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You break one rule...

Later that night, Shoji and his friends made their own escape, feeling oddly empowered by their principal's defeat in the face of their ploy to help Kuzon get away. The dance party had given them all a lot to think about, Shoji most of all.

A soft voice drew Shoji out of his thoughts. "Shoji, you okay?"

Shoji blinked and looked up at On Ji, who was walking alongside him. He smiled inwardly. He had been surprised when On Ji had joined him and his friends rather than leaving with her boyfriend, but he supposed it made sense. Hide had betrayed her, too, when he had lead the principal to Kuzon's party after all. He was glad she was here, though. She'd always been kind, even in the face of Hide's overbearing attitude.

"Hm?" he queried.

On Ji smiled, her bright eyes crinkling at him in the darkness. "You were frowning. Are you worried about something?" Realization flickered across her expression then and her eyes became distant, wistful. "If it's about Kuzon, you shouldn't worry. I mean, he's cleverer than he looks, that headband thing was genius." She blushed and glanced away, embarrassed by her words. "Er, he had his dad with him, I mean. And..."

"Oh, no," Shoji assured her. "It's nothing like that. I'm not worried about him."

She looked at him intently and Shoji noticed that they had stopped walking; the others were back tracking along the beach to rejoin them. She licked her lips nervously, "But it's about him isn't it?"

"Yeah." Shoji looked at the ground, kicked some sand with his shoe, felt On Ji and the others' eyes on him.

One of the other kids shifted and made a noise, Shoji looked up. "Listen, guys... Kuzon... he did something when he was escaping, something weird... I... I think there's something different about him."

"Well of course he's different!" laughed a boy that Shoji didn't know, one who had been free-styling his dance moves at the party. "That dancing... wow."

Shoji shook his head. "Not that. His bending."

On Ji looked surprised. "He's a firebender? Why didn't he say anything? He could've joined the team at school."

Shoji shook his head again. "No, not a firebender. An earthbender."

"...Um, that's impossible."

On Ji looked troubled. "Shoji, he's Fire Nation, and no one, not even a colonist would willingly interact with earthbenders."

A small girl who was kin to On Ji wrinkled her nose. "Earthbender's are dirty."

"No, guys, I saw him do it!" Shoji argued. "When he was running away from the principal he earthbent the ground up behind him to stop the principal from following, I swear!"

The free-styler blinked and then grinned and nodded in satisfaction. "Whoa, I knew Kuzon was cool and all, but I had no idea..."

Shoji stared. "Excuse me?"

When the free-styler responded his voice was laced with more than just a bit of awe. "Dancing is one thing, but drugs? That kid is totally flameo."


AN: Aang really needs to stay off the drugs, he's high enough as it is. Get it? He's an airbender! -is shot ded-