Never Quite Gone

By Silvain Star

Misty sighed sadly, watching the waves hit the beach by Cerulean. Two years ago, at that very spot, was the last time she'd seen him. He'd just gotten back from yet another adventure in yet another faraway region. They'd walked up there, just chatting for a while, until he told her, more seriously than she'd ever seen him say anything, that he'd meet her there the next day because he had something important to tell her.

That night, he disappeared. No one had seen him since, no one knew what had happened. Misty didn't ask where he'd be that night- she wished, in retrospect, that she had. She might've at least been able to help more when everyone was searching for him. She wished there was something, anything, she could have done differently.

She turned away, not glancing back. It's time to move on, she thought. He's gone, and he's gone for good.


He stood in the shadows, watching a young woman nearby. She looked so familiar, yet he couldn't remember who she was. He wished, for the first time as far as he could remember, for Syke to be here. He'd know who the beauty he saw was, if he wasn't imagining the familiarity he felt. But Syke was back at the base, and he was out here alone, searching for Seoh. Just like the little brat to go missing right now, when things were so close…

A young albino Pikachu raced toward him, a playful grin on her face. She leapt at the young man, giggling as he caught her against his jet-black shirt. --Hi, Hunter,-- she said cheerfully. He thanked the Legends for the new translators, because without them, he'd have lost his mind dealing with Seoh ages ago.

"Seoh, you crazy little rat…" he growled quietly. "We nearly had our cover blown thanks to you and your antics!"

Sorry, Hunter, Seoh murmured sadly. She looked up at him, cuddling against his chest.

"Crazy rat….." he mumbled, even as he smiled slightly at her. He looked up at where the girl he'd seen had been, just in time to see her leave. He frowned, still unsure as to why she seemed familiar. As he turned to go back to the base, he decided to ask Syke about the beautiful red-headed girl.