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Chapter 12

Sakura opened the door.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto's sunny voice filtered through the dark house.

"Oh, hi Naruto." Sakura replied with a tired voice.

Hinata was standing behind him with a basket full of goodies.

"Please come in."

Naruto came in and started to look around.

"I heard Teme came back… again!" Naruto sat at the table as Sakura started to pour the tea.

"Your house is so nice." Hinata commented, sipping her tea daintly.

"Thank you."

"So where is he?" Naruto gazed into Sakura's worn out eyes.

"He's… around." Sakura lifted her own steaming cup.

"Dobe." He slithered out of the shadows and took the only other non-occupied spot and Sakura immediately serviced him. He brushed the top of her hand as he picked up the cup, making her inhale sharply but quietly.

Naruto watched the two with intense blue eyes.

"So when are you and Sakura-chan going to have my little niece or nephew?"

Sakura coughed slightly into her drink and wiped her mouth.

Sasuke grinned, which made Naruto's eyes widen.

"Its already done."

"eehhh??!" Naruto leaned over the table.

"Naruto-kun.." Hinata tugged on his sleeve and brought him back on his bottom.

Sakura blushed and put a protective hand over her growing bump.

"I'm due in late autumn."

"Thanks wonderful, congratulations." Hinata smiled.

Sakura glanced to Sasuke who kept his eye on the Hokage.

"How is your son Hinata? I'm surprised you didn't bring him."

"That little brat wouldn't stop crying." Naruto looked suddenly sullen and horrorified.

"Naruto!" Hinata glared.

Naruto looked sheepish.

"He keeps us up at night." Hinata answered her question, "He is with his nanny at the moment."

"Ah, his name was Akio, right?" Sakura asked.


"May he grow strong like Naruto." Sakura looked serene and happy.

Sasuke glanced at her and narrowed his eyes.


Sakura quickly adverted her eyes to her steaming cup of tea.

"I think its time for our guests to be leaving." Sasuke stood and escorted them to the door.

"We should do this again sometime." Hinata suggested.

Sakura nodded and smiled.

As the door slid shut, Sasuke turned to his wife.

He scooped her up and proceeded to their bed chambers. Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his bare skin that had peeked through his robe. He gently laid her on the bed and stripped her down as well as himself. He kissed her skin with slow deliberate kisses, showing his dominance.

"You are mine." He stated.

"Hai." She whispered, her ethereal green eyes glowed with a soft light.

He smirked and crawled up her soft flesh and kissed her full lips over and over, playfully tugging the bottom. Sakura moaned in pain and pleasure as he massaged her breasts. Since becoming pregnant, her breasts became very sensitive and tender. He was careful, leaning his body weight on her but to not crush her growing belly. His large tanned hand splayed over the bump in pure possession. Ever since Sasuke came back he had lucid periods where he would go completely dark and it terrified her; but in moments like this, he was truly tender and loving. While remaining dominant and possessive which Sakura didn't mind one bit.

Sasuke slid between her legs and rubbed the tip of his erection over her slick nether lips, pushing in and seating himself deep within her. He set a slow pace which Sakura bit her lip, wishing he would go faster. He lavished her neck with opened mouthed kisses, in which she moaned open mouthed as a blush etched across her beautiful face. He grasped her hands in his and started to set a faster pace. He gazed into her deep green eyes and watched her cum and writhe beneath him in pleasure that triggered his own sweet release. He groaned hotly in her ear, bucking his hips against hers before he collapsed off to the side of her, sighing contently. Sasuke spooned behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and kissed her ear.

"Sleep." His baritone voice lulled her into a light slumber.


Months passed as he watched his wife transform into something even more beautiful than she originally was; maybe it was because she was pregnant. Yes, that was it. Men generally though pregnant woman were gorgeous and radiant through their gestation. The women would disagree and say that they were in slight discomfort that grew every month as the little bundle inside them got bigger. Sakura fairly flitted around the house, in perfect command of her world; which awed Sasuke. He of course watch her constantly and took her out for fresh air in town and would demand her to go to bed if she showed slight fatigue. She would refuse, but the look in her husbands eyes there was no room for argument.

One night, she woke Sasuke up.

He grunted and rolled over to face her.

She stifled a giggle. His hair was mused and his eyes full of sleep.

"I'm hungry."

He tossed off the covers and sat up. His rippling muscle in the dim light made Sakura flush with desire. He eyed her and watch the emotion play over her face. He played with a piece of her pink hair that had now grown over her shoulders.

"What would you like."

"Ice with fruit and dumplings." Sakura requested.

He nodded and slipped out of the door.

He returned a little later with a tray. She balanced the tray on her big belly.

"Thank you." She dove into the food and he watched her intently.

She giggled.


"Your beautiful."

Sakura was stunned and immediately pressed her hand against his forehead.

"Are you okay? Did something happen?" A look of worry clouded her features.

Sasuke growled and grasped her hand and rubbed her knuckles with his thumb.

"I'm fine."

He proceeded to lick the tips of her fingers, catching the faint taste of fruit on them.

"I'm worried Sasuke-kun." He liked when she used the suffix.


"Having the baby." Sakura finished and pressed a hand on her big belly.

He kissed her lips and reassured her everything would be okay.

Sakura nodded and fell into an uneasy sleep. Sasuke watched her for a little while before drifting off himself.


Somewhere… in another country…. A woman was giving birth.


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