Because Blair hates being alone and Chuck has obviously not caught the next flight, she flies out to Milan from Tuscany. Ben, the nice man who had been keeping her company for the past week bids her a sweet farewell, flowers and all.

"Good-bye, Blair, perhaps when we meet next, it will be on better terms," his eyes are sad, but he smiles for her benefit. Blair gives him a hug and has most of her belongings Fedexed back to her apartment. Instead of boarding a Bass plane, she gets on her daddy's G5 and flies the short flight.

Blair was headed to La Scala to see Verdi's Aida. Erik van der Woodsen was coming out to see her as well. It was a good opera, one of her favourites. Erik was always good company and La Scala was her second favourite venue. Having a box seat was just a plus. Blair was also always on time, which helped because no one was seated once it started.

"Miss Waldorf? Your car is waiting for you," smiled the pilot. She took her two bags, on a Louis Vuitton carry-on and the other an Hermes briefcase.

"Thank you, I'll let Roman and Daddy know that you are the best pilot I've ever seen," she smiled coyly before exiting the cabin and down the stairs.

The expensive Bentley was waiting on her as she deposited her own bags in the backseat. She had an opera to catch and a van der Woodsen to catch up with. Blair wore sunglasses, a summer dress, and Pierre Hardy heels. She hardly looked jetlagged either.

"Miss? Do you want to go to your hotel first?"

"Yes," she said quietly. Blair spoke French, not Italian. Sighing, she blew the bangs out of her eyes and settled in for a peaceful ride.

I just can't let you go
I can't lose this feeling

Chuck was running full speed through the airport to book a plane into Milan. He was even flying commercial because he had no idea where Blair could be and she had Fedexed most of her items back to her suite ages ago, according to Ben.

He got to the front desk and gasped, "Chuck Bass, flight to Milan, now."

The airport attendant looked flustered, "right away, Mr. Bass."

He glared as she seemed to type for ever. Handing over his Platinum Visa Chuck waited for her to get him onto the next flight.

"First class is all we have left, Mr. Bass," she asked, her big blue eyes staring up at him.

He glared, irritated at himself for letting Blair go, "yes, yes, just book it."

Chuck swore she just typed even slower and he growled. Two minutes later his tickets were printed and he was once again sprinting full speed to get to the gate, which was conveniently placed on the other side of the airport.

You have been the one for me
Good bye my lover, good by my friend
You have been the one, been the one for me

Blair held Erik's elbow as they ascended the steps to their private box. It was beautiful and she already knew the story of the opera like it was the story of her life. It was spectacular.

"Aida? Such a tragic story," he cuddles her underneath his arm. Erik is older and much wiser and Blair still adores this more confident Erik.

"You're wrinkling my dress," Blair jokes, "if it is any more ruined I will have you buy me a new one."

Erik laughed, "sure, sure."

The audience is hush and the orchestra starts to play. Blair is quiet and watches with great interest. She loves the opera and she loves to be in the company of her fellow Upper East Sider. The evening passes by quickly and in no time is she swept away by the wonderfulness that is Giuseppe Verdi. The entertainment is sophisticated.

At the end of the night she and Erik are enthusiastically chatting about the plotline. There is a heated debate of whether Aida should have lived and honored Radames sacrifice or not. Blair is still on the run and when she thinks she sees a glimpse of Chuck Bass, she hurriedly returns to her hotel.

"I will see you in a week in Paris at Palais Garnier and we'll watch Madama Butterfly," she promises. Blair hurries back to her hotel, hopefully, unseen and arranges to have another flight from Milan to Paris. Hiding in Paris is easy because she knows the city like she knows Manhattan.

The next morning at five o'clock Blair awoke and showered. She was at the airport at six thirty and on the next plane to Paris at seven. Her thin form was tired and she slept the short hours of the flight. Getting off, she stayed in the Hotel Crillon where her mother had permanent residence.

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle Waldorf," greeted the doorman.

Blair just tipped her head in response and went straight to her mother's room. Curling up in the sheets, she took a long nap. Later on, she would hide out in the Eleanor Waldorf Atelier. It was perfect, as the entrance was literally a hole in the wall, which led to a grand courtyard with artisans and tailors and costumers everywhere.

Our great big happy ending is still a dream trapped in a guillotine

Chuck threw his wireless mouse at the wall and snarled. His 'friend' had just Blackberry'd him that Blair had left Italy and was off to France. Most likely she was there for a few nights before jet-setting off to another city. He berated himself because she had most likely seen him in the crowd after last night's performance of Aida.

"Shit," he swore and slammed his laptop lid down. Throwing his stuff haphazardly into his Goyard suitcase, Chuck was off to the airport and running to catch up with his princess.

No more crying
No more grey skies
We flyin' on a G5

By the time July was over and August was approaching Blair had flown home and was on her way up to the Hamptons. Over the course of July she had successfully avoided Chuck and seen 10 Operas. She saw Verdi's Aida at Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Puccini's Madama Butterfly and Tosca at Palais Garnier in Paris, Puccini's La boheme, Verdi's Don Carlo, and Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro at Royal Opera House in London, Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin at Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, and Verdi's La traviata, Wagner's Lohengrin, and Bizet's Carmen at the Bass Performance Hall in Texas. She knew that she was mocking him with the last one, but she thought it was amusing and oh-so-entertaining.

After every opera, she mailed him the tickets. So her three stint night in London had been most pressing as she had escaped right before he touched down. It was most amusing sometimes. Erik and Nate had come to meet her on various occasions after swearing not to tell Chuck. She had even flown Vanessa Abrams out to see Carmen with her.

Now, Blair was a tad lonely and being driven up to her grandfather's estate. When she was little it had been her first big party where she entertained guests. Her grandfather had been proud of his granddaughter, after all, she had thrown the biggest and best party a five year old could.

The house though, it was a big house that was cozy and warm feeling. It was a second home and she smiled every time she saw it.

She pulled out bags into the guest house herself and stopped dead when she saw that someone was already asleep on her bed. A single shriek of anger escaped from her mouth as she turned on one perfectly heeled foot and stomped away.

"I hate you Chuck Bass! Get out of my house!" Blair picked up her bags and stomped back into the main house.

He trailed after her and yelled, "wait, wait! BLAIR!" She just slammed the door in his face and pouted.

Sometime after the fun and entertainment had worn off she changed into her bikini and barricaded herself in the indoor pool, which conveniently had glass all around it. Blair lazed around the Ozone treated pool and relaxed comfortably, paddling around with a magazine on a plastic floaty and sipping on sparkling wine.

"Hm, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have made up, yadda yadda," Blair wrinkled her nose; Hollywood was full of weird people. She threw UsWeekly and People onto the pool deck and read Gossip Girl instead. There was something about Dan, something about Serena partying with Kati and Iz, and a headline about herself being in London still. Blar snorted, that was so two weeks ago. Blair was bored and it was only one o'clock, maybe she would message Serena later.

She settled into the pool and turned on the stereo system via the intercom. Her leisurely swim was interrupted by Chuck who had cut her music.

"BLAIR? I KNOW YOU'RE LISTENING, COME OUTSIDE SO WE CAN TALK," he half demanded and half wailed.

Blair sighed and glanced at UsWeekly before paddling back to the edge and hoisting herself out of the water. She figured that if she could not get entertainment from the gossip rags, she would have to make her own. She pushed the button and sat down on the floor, "yeah, okay. You screwed the interior designer. So?"

The finale made me laugh. C/B is so cute. (: