The sun was spilling through the curtains into my room and onto my bed, the rays of sunlight spilling through hit my face and acted as the alarm clock I never set. I rolled over to look at the clock on my night stand, the bright red numbers read 6:00 AM. I knew that I would have to get up soon to take a shower and get ready for school. After much internal debate I finally got up and walked up to my adjoining bathroom and started the water to my shower so by the time I was actually ready to get in there the water would be hot. I turned around and brushed my teeth, after I finished brushing my teeth I undressed and hopped in the shower. I got out of the shower in a towel and went to my closet to pick out the clothes that I was going to wear for the day. While choosing the shoes I wanted to wear I heard a tapping noise on my balcony door. I walked over to the door smiling really big knowing who it was. I opened the door in my towel and Troy's mouth dropped. I pulled him into my room and closed the doors, I didn't want anyone to see him climbing up my balcony, it would only make what we have to go through worse.

"Wow, a greeting in a towel…and I thought my day couldn't get any better." Troy said with a smirk crossing his lips.

"I thought that maybe I should change things up" I said leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Me and Troy have been dating for a year, today is our anniversary. He comes to my house and climbs up my balcony every morning before he has to go to school. Everything is perfect in our relationship except for one major problem, we go to different schools but that's not the worst part…our schools are rivals, if we see each other out we have to hate each other. Troy is the "golden boy" at East High while I am considered the "queen" of West High. East High and West High are the biggest rival schools in the state, it's so bad that at every game the police are there…it isn't uncommon for a huge fight to break out between schools, even outside of school the rivalry is hostel. West High hates East High with a passion, but there is only one thing that they hate more than the school, the basketball captain and golden boy Troy Bolton, that's right my entire school hates my boyfriend and would do anything to get to him. Troy is afraid that if they found out about us that they would use me to get to him, I try to tell him that it would never happen, but I'm not completely convinced myself that they wouldn't sink that low. The big game is tonight, that's right the rivalry game is the same day as our anniversary…we met last year at the big game but that's another story for another time, so Troy is already stressing about what is going to happen when both of our schools come together.

"So you ready for tonight?" Troy asked while he sprawled out on my bed.

"For our anniversary, yes…for the game, no" I said while getting changed into my outfit for school.

Troy pushed himself off my bed and made his way toward me and wrapped his arms around me from behind, "Just remember no matter what I say today it's all just for show" He said trying to reassure me about the game tonight, "I love you Brie, no rivalry is going to change that" he said placing a kiss on my cheek.

"I know that, and the same goes for you…everything I say is for show." I said while snaking my arms around his neck. "I love you Troy Bolton".

"I love you Gabriella Montez" Troy said putting his forehead to mine, Troy is a tough guy that can take care of himself, everyone knows that. But I am the only one that gets to see his sensitive side. "Until tonight beautiful, I have to get going if I want to make it to East before school starts" he said leaning down and catching my lips in a passionate kiss that left me weak at the knees, he set me on my bed and gave me one last kiss before he left out my balcony doors.

After Troy left I made my way downstairs to grab some breakfast before my early morning cheer practice, I ended up just grabbing a cereal bar and a bottle of water and headed out to my car and headed toward the West High gymnasium. When I arrived at the gym the basketball players were just finishing up their early morning practice, I just walked over to the girls locker room to get changed for cheer practice. After I had changed I made my way out to the gym to see the basketball team finished their practice up, so I started setting up for cheer. After I had everything set up I was running through the routine we would perform at half time tonight when Brad made his way toward me.

"Hey Gabbi" Brad yelled over the music trying to get my attention, but I just ignored him and kept going through the routine. I was successful at ignoring him until he turned off the music.

"What Bradley?" I asked trying to tweak his nerve.

"You going to the after party tonight?" Brad asked trying to hint at something. Dear God here we go again.

"No, I'm not going to the after party" I said walking up to the boom box to press play so I could get back to the routine, but of course Brad had to grab my hand to stop me.

"Why not? West High's queen should be there alongside her King." He stated while trying to put his arm around me.

I brushed his arm off, "There is no me and you, so give it up!" I said getting aggravated that Brad couldn't catch the hint.

"You know you want me Gabbi" he said while leaning in trying to kiss me, but I dodged his lips and stepped away from him, at that point the rest of the squad had arrived for the early morning practice.

"Don't flatter yourself, now get out of the gym…we have to practice" I said pushing Brad towards the door of the gym. After Brad left I turned around to face the squad.

"Alright girls I just want to run through the routine one more time to make sure we got it down." I said and made my way to the boom box to start the music. I made the squad run through it 5 times, I finally called the end of practice and everyone made their way to the locker room, the only people left in the gym were me and my best friend Haley, she made her way over to me and sat beside me.

"So who are you trying to look good for?" she asked with her eyebrow raised.

"No one, I just want to make sure we look our best so we can cream East High's squad in the ground on their own turf" I said trying to act as disgusted as I could.

"Yeah, I heard that the "Golden Boy" is supposed to get a surprise after the game tonight." Haley said laughing.

"Yeah well he deserves it for starting all that shit last weekend at the mall…Jeff got arrested because of him" I said, it bothered me to talk about Troy like that but I had.

"Yeah, that's why they are going after him tonight…he won't expect it right after the game" she said.

"Yeah, well I have to start getting ready for homeroom…I'll see you at the game" I said picking up the boom box and heading toward the locker room.

"Gabbi wait" she said running up beside me.

"What's up Hayley?" I asked.

"So are you going to tell me who you are dating since you keep turning every guy down, I saw you turn down Brad again" she said with a raised eyebrow.

"There isn't anyone" I said bending down to pick up my cheer bag and heading into the locker room to change.

"Come on I'm your best friend you can tell me…I know that you are lying" she said trying to get me to tell her.

I walked into the locker room and headed to where my gym locker was located and I started to change into the clothes I had picked out this morning.

"What's that?" Hayley asked me.

"What's what?" I asked not really paying attention.

"Is that a new belly button ring? Is that a 14?" she asked.

Oh my God…I can't believe I forgot to change it. FUCK! "Yeah it's new" I said trying to act like it was no big deal.

"What does the 14 stand for?" she asked me truly intrigued.

"It's my lucky number so I decided to get one with a 14 on it because I was hoping it would bring luck to the game tonight" I said lying through my teeth, hoping that it sounded plausible.

"Yeah, we need all the luck we can get…West High is going to beat East High this year" Hayley said with a huge smile spread on her face.

"Yeah, well I got to go. I can't be late for homeroom again" I said while picking up my stuff and heading towards the door and out into the halls of West High.

I made it through school without too much trouble, I just wanted to get home and give Troy a heads up about what is supposed to go down tonight after the game. I headed out to my car to see Brad leaning up against, I walked over to my car.

"So guess what I found out today, it seems one of our own is dating someone from East High" he said roughly.

My heart started racing, "Well have they figured out who it is?" I asked trying to stay calm.

"No, but we are keeping our eyes open…when we find out who it is their life is going to be a living hell." He said laughing.

"Yeah well I have to head home" I said trying to maneuver past him to reach the handle on my car door, but Brad wasn't moving.

"I will if you go with me to the party" he said with a smirk playing on his lips.

"I already told you I can't" I said.

"Well if you don't people are going to think you are the one dating the East High trash" he said a-matter- of-factly.

I thought about it, it was me and Troy's anniversary…but this is to help keep us a secret, I guess I have to go. "Fine, I'll meet you after the game" I said reaching for my car door again so I could leave and go home. After I got in my car I drove home and immediately started to dial Troy's number.

Troy/BrieHelloHey Troy! Are you alone to where you can talk?Hold on and just give me a second…ok, what's up?You need to be careful after the game, Brad and the team are going to try and do something to you.Do you know exactly what they are planning to do?No, but I do know that it's payback for the whole Jeff thing.Thanks for the heads up babe, everything go ok at school?No, word got out that there is someone from West dating someone from East.Shit! Do they think that it's you?Not that I know of, but to keep us out of the speculation I had to agree to go with Brad to the after party…so that means that we can't hang out tonight for our anniversary.sighs Alright, that's fine…I just want to keep you safe.I know but I really wanted to see you.You will see me I promise, but I have to go before the guys get suspicious. Ok, I love you.Love you too.

After I hung up with Troy I felt a little better. I went and grabbed a party outfit from my closet and put it in my cheer bag, I then went to get my uniform on. After I got changed and got all the stuff I needed for the game it was time to head out to the East High gym. When I arrived at East High I parked my car and got out to head to the gym. When I entered the gym I saw both teams warming up, I had to walk by the East High team to get to the other side of the gym. While walking through some guy with a bushy afro came up to me.

"Well well well if it isn't the wicked bitch of the West" he said, while his other team mates gathered around him and started laughing.

"Well well well if it isn't the little dick of the East" I spat back at him. I briefly scanned over the team and met a pair of crystal blue eyes, Troy looked at me and started to head to the front. This was Troy's way of protecting me, me and him would fight so either one of us could cut it off at any time.

"Better watch yourself Montez" Troy hissed at me.

"Shut up Bolton your little sidekick started it" I said.

"I'm not one for hitting girls, but you're pushing my morals" he said bitterly.

"Bring it on Bolton, or is your sidekick going to fight for you too?" I asked verbally enticing him to do it, I knew that Troy would never hit me, but we have to act like we hate each other.

"Is there a problem here?" Brad said coming up behind me.

"Yeah take your bitch to your side of the court" Troy said glaring at Brad, Brad wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me to him and bent lower and kissed me on the neck, I flinched but I was more concerned on how Troy was going to act. I was watching him and he flinched a little bit, but not enough for anyone to notice. Troy made eye contact with me, I was trying to talk to him through my eyes, pleading him not to blow it.

"Just get her out of here" Troy growled at Brad and then he turned around and headed to his side of the gym.

I turned around to look at Brad. "I said I would go to the after party with you, that doesn't mean we are together!" I yelled at him, after I yelled at him I saw Troy out of the corner of my eye smirking. I stormed off to the girls locker room to get ready for the game. As I was getting ready my phone buzzed I picked it up and flipped it open to read the text message I got.

Nice job at the fight, just remember ily. See you soon. 14

I read the text from Troy and smiled but my smile soon vanished when Hayley came up and snatched my phone away to read the text message.

"Let's see who has you all smiley…" she said as she read the text message. I tried to snatch it out of her hand before she could read it, but I was to slow…she already read it. "So…who is 14, that explains the belly button ring."

"It's nothing really" I said try to persuade her that what I was saying was true.

I could tell that she was trying to figure it out, but hopefully she wouldn't. She was still trying to figure it out as we made our way to the court on the sidelines. They were announcing the team members of West High, when they finished they started on East High. "…Number 10…Chad Danforth, number 7…Zeke Baylor, and last but certainly not least the captain of the varsity team, number 14…Troy Bolton."

I was watching Hayley out of the corner of my eye, when they said Troy's name and number she looked at me slack jawed. She stormed over to me.

"TROY BOLTON!" she bellowed at me, "YOUR DATING TROY!"

I noticed that the whole team was staring at me intently. I had to come up with something fast.


"everything is falling into place over the past year, you say no to every guy that asks you out, you don't really go out on the weekends, and the rest of it fell into place today…the 14 is what gave it away" Hayley spat at me. "How could you?"

"I'M NOT DATING TROY!" I yelled.

"Prove it" Hayley said with her hand on her hip.

I walked over to Brad and pulled his face down to mine and made out with him in front of everyone, it was gross and I felt so bad about having to kiss him…but it's all for the secret. I quit kissing him and turned to Hayley. "Does that prove it to you?" I spat at her.

"Not really" she said.

"Why would I make out with Brad when my 'boyfriend' is here? You know I don't cheat…so just let it be ok. No it's not Troy and no I'm not going to tell you who it is." I said storming off into the halls of East High, I wasn't really thinking…I was scared and pissed off. I was walking down the halls and saw a huge poster with Troy's face in the middle of it, now I will definitely have to tease him about that one later. After I had calmed down a bit I made my way back to the gym to cheer. When I came back into the gym the team and the squad were staring at me intently, "If you want to keep your face's I would advise that you find something else to stare at" I screamed at them. They all went about their business, being "queen" definitely has its perks. I'm not one to be physical, but today I could make an exception.

The game was pretty uneventful a couple of fouls here and there, East High beat us by 20 points. I went into the locker room after the game to change and get ready for the after party. Nobody was really talking to me, I knew that they were suspicious…I just had to do something to prove to them that I wasn't lying, even though I was. I knew what I would have to do, but I REALLY didn't want to do that. I changed and left the locker room and headed outside to meet Brad for the longest night of my entire life. I walked outside and saw Brad and Troy about to get into it, so I walked over there and tried to break it up.

"What's going on here?" I asked Brad.

"Golden Boy here thinks he can take me" Brad said stepping closer to Troy. I walked around so I could be face to face with Brad.

"Do you really think it's worth it to fight here and get arrested, plus he's not worth it" I said turning to face Troy with a disgusted look on my face.

"Come on honey you know you want it" Troy said trying to rile Brad up.

"Don't flatter yourself Bolton, that will never happen" I said placing my hand on Brads chest trying to push him away.

"Does Brad need to have Montez fight his battles" I turned around to glare at Troy, he really needed to quit enticing Brad. Brad went to launch himself at Troy but I put both my hands on his chest and made him look at me, "let's go to the after party." Brad put his arm around me and walked me to my car, I said that I would follow him to the after party. On the way there I was trying to calm down and get ready for a shitty night. I pulled up to the house that the party was at and got out and made my way to the kitchen where incidentally I ran into Hayley.

"So do you believe me now?" I asked Hayley.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't trust you before…but you have to admit it was wild how he fit into the puzzle." She said arching her eyebrow.

"Yeah but it's not him." I said grabbing a solo cup and heading to the keg. Hayley followed me to the keg.

"Come on, I'm your best friend…tell me who he is. Does he go to West?" she asked trying to get the so-called secret out of me.

"No he doesn't he goes to another school, it's a new relationship and I don't want people to know about it. Now please drop it" I said walking out of the kitchen and to the living room.

I went to the living room and just leaned against the wall and drinking my beer, I wanted hard liquor but I still had to drive home. I saw Brad trying to make his way toward me, I let him lean against the wall beside me.

"Hello Bradley" I said turning my attention to him.

"Hey, do you want to dance?" he asked me while inching closer.

But before I could answer someone yelled "East High is here".

"Fuck" I pushed myself off the wall and was headed to the entrance of the party, there I saw Troy and a couple of his team mates.

"What do you want Bolton this is West High's turf" Brad said spitefully.

"I wanted to see if you could actually fight your battles without Montez stepping in" Troy said stepping closer to Brad.

Brad launched himself at Troy and started to swing punches. Troy dodged most of them and got a few good punches in. The team mates were holding the crowd back so no one would jump into the fight. I tried to get in between them to stop it but one of Troy's team mates was holding me back. Troy finally ended the fight by knocking Brad out, I went over to Brad to make sure he was ok. He was I looked back and made eye contact with Troy and he winked at me, but only to where I could see. I knew that meant that he was heading over to my house so we could be alone. I walked over to Hayley and pulled her off to the side.

"Hey, I'm going to head home…it seems my date is now knocked out" I said to Hayley while grabbing my purse and my keys. Hayley just nodded her head and headed back out to the dance floor. I walked to my car and got in and drove myself home. I walked up to my door and headed to my room. As soon as I walked into my room I was ambushed by Troy and his lips, but I'm not complaining.

"Hey" I said once Troy had detached himself from my lips.

"Hey…are you ok?" he asked fully concerned.

"I've been better" I said pulling Troy with me to lie on my bed.

"What happened?" he said stroking my hair as I laid in the bend of his arm.

"Well Hayley figured our relationship out"

Troy shot up and looked at me wide eyed, "Are you serious?" he asked me in a panicked voice.

I put my hand on his chest and pushed him back down to lie on the bed, "Yeah she did, but I used my acting skills and got her to believe me that I wasn't dating you."

"How did she figure it out?" he asked still stroking my hair.

"Well I forgot to change my belly button ring so it had the number 14 on it, but I told her I wore it because 14 is my lucky number and I wanted to have luck for tonights game, then there was the text message you sent, she still hadn't figured it out but it clicked when they called your name and number tonight at the game, she came over and yelled at me drawing the attention of the entire team, so now the whole team thinks I am dating you, I said that I wasn't but they told me to prove it."

"Is that when you made out with Brad?" Troy asked me tensing up slightly.

"Yeah, but it didn't mean anything I was just trying to keep us a secret" I said hoping that he would understand.

"It's ok Brie, I get it…but it still hurts" she said caressing my face with his hand.

"I know and I'm sorry" I said turning to face him.

"Well let's forget about the events of tonight and let's start on our anniversary" he said giving me his million dollar smile.

"Well we can't really go anywhere, so I guess it's me and you in my bedroom" I said while running my hand over his stomach.

"Well I got you something" he said reaching his hand into his pocket and pulling out a long rectangular box and handed it to me.

"What is it?" I asked while in the midst of opening the present, I opened it up to see a pale blue Tiffany's box I slowly lifted the lid to reveal a bracelet with a heart charm on it.

"Troy, I can't except this…I can tell it cost a lot of money" I said pushing the box towards him.

"Don't worry about how much it cost me, you deserve it" he said pushing towards me, I picked it up and noticed the antiqued finish on it, I looked at it more closely and read the engraving, True Love Never Fades, I flipped it over and the other side was engraved with the number 14.

"That is so sweet Troy" I reached up and kissed him.

"mmhmm, maybe I should do sweet things more often" he said while wiggling his eyebrows.

"You are already sweet enough" I said facing him, "Now it is time for your present" I got up and went to my dresser and pulled something out and headed back towards the bed to lay with Troy.

"I know that it is early and everything, but I couldn't think of anything better" I said handing him his present.

Troy grabbed his present from my hand and looked at it, his eyes went wide. "NBA playoff tickets?" he asked truly surprised.

"Yeah I know it is really early, but I-" he cut me off with a passionate kiss.

"I love it, it's the best present ever…besides you"

"Look at where your seats are at" I said pointing to the tickets.

"COURT SIDE! Oh my God. I love you Brie!" he said pulling me into a bone crushing hug, "You are the best girlfriend EVER!" I felt like I was on top of the world at that moment.

Me and Troy just talked the rest of the night and help onto each other, with a few make out sessions here and there. We both ended up falling asleep around 3 in the morning.

The next morning I woke up with a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist. I tried my best to wiggle out of his grasp without waking him, but I had no such luck. Troy pulled me back to him and wouldn't let go.

"Troy I really need to get up and take a shower. I'm all gross" I said trying to pry my body away from his.


"I really need to get up Troy, sometimes Hayley comes over randomly." I said being completely serious.

"Fine" he let me go so I go up and went to go take a shower, when I was dressed and everything I walked back into my bedroom to see Troy with a new set of clothes and laying on my bed.

"Aren't you glad I keep extra clothes for you?" I asked with a smirk etched across my face.

He got up off the bed and met me halfway; he put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him. "Yes I am. I wanted to let you know that I had fun with you last night and that I love you, but I have to head over to the East side." He said caressing my face. I pouted and stuck out my bottom lip. He kissed my pout, "Don't pout, I will see you Monday morning babe, I love you."

I watched as Troy left out my balcony once again. I hated having to sneak around, but I know that there is no other way. The rest of the weekend was uneventful.

Monday morning came around, I was lying in bed when I felt someone rip the covers away from my body, I woke up to see three guys with ski masks. One of the guys pulled me out of bed and tied my hands behind my back and threw me against the wall.

"What do you want?" I pleaded.

"Shut up!" one of them yelled and slapped me across the face and put a gag in my mouth. After about a minute I heard a tapping noise on my balcony. Oh my God I totally forgot about Troy. One of the guys pulled me up by my tied hands and put a knife to my throat. I knew eventually Troy would just walk in and think I was in the shower or something, and right on cue I saw Troy open my balcony door. Troy stopped dead in his tracks, he went to go after one of the guys in a ski mask, but the one that was holding me spoke.

"If you move I will cut your girlfriends throat" she said with an icy stare.

"She isn't my girlfriend" Troy said to the best of his ability he tried to sound believable.

"Then you won't care if I do this" he lightly drug the knife across my throat

"OK Ok ok…she is my girlfriend…just please don't do anything to hurt her." Troy pleaded with the guy.

"So it seems we have finally found Troy Bolton's weakness…Gabriella Montez" the guy behind me said while he twisted me arm, I screamed out in pain but the gag made it muffled.

"STOP! You can have me just let Brie go." Troy said looking at me.

"NO CAN DO! As long as we have her, we know that you will cooperate with us." The guy beside me said.

"Why are you doing this to Brie, let her go it's me you want…I promise that I will cooperate if you just let her go" Troy asked them.

"Because your bitch of a girlfriend is a traitor, she shouldn't have chosen a scum like you from East High." Troy looked at me and closed his eyes and hung his head, his biggest fear was coming true. They are using me to get to him.

"Now let's go…the boss awaits" one of them said. The guy that had me was dragging me across my house, it was times like these that I wished me mom didn't travel so much. I could hear them pushing Troy along behind me, we arrived at a van and they threw me in the back and I hit my head against the side, I groaned in pain. After they tossed me in they threw Troy in the back as well, they slammed the door and got in the driver seats and put a partition between the back of the van and the front. Troy slowly made his way over to me.

"Are you ok?" he asked in a barely audible whisper. I nodded my head. I could tell Troy wanted to hold me but they tied his hands together too. He put his forehead to mine, "Just hang in there I promise that I will get us out of this, and with that Troy leaned down and kissed me. He put his forehead to mine again, but this time I could see the tears forming in his eyes, "I'm so sorry". The van came to a sudden stop and I flew forward and hit my head against the side of the van again, only this time everything was spinning and soon it went black.

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