I have fought and won more battles than most men will ever know.
I have slain the "hated enemy" with sword and staff and bow.
I gave my clan my strength and soul throughout the Paxian war.
Now here I stand and ask myself: "What are you fighting for?"

Every day the breezes by the Airship reek of blood,
And the waters by the Meduse redden as they ebb and flood,
And around Geoto Fortress lie the bodies of the slain -
And every day they send us out to kill and die again.

When our Clan leaders come to us and order us to fight,
Who dares to stay behind and say, "I don't think this is right"?
But if I catch my enemy's eyes beyond our weapons' shine,
They look just like my brother's - or else they look like mine.

Behind the shields and armor plates of wind and sea and stone,
The soul within could only be a mirror of my own.
Perhaps it's only cruel fate kept us from being friends -
But I give my clan my strength and soul and wait for it to end.

But I wonder - if I cast aside my sword and staff and bow,
If anyone would follow, and likewise refuse to go?
If enough of us laid down our arms, refused to kill or fight,
If enough of us stood up for what we think - we know - is right...

If peace is not a hopeless dream - if we could build it here -
If Heaven's not beyond the clouds, but just beyond the fear...