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Monday, September 10th


Nikki Dalton clung to her notebook tightly. The metal rings dug into her forearm, but she didn't mind. There was no way she could even think about minding. She knew Claire and her friends were near and she knew that there was a big chance of her running into Cam.

She felt so stupid. Last month when her parents told her that she was moving to Westchester, the first thing she could think about was that she finally had a chance with Cam. But then slowly she got her common sense back. There was no way he'd like her when he was already with his girlfriend.

Yes, the G-word still pained her.

But the possibility of even being in touching distance of Cam filled her stomach with butterflies. Before going to school, she brushed her hair so many times that her chestnut, red-ish brown hair looked super silky and smooth. Smooth enough for Cam to reach out and run his fingers through it? She doubted it.

She was just about to reach her locker. Her eyes looked down at the little white sheet of paper which the office gave her that contained her schedule, school map, and locker number. 34E.

She was just about to open it until the locker next to her opened abruptly, hitting her in the face. "That was so not cool—," she began to say.

"Dude, Nikki." The voice from behind the locker door said. It sounded familiar, way to familiar.

"Oh shit." Nikki's jaw dropped. There in all his five-foot-six glory stood Cam. He quickly closed his locker and chuckled a bit. "That was so not funny."

Cam reached his arm out and patted Nikki on the shoulder. "Glad to see you here. Which reminds me, what are you doing here?"

"Parents? I know. I didn't want to go here too." Nikki curled her upper lip in disgust. "I mean, not that OCD is a bad school or anything. It's just that. There's Claire here." She said, saying his girlfriend's name so quietly that it was barely a whisper.

"Claire? What did she do to you? Oh god, did she get your screen name and then stalk you or something? Are you hurt? Did she threaten you?" Cam started rambling, looking at Nikki with concern.

"Cam, what are you talking about." Nikki snorted. "How would Claire get my screen name? I don't even know her. It's just going to be weird going to school here because she thinks I like her boyfriend. I don't. I seriously don't." She added, looking Cam straight in the eye.

"That's unfortunate, because Claire and I broke up. Last year." Cam said, looking down at his Etnies.

"Oh." Nikki formed an O with her mouth. She exhaled slowly and looked up at Cam with a smile. "Okay. Well, I hope we can put everything behind us. Because I have seriously matured over the summer and I'll never be that embarrassingly obsessive ever again." She held out a pinky. "Pinky promise?"

"Uh," Cam hesitated, eyeing Nikki's black nails. "When did you go emo?"

Nikki raised an eyebrow. "Cam, you have to admit. You never really got to know me." She lowered her hand slowly. "Forget the words 'pinky promise' even exited my mouth. Well, I got to get to class." Nikki turned to walk the other way but then stopped when Cam grabbed her arm. "What?" Nikki said, turning around, her face just inches from Cam's.

"You're next class is this way."

"How would you know?" Nikki paused, shaking off his hand.

"Because of your last name, Dalton; the homerooms are alphabetical. You have homeroom with me." Cam explained.

"Oh," Nikki shrugged. What was she expecting, she asked herself. She silently reminded herself over and over again while she walked side-by-side with Cam to class. She was going to convince him and herself that she was over him. They could be friends.

They could be even more.