu's eyes*
Ratsu: Ow my eyes! Ahhhh! I give up!

And so, years passed and the time came where Dan's winnings could not easily be counted with one hand, and that is when he was bought and went east, to learn the secrets of the Hado

Dan: Ok, lets get this show on the road so i can kick Sagat in the face and avenge my pops
Gouken: Vengence is not the way of the shoto, we ar...
Dan: Yeah yeah, come on teach me the fireball
Gouken: No
Dan: Yes
Gouken: No
Dan: Yes
Gouken: First spar with my disciples
Ryu: Ok, lets go Dan! hadoken! What is this? A jump! Oh no i didn't expect that!
Dan: *jumps over fireball and kicks Ryu in the face*
Ryu: Ow! Waaaaahhh! My nose! Waaahhh!!
Ken: My turn! *jump kicks at Dan*
Dan: Koryuken!!! *knocks Ken out cold*
Gouken: Hmmm, that move was pretty good, i think ill teach it to Ryu and Ken, and take credit for it
Ryu: Wow what move was that
Dan: It was the..
Gouken: Ahaha! I see you know the Dragon Punch!
Dan: The what? Its not called a...
Gouken: Anyway i cant teach you the Hadoken (If i did then he would be stronger than anyone ever, i wont be top dawg anymore, and that would suck )
Dan: WHY NOT!?
Gouken: Because, um, you are angry! Too angry for the Hadoken!
Dan: Thats it Im going off!
Gouken: Good riddance!
Akuma: Me Suit! *Raging Demon*
Gouken: Oh no i have died!

So my lord set off on his solo journey to find the man that killed his father

My Lord Dan continued on his journey and crossed miles and miles of territory. He came across villiages and cities, looking for the man that killed his father, looking for the man named Sagat

Dan: Sagat, oh Sagat!
Sagat: Well hidey hoe there dude!
Dan: What? are you Sagat? *gets into fighting stance*
Sagat: I sure am!
Dan: You killed my father! PREPARE YOURSELF TO DIE!
Sagat: Whoe guy, hey man, I didn't kill nobody!
Dan: Huh? Are you Francis Sagat the kick boxer?
Sagat: No Im Bob Sagat

But my Lord was not destined to face his arch nemisis quite yet. Fate something more important planed for him