By JECrazy.

Doctor Egon Spengler, in casual clothes and labcoat, was busily working on a project in his favourite room of the The Ghostbusters' Firehouse... the lab... when his beautiful secretary Janine Melnitz, in her trademark aqua miniskirt and dark blue sleeveless top, strolled in, holding a piece of paper.

She went up to him as he stood from his seat to speak with her.

"Hi Egon. Here's today's worksheet," she informed him, her Brooklyn accent resonating throughout the room.

"Thanks," Egon's deep voice rumbled.

As Janine handed him the worksheet her perfume wafted over to him. It smelled spicy and exotic. His startling blue eyes widened for a second as he breathed it in, rather enjoying the way it made him feel... inspired... bold...

"That's quite a pleasant perfume you're wearing today, Janine." Egon remarked, smiling slightly.

"So...?" Janine said, simply.

Egon was nonplussed. He blinked not expecting that reaction from her. He thought that Janine was perhaps in a bad mood for some reason. He responded with, "Sooo... I was merely making an observation about your perfume. I thought it smelled nice and I wanted to let you know. I didn't mean anything by it."

Again Janine replied, a little firmer this time, with another, "So...?"

Egon scowled and held a hand to his brow. He was becoming frustrated by Janine's attitude and was wishing he hadn't said a damn thing. "Look Janine," he snapped. "I was only trying to pay you a compliment. However if you can't accept it gracefully, then I'll refrain from giving you more in the future."

The corner of Janine's mouth started to tug into a smile, then she giggled. Clearly she was amused by something.

Egon was momentarily taken aback. "I fail to see what's so funny," he sulked, adjusting his glasses and lifting an eyebrow.

Janine looked at him warmly. "No Egon, you don't get it."

"No. I most certainly do not," he admitted, even more confused.

Janine giggled some more. "So...? is the name of my perfume. Y'know... SO. So...? Got it now?"

"Oh," he stated, finally figuring out what she meant. He chewed on his lower lip as he quietly stammered, "Um... I'm sorry."

Then Janine slowly closed the space between them. He wanted to take a step backwards as she invaded his personal space, but he couldn't because his back was against the bench preventing him from doing so. He started sweating as his temperature rose a notch or two and his heart beat wildly.

Janine smirked as she looked up at Egon. Her periwinkle blue eyes smouldered and her ruby red hair shined under the light. He gulped as she whispered softly, "Thank you for the compliment Egon. It was very sweet of you to notice." She winked playfully, stood on her toes and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

She reached up and, smiling her most devastating smile, wiped off the pink lipstick mark as he blushed lightly.

Janine turned around and threw over her shoulder a small wave along with the words, "See you later, Sweetie..." and left Egon's presence.

Her perfume lingered in the air for a moment after she'd gone.

Egon sighed, ran a hand through his blond hair and went back to work, musing to himself, grumpily, as he shook his head... "I'll never understand women..."


I don't own RGB. I wish I did 'cause it'd jolly well be out on DVD by now! (Harrumphs).

This is set during Season 1.

It was inspired by a joke between my Mum and I about the perfume called "So...?" (Funny where you can get your ideas from).