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Westchester, NY

Le Grand Fromage

Friday, September 14th

7:48 pm

"So then I said, ehmagawd, no way, right? Because seriously, whoever thinks that blue can ever replace purple especially on someone with brown hair like me, is seriously delusional. And that's when I drew the line and told Binky to get me Jakkob because her lack of assistant-skills was totally making me sick," Massie rambled along in a hushed voice as the group waited for their dinners to come.

Massie was her normal self, not wasting a minute to indulge the others with what she considered juicy gossip and what others called her life story. Massie obviously felt no pressure on this date. She was barely talking to Derrick.

Alicia nodded along. "Given," she shrugged. "Why give you an assistant when you're Jakkob's star-customer?"

The two girls seemed to be absorbed in their own little conversation while their dates played with the straws sticking out of their Coca Cola cans. Claire kept on opening her mouth to speak but was always droned out by Massie or Alicia.

Nikki, on the other hand, was actually trying to get the boys to enjoy their date. This was a fancy restaurant after all! "So err, Derrick, how was soccer practice today?"

Derrick gave Nikki a blank look. "Soccer is on Tuesday, Thursday, and whenever coach feels the need to torture us. Got any other conversation starters?"

Cam cleared his throat and ruffled his dark hair. Kemp sat straighter in his seat and scooted forward. Since his "girlfriend" was making an effort, it seemed he had to too. "When's the food coming? I'm ravenous," he said, looking straight at Nikki as he rolled the "r."

Nikki inhaled quickly. Oh boy, she rolled her eyes as she made herself a mental note. Never wear sundresses in front of boys. They get weird fantasies about frolicking with you in meadows full of daisies or worse… ROSE PETALS.

"Ravenous," Nikki slowly laughed nervously. She backed away a bit from Kemp, scared that he might lunge at her. "What a good way to use vocabulary."

Finally the complimentary appetizer came. Three huge wedges of gourmet cheese were placed on a wooden cutting board and whole-grain crackers on a huge platter were placed next to it.

"Cammy!" Claire squealed, reaching across her place setting to get to a cracker and smothered the Ciel de Charleviox blue cheese on it. She placed it on Cam's plate and grinned. "Eat, you look so hungry," she batted her white-blonde eyelashes in what she thought was a seductive way.

Nikki blinked back a giggle of laughter. That was until Cam took the cracker and put it back on Claire's plate. "As a girlfriend, I mean, second-time girlfriend, I expect you to know that I hate blue cheese ever since that incident I told you about."

"Oh," Claire clenched her mouth shut and went back to nursing her cracker which was totally cheese-free. She didn't know a thing about gourmet cheese. She lived on Kraft and string cheese.

"I need some air," Cam cleared his throat and pushed back his chair. He walked straight out of the dining room without looking back.

Claire bit back a whimper. She turned to Nikki and whispered for the whole table to hear. "You think he's mad at me? Because I forgot that he didn't like blue cheese?"

Nikki grimaced. What was she supposed to say? She looked at Massie.

Massie could tell that Nikki had nothing to say. And she was the leader of the clique, after all. Her job was to keep them together and looking shame-free. "Kuh-laire, don't be stupid. Didn't you just hear him? He needs air."

"Cause someone was suffocating him," Nikki heard Josh mumble under his breath—which made Nikki realize that maybe the kid had some personality other than being the only guy to really be obsessed with a designer brand.

The whole table stared at each other blankly. What was there to say? They were just a random group thrown together. The only real happy couple was Alicia and Josh. And the only reason why they were happy was because they were practically twins.

"Gay baby," Derrick burped, trying to get rid of the silence. Massie glared at him through her amber eyes. It was a wonder how he burped by just drinking tap water from a champagne glass.

"Speaking of gay babies," Kemp said, leaning more towards Nikki by propping his right arm on the table and giving her a long look. "How are you, my Nikki-baby?"

"Isn't it a bit late for asking how I am?" Nikki answered back hesitantly.

Massie sighed loudly at how stupid this date was turning out to be. "Can we ditch this place and just go to watch a movie already?"

Movies? In the dark? In close proximity with the date that almost no one wanted to be near? "NO!" The table quickly answered back.

Massie sank back in her chair in defeat.

"I need air too," Nikki fanned her face, scooting her chair back and exiting the same way Cam did.

————————- ————————-

"Hey," Nikki whispered, afraid she might scare the guy.

Cam turned around. His dark hair looked even darker in the dark. (Well, duh.) "Hey, what are you doing out here? Did the food come?" He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "This is stupid, you know? I didn't know that Claire would be so openly…"

"Trying to seduce you?" Nikki offered.

"Yes, exactly that," Cam shook his head. "It's so awkward. And the thing is, I don't even like her and—"

Nikki shook her head to try to un-confuse herself. "Wait, what'd you say?"

"I thought you knew," Cam's eyes widened. "Wasn't it obvious? When it took so long for you to convince me to ask her out?"

"Well, not really," Nikki huffed. "You still did it. And that's all that matters. Shouldn't you go back inside? Claire looked pretty rejected when you went outside." Nikki involuntarily shivered. She had forgotten her jacket back inside in a rush of hurry to get out of there.

Cam looked at her and instantly softened. He took off his jacket and placed it around Nikki's shoulders.

"Massie suggested we just ditch the dinner and go to the movie," Nikki said, having nothing else to say. She traced hearts with her shoes on the concrete.

"And?" Cam waited.

"And everyone said no. Because I don't think anyone is really happy with their date. Other than Alicia and Josh. But who wants to watch them cuddle?" Nikki rolled her eyes. "This is turning out to be a failure."

"Hey," Cam thought for a minute. "Want to leave?"

"Right now?" Nikki looked at him incredulously. He had a date. She had a date. They weren't each other's dates. And he wanted to leave with her? Didn't that sound totally out of a romance movie?

But did she really want to go back in there? And face how awkward it was? Or did she want to go to a movie or just hang out with Cam? Was she really that over him?

Nikki took out her cell phone and began speed texting to Kemp.

Nikki: I don't feel so good. ): Can you get my jacket and bring it to school on Monday? Thanks, you're a sweetie. (:

"Ready?" Nikki asked after she stuffed her phone back into her pocket.

"Was I ever not?" Cam grinned.