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She hadn't remembered the last time she cried so much. The last time something so real or unreal as it seemed through her eyes. She held her screamed hoping that what she was seeing was only a dream. Her brother was lying dead before her with 3 bullets through the chest and on through the head. She found herself unable to comprehend that he was dead. She knocked her head against the door trying to wake up from this horrible nightmare but it hurt too much even to be a dream. She found that her face was stained with blood. She heard someone scream her name from the other side of the door.

"Yoruichi, open the door!" She heard some yelling at her but she didn't want to, so didn't do so. She heard banging at the door.

"Yoruichi, open the damn door! It's Byakuya!" She heard the person say. She crunched up in a ball holding her knees close to her chest.

"Go away!" She screamed with tears in her voice. She looked at her brother wondering who could have killed him and who would want to. She swore revenge. She heard the bangs get louder at the door. She got up and opened the door. Byakuya grabbed her and tried shaking some sense into her.

"Yoruichi what the hell are you doing? Why weren't you answering the door? Why are you crying?" He glanced over her shoulder seeing his best friend's body lying there.

"Did you do this?!" he asked her, but she shock her head no. Byakuya let her go and began dialing a number. "Hello, police, my friends isn't moving. We need an ambulance he's been shot." Yoruichi slid down the door tears running down her face that he brother had just been murdered.

Byakuya paced back and forth. Yoruichi had finally stopped crying. She knew that her brother was dead there was no use in trying to bring him back. She saw a doctor walk out of the emergency room and walk towards them.

"Are you Kaname Shihouin's sister?" She asked her with that look they give when some thing's gone wrong. "My name is Retsu Unohana. I was operating on your brother and I'm sorry to tell you that he didn't make it." She wasn't surprised but even wasn't she couldn't help but cry.

"Yoruichi, calm down, it's okay." Byakuya tried to keep her calm.

"Let go of me." She ran out of the hospital to the park to keep calm but she couldn't. She sat by a tree wondering what she had done to deserve this. First it was her parents now her brother. She didn't know how to control her sadness.

She cried for an hour before hearing her cell phone ring. She picked it up wiping her face with her sleeve.

"Hello." She said trying to keep calm and sound like herself.

"Yoruichi, its Rangiku! Renji has just been shot! In the hospital! Hurry p and get here!" Yoruichi looked down at her jacket shikigami. It had then occur to her that the bullet was made for her not Kaname. It was a gang war. She was the reason her brother was dead. Her stupid gang had gotten him shot. The person who killed her brother was after her not her brother. She felt guilty at the thought of it. She had been her brother's undoing. She hung up the phone unable to listen. She felt worst than she did originally did. It was her fault and her mistake.

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