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She was a hopeless romantic...

Shows Gabriella crying while reading her book about love

Someone people would call innocent and naive...

"Oh come on Gabs, there's no such thing as prince charming. All guys are dogs."

"But what if-

He was playboy Troy...

"Damn Troy 3 girls in two days?"

The girls wanted knowing they'd be dropped like yesterday's trash afterwards...

"OMG! He is so hot, especially when he's sweaty like that"

When they meet he's immediately attracted to her...

Shows Troy looking at Gabriella from across the room with hlustful eyes

People warn her to stay away...

"Gabs he's no good for you"

"But Taylor, Troy seems sweet"

"If there's one thing everyone knows, Troy Bolton is not 'sweet'"

But does miss Montez listen?

"Hey Gabriella, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow"

"Um..yeah sure I guess"

Will she fall for the Bolton charm?

Shows Troy and Gabriella cuddled up on the couch

Will she just be another girl in his long list of hook-ups?


"No Troy, I don't wanna hear it. I made...

Hopelessly In Love

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