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"I'm sick of you Nate Archibald, you loser POTHEAD! Get a fucking life!" she snarled at the mirror. This truly was the best way to practice a speech.

A voice from behind her murmured, "well, that's awfully nice of you. Don't you think you should tone it down a bit?"

Blair Waldorf was driven and knew what she wanted. Before she had wanted Nate, then she had found out he was a loser pothead. Her left hand stirred the toothpick and olive around the clear liquid.

So many times had both Jenny and her been twirling about on the dance floor, martinis in hand, and dancing the night away. Little Humphrey was a bitch when she wanted, but Blair was proud. Her little queen-bee-wannabe was growing a stinger of her own.

Blair checked the ornate mirror for any out of place hair or emotion. Everything was so natural. Soon, she would be free to do whatever she pleased – without worrying about Nate and Serena.

Serena could have that loser. Blair had moved on from her childhood crush.

A saucy smile formed on her lips as she raised the glass in her right hand, "mmm, martini, the way it should be." Her brown hair swayed as she turned to face a familiar handsome face. She shot him a dazzling smile.

"Amazing, dear heart, now, you have to tell Nathaniel to his face."

Spotted: N fresh from B's penthouse looking like his world has fallen. Oh, and is that C entering those very same doors? You know you love me, Gossip Girl.
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