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...A/N: Yes, there is a plethora of text effects in this piece. That is because I wanted to give the piece a really distorted, crazy feel. Some of the writing may be very jagged and not even real sentences That is also to make it seem distorted. Have fun with this. Though, somehow, it seemed scarier in MS Word...

Pounding footsteps echo in an abandoned neon alleyway. Rain falls like thick blankets onto the city. Long dead blue eyes illuminate with fear as the unforgiving earth beneath his feet hovers inches below his face.

And Roxas is f a l l i n g.

D o w n

D o w n

D o w n the rabbit hole

Past chairs and tables and clocks. Down, down, down he goes.

And truth be told, Roxas is unsure of how he got here. One moment, he is running and tripping. The next, he is falling into forever.

Darkness ends suddenly, and Roxas f a l l s onto a table. Bottles with seducing labels ("drink me!") bring him to his knees as their sweet nectar pours onto the table. Roxas laps the oh-so-sweet nectar up with the lust of addiction (poison green eyes flash in memories as nectar slides down his throat).

/Through the door, Roxas. Go on to Wonderland…/

Roxas chases white rabbits through long dark hallways into nightmares

/I'm late! I'm late!/

Distortion and h a z e fill Roxas. Poison green eyes and gleaming white devilish smile surrounds him. Laughing, taunting

/We're all mad here, Roxas…/

Fire burns around him (ring around the rosie, Roxas…). A man left in its wake.

Skinnyacidman with his l o n g tailored suit and top hat of darkness. Wickeddevilface stares with the blinding distorted smile. Poison green spills into ocean blue. Acid man tips his hat, gesturing beyond him. Roxas loses his barely there footing as he is pushed into the unknown.

Dark, grim place lies ahead. Disembodied heads with wide, wide eyes stare from the ground. Bloody, bloody place stained with evil. Innocent blonde pretty girl youth stands before a jury. Pleading, pleading (not) guilty.

/Off with her head!/

Crimson red queen of dark blood and fire sits in her throne. Can't you see the horns? Her favorite game is croquet (of death)


Pretty girl's head r o l l s along with the others. Eyes wide, wide and innocent blue. Dark, rich laughter p o u r s from the mouth of a snake. Roxas lets out an audible gasp. Skinnyacidman stares with his poison green eyes in mock horror.

/What, Roxas? You thought the queen has mercy?/

Roxas runsruns, runs. Checkerboard jacket caught on the bushes. Wicked laughter fills the air. Distorteddevilsmile on the tree.

/In that direction, lives a Hatter: and in that direction, lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they're both mad/

Ocean blue frantically scans the area as it melts, melts away into heathellfire. ."But I don't want to go among mad people!"

/Oh you can't help that. We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad/

And he keeps running, running away. Straight into the small garden gate. Roxas takes a seat, unnoticed, unannounced. Top hat of darkness resides at the head of the table; chair turned away.

/Why is a raven like a writing desk?/

Skinnyacidman reveals himself. Scorches lace his suit. Roxas wonders if skinnyacidman was playing with fire again. Teacups line the table, brightcrimsonblood filled to the rim. Butter knives and b r o k e n bread smeared with rich, dripping butter and strawberry jam (or is it?)

/Have some more tea, Roxas/

"I can't take more, I haven't had any!" The mad hatter of darkness just laughs his wicked laugh. "Oh, Roxas, you mean you can't take less. You can always have more than nothing." Stainedcrimsoncup is offered, blood spilling over the sides. Skinnyacidman laughs again as ocean blue eyes widen in panic. Instincts kick in and Roxas runs, runs away.

/Happy un-birthday, Roxas/

Visions of hookah-smoking caterpillars and mushrooms that make you grow 10 feet tall pass through Roxas' mind. Of lizards named Bill and forests of lotus. Of painting white roses red and false evidence that all points to ocean blue.

/Off with his head!/

Diamonds of red and clubs of black blur like a game of 52 pick-up. Roxas runs, runs again straight into spades of black and hearts of red. And then, Roxas is f a l l i n g all over again. Down, down onto the ground. Roxas could swear he just saw a cat with acid green eyes

/Wake up, Roxas!/

Roxas opens his eyes, expecting spades and clubs all over again. But no…he is in blanketing, blinding white. He is surrounded by coats of black, but something is missing.

Number VIII steps inside, flaming hair burning bright. He pulls something from his coat…a mirror? "Take a look, Roxas," he says.

Ocean blue peers into the glass below, reflecting not himself, but a chess set? Quizzical looks spread on Roxas' face as he looks up into the wickeddevilsmile. Gloved black hand pushes hard on Roxas, causing him to fall, fall again.

/Take a glance into the looking-glass, Roxas. Are you sure the nightmare is over?/

...A/N 2: Let me know what you thought :-) I had fun writing this! I may write a companion piece…but probably not. This is the first thing I've actually posted since the summer, and of course it's a one-shot. I wouldn't be me if it wasn't!