Author's note: Ok, here we go with the third story in my "Our Aim is True!-series. If you haven't read the first two stories "Hard yet Easy Choices" and "Shout it from the Bleachers", I suggest you do, if not for your sake, then for mine. If you don't want to do that: Kim is pregnant, Ron's the father, they're out of the hero business and are engaged. These fics diverge after "Car Alarm". Ok, nuff said. Let's roll.


The sound of energy blasts echoed through the timeshare lair as they hit the walls, the furniture and the priceless inventions. Professor Dementor tried to focus to see if they were getting closer or moving away from him, but he had problems hearing everything over the beating of his heart. On the floor in front of him lay the body of henchman no. 6, not moving.

"Verdammt!" He angrily whispered. The henchman was one of his better ones, and had moved up the chain impressively fast in the last two months. Now he lay unconscious, but still breathing on the cold concrete floor.

Dementor got down on the floor and slowly crept towards the corner of the wall. He peeked round the edge. The attackers were shooting up everything in sight, but were not yet moving toward his position.

Good, he thought. At least he had time to formulate a plan. He gazed to the other side of the room, where he saw what he realized was his best shot. The only problem was that he would have to cross the room, and would risk being seen. And if he risked being seen… he only had one shot.

He pondered where he would go, assuming he could get out in one piece. He briefly thought about going to one of his safe houses. The timeshare was one thing, but they couldn't get to one of those, could they. He grumbled, as he realized that they were not supposed to know he was at the timeshare either, as he had only managed to convince Drakken to take his spot two days ago. He wondered if they were really after Drakken, but then again, Drakken's lairs could usually be invaded by someone armed only with a toothbrush, if it weren't for that Shego-woman being the last line of defense. These were highly trained mercenaries, destroying his lair methodically.

He returned to deciding where to go. The safe houses were out, if someone had gotten to him this fast and acting on so little info, they could have found them. The list was getting shorter. He needed to go somewhere sufficiently random,. But well equipped enough that he could stay there for a few days, at least.

He grumbled. It was an option… Not one that he liked, but still. He peeked around the corner again. The mercs seemed not to pay any attention to what was going on at his side of the room. Now or never, he thought at made a break for it. He made it to the other side, and reached his goal: the transportulator.

Frenetically, he punched in the number and waited for a response.

"We're sorry; your call can not be completed as dialed. Please check-" Dementor slammed down the receiver.

"Verdammt NOCH MAL!" He realized his mistake as soon as he had made it. The shooting suddenly stopped, and he heard footsteps moving towards his end. Frenetically, he picked up his pocket computer, and began looking for the correct number. He found it. He'd only been one number off. He dialed again. He heard the beeps. He also heard the footsteps getting even closer. He wasn't a praying man, but he considered to start, if he got away in one piece.

Suddenly, he could hear the phone on the other end being picked up. Just as he felt his molecules transforming into energy he looked towards where the attackers would come. He saw a shape and a strange glow, and just made the connection to who he saw before he was whisked away. Mein Gott, he thought. He could just have made the biggest mistake of his life.

Anne Possible grumbled as she realized her mistake. She had had a good feeling about this attempt. Everything had been going right. This lasagna was going to be fantastic. Until, that is, Rufus had snuck in unseen and stolen the parmesan. Now, the good doctor was stuck with a cheeseless lasagna, and was one step closer to an ulcer.

Kim and Ron's graduation was approaching fast, there was only one week left until they would step on to the podium and receive their diplomas. Anne couldn't be more proud of her daughter and her daughter's fiancée, but right now, it all seemed overshadowed by one fact. This was going to be the first time that two families would gather in great numbers, two families that were going to be united in the future. Add to that, the extended families would also attend, which meant that not only would there be Possibles and Stoppables attending, but also the Beeches, Ron's mother's side of the family and Anne's own side of the family, the Teakes.

Anne and Ron's mom, Sandra Stoppable, had taken on the job of making sure that everything else was going to be just fine at this gathering. They were not afraid that Kim and Ron wouldn't come across just fine, but there were other, potentially dangerous situations that needed to be dealt with. Situations that could drive the four families apart, something that could make the wedding a nightmare. Ron's cousin Shawn, for instance. Anne had heard the stories. If that kid tried any of his tricks on someone like Joss Possible or Anne's nephew William Teake… Someone would be going home wearing band-aids. Or gauze. And it sure wasn't going to be Joss or William.

Hours of work had solved many of these situations, with careful thought to seating arrangements and which topics which would not be discussed at the dinner table. The only threat left was the food. Various allergies and dislikes had made this a tough job, but eventually; they'd managed to set a menu.

Problem was, that menu included the Possible family lasagna, a recipe that Anne had never mastered, even though Nana Possible had shared it with her fifteen years ago. Anne was getting closer with each attempt, but she was still not sure that Nana had left out certain ingredients, because she never got it just right. And now, she was being sabotaged by Rufus.

In the living room, she heard laughter. Kim and Monique were sitting there, planning the wedding, still two months away.

Anne smiled as she remembered that day in April. Kim and Ron had come back from defeating that English monkey man, and in the evening, they announced their engagement to the crowd at a basketball game at Middleton High.

While the parents hadn't been at all surprised that the kids had gotten engaged, they were somewhat unhappy with how they had announced it. It started up a media flurry, similar to what had happened when Kim's pregnancy had been disclosed, which didn't make either family happy.

The irritation had gone away, however, when Kim and Ron had told them about the proposal. Anne still got choked up thinking about how the teens had discussed their future together, their love for one another and ended up with the question. Well, questions. Kim had gone first, Ron second. Their answers were simultaneous, though. Anne only wished that someone could have taken the time, in the past, to teach Rufus to use a video camera.

They'd been more surprised, though, when Kim and Ron had decided on the wedding date in late July. Both the Possibles and the Stoppables had insisted on them waiting, at least enough to take some time to live together first. The teens had understood their fears, but had compelling reasons why. In August, Ron would start college at Middleton Community College, and in October, Kim was due to give birth. Fitting in a wedding there would be too stressful, and after the birth, Kim probably would be able to take the time to plan a wedding for at least six months, and they did not want to wait that long to be united in marriage. The only options left were either to elope, which, thankfully, neither of them wanted to, or to wait until after graduation but before Ron's studies started. So, late July it was.

The surprises didn't stop there, though. Within two weeks, Kim and Ron had a wedding planner, paid for by Mr. Nakasumi and Martin Smarty, who had banded together and financed the entire wedding. The parents tried to use this to get them to rethink their July wedding, but Kim and Ron had held on to their decision. They had said that they wanted to start their life together as soon as possible, and that it didn't matter to them if people saw it as a shotgun wedding.

Anne sat down, and listened in on Kim and Monique, who were discussing the invitations, it seemed, while she contemplated whether to call and ask her husband to pick up some more parmesan on his way home, or if she should just go out and get it herself. She decided to so the latter, and left, after saying good bye to Kim and Monique.

"Kim, I'm serious! You're just begging for trouble if you place Bonnie anywhere within hearing range of… well, anyone! Why you even invited her in the first place, I'll never understand", Monique exclaimed.

"Hey, I invited everyone else from the cheer squad; it would just be mean to leave her out. Besides, she hasn't acted like her usual self these last few months."

"I don't know, Kim. It could just be a plot. She'd gonna do something, and I don't want to have to say I told you so when she does, but I will."

"Monique, calm down! I mean, she was the first to congratulate us; she stopped referring to Ron as a loser since Tara slapped her, and she got best captain at the Nationals! She's… mellowing." Kim really had sensed a change in Bonnie, and even though they would most likely never come near to being good friends, at least they tolerated each other these days. Granted, not being in competition for the role of captain anymore had done its part to lessen the tension.

"Fine, it's your wedding. Is Ron ok with this, though? I mean, as bitchy as she's been to you doesn't compare to how bitchy she's been to him these last few… years." Kim sighed.

"Well, it took some convincing. And some haggling." Monique raised her eyebrow at Kim's statement. She waited for Kim to continue.

"In case anyone wants it… there will be Bueno Nacho-food available." She sighed.

"Kim! Fast food at your wedding? No, Bonnie's not worth that, even if she'd turned into Mother Theresa!" Monique gasped at the thought.

"I only said it would be available, not… that I'm actually going to tell anyone. Or that we will be serving it somewhere people could see without binoculars." Kim smiled a little. She knew that Ron's request was more about him than anyone else, and as long as it was just something Ron would know about… She could live with it.

"By the way, where is Ron? I thought he was gonna get here before I would?" Monique had come over after her shift at Club Banana, and she knew that Ron had a shift at Smarty Mart, but he should have punched out before her.

"Oh, he's already here. He's… taking a nap." Kim started blushing a bit. Monique picked up on it.

"Aha. He felt tired, did he?"

"Uhh… I guess." Kim felt embarrassed about the whole thing. Monique continued to look at her inquisitively. Eventually, she cracked.

"Ok, fine. He didn't feel tired. It was either that or fainting." Monique stared at her.

"Girlfriend, are you running him that ragged? I mean, I've heard about… you know… how women in your sitch get a little demanding…"

"You got that right. He's been coping ok this far, I guess this one craving just did him in."

"Oh my gosh, I don't think I want to hear anymore." Monique regretted opening up the subject. Kim looked at her.

"What? I mean, it wasn't that odd, it's just because it's Ron that it became such an issue. I mean, to anyone else, I'm sure it's no big."

"Kim, I really don't want to hear about it, I don't… want to imagine you and Ron in that sort of sitch."

"Monique, you've seen it a thousand times, what's the deal?" Monique paused.



"Aren't… Aren't you talking about… you know… certain… cravings?" Kim stared at her friend.

"Food cravings, Monique. God! I'm not gonna sit here in the living room and talk about… any other cravings!"

"Ok, so I misunderstood." She pondered for a while. "Wait, Ron felt faint because of a food thing? Really, what did you do? Cook?"

"I'm pregnant, not insane. I just felt like having a naco, and called him when he left Smarty Mart, and he got one for me."

"Ok, I know you usually go for the salad, but I've seen you eat nacos, and I know Ron has. " She paused. "Unless… you did something to it." Kim looked at the table, embarrassed.

"I… I took a bite, and… there was something missing. So I got it from the kitchen."

"What did you get?" Kim mumbled something, and Monique had to repeat herself. Kim replied, while looking away.

"Strawberry jam." Monique's face twisted into a disgusted look.

"Eeeeuh! Girl, that is… Eeeeuh!"

"Yeah, that's what Ron thought too… And then he imagined how it must've tasted and turned white as a sheet."

"Really? That's a strong reaction, isn't it?"

"Well, Ron is a great chef, and he invented the naco. I must've… offended him, I guess, on at least two levels."

"Kim, that offended even me! Don't do that to Ron!" Kim sighed.

"I'll try not to. At least not with nacos. But it did taste better than you'd think."

"Yeah, not buying it", Monique said, and burst into laughter, thinking of poor Ron, overwhelmed by his girlfriend's weird sides. Just as she was going to get back to the Bonnie sitch, the phone rang. Monique offered to get it, but Kim declined the offer. She got up, more slowly than she would have even a few weeks ago. She was now showing her pregnant state quite clearly, perhaps even more clearly because of her usually slim body. Kim picked up the phone, and was surprised to hear only faint clicking before…

"Ms. Possible? This is agent Will Du of Global Justice. We require your and Stoppable's presence ASAP. We are sending a helicop-" He didn't get further before Kim interrupted him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you miss a memo or something, Will? We're not doing any missions any more, why would you-"

"It's for your own safety, Ms. Possible. There is a situation in progress that could… no, already has gotten out of hand, and we fear you could be a target." Kim froze. The thought of something happening now… After Monkey Fist had kidnapped her, and had been soundly defeated by Ron and, surprisingly, Duff Killigan, the villains had seemed to back off.

"What is it, Will? What's going on? And don't tell me you'll tell me when we get there, I'm not leaving my family if something could happen to them, and neither will Ron." On the other end, agent Will Du sighed. Amateurs.

"We have no reason to believe your families are in danger, and we're not yet sure if you actually are in any danger. But we're not taking any chances right now."

"Why?" Kim pressed on. After a few moments, the answer came.

"Three hours ago, there was an explosion at the Global Justice headquarters. Dr. Director is in critical medical condition. We're not sure she's going to survive. And we believe you can help us find the culprits. The chopper will be there in fifteen minutes. I suggest you get ready."