I gave up home and family to wander where I will,
Another common sellsword with her conscience blessed to kill.
My blade's my bread, so when I heard about the Paxian war,
I told myself, "Now here's a chance to earn a little more!"

Three clans all warred together on the island of twilight,
And I needed to determine for which side I'd choose to fight.
The first I spoke to told me all I thought I'd need to know -
He said "Beware Aerodu, that vicious, thieving crow!"

I traveled to the Airship to find out if he was right -
That was no crow high overhead in graceful, soaring flight!
The fierce and fearless eagle soon corrected my mistake -
He said "Beware of Nautica, that cold and cruel snake!"

I sailed out to the Meduse to find out if it was true -
That was no cold and heartless snake now swimming into view!
The wise and noble serpent did his best to guard his own -
He said "Beware Geotal, for his heart is made of stone."

I journeyed to the Fortress, having cause to doubt his words.
The leaders I had met so far were far from what I'd heard.
Geotal, proud and mighty, said "I think you ought to know -
You must beware Aerodu; he's a vicious, thieving crow."

I thought on what they told me, and it didn't take me long -
Every clan thought it was right, when all of them were wrong.
I couldn't sell my sword here - I couldn't bear to fight
For anything I knew was wrong, and nothing here was right.

And I answered to each captain as they came to hire my blade -
"The only thing I'll fight for here is the hope that peace is made."