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Author's Notes: This will be a longer story, going back to D2 & D3. Oh and it's about 7 years since they graduated from Eden Hall (D3 was 96' when they were freshmen). So they're all about 24 or 25. Whatever's in italics are flashbacks, I hope this isn't too confusing. I'm still working on my other stories, but this idea popped into my head and I couldn't ignore it.

Stay Awhile

"Come on man, I hate being the last ones to arrive!" Fulton called out to his friend. Tammy and Fulton were sitting in Fulton's SUV as Dean came bounding out of the house. All three had lived together in a big, brick house left to Tammy's family by a great aunt.

"You're worse than a girl, Portman." Tammy teased as Dean buckled his seat-belt.

"Some of us just aren't as naturally good-looking as you, Ms. Duncan."

"Stop hitting on my girlfriend!" Fulton said in mock anger as they drove off.

"I can't help it if I have a way with the ladies."

"Speaking of ladies, where's your date?" Tammy said looking up in her mirror to see his face.

He shrugged. "Wasn't working out."

"Another blonde bimbo, not working out?" Tammy said feigning shock.

Dean rolled his eyes. He had heard his friends' pleas to date 'normal' girls numerous times. "So Connie and Conway finally tying the knot, eh?" He said changing the subject.

"Crazy. I always thought she and Guy would end up together when we were younger."

"Nah, Charlie always had a thing for Connie." Fulton said speaking up. He had known the captain longer than his two friends, which meant he was privy to more inside info.

"Whatever. I just glad everyone's happy and we can all get together as grownups." Tammy said, not wanting to debate her friends' love-life. "I just can't believe they eloped."

6:33 P.M. - Conway Residence

They entered the old Conway house and were greeted by most of their friends. Dwayne, Russ and Averman were gathered in the dining-room. Guy and Charlie, who managed to still remain the best of friends, were watching the Vikings game in the family room. Adam was busy trying to introduce his new boyfriend, Jay, to Goldberg who was stationed by the appetizers. Connie, Julie and Charlie's mother were preoccupied in the kitchen preparing the feast. Luis and Kenny were absent, both living back in their respective states.

Tammy, Fulton and Dean made their way into the dining-room to find Dwayne, Russ and Averman huddled around a car-seat placed on the floor.

"So who are the proud parents of this little angel?" Tammy said breaking the circle of boys to get a better look at the sleeping infant.

"Charlie told me she's Julie and Scooter's." Averman answered. Right on cue, Julie made her way from the kitchen towards her friends.


"Jules!" Tammy said throwing her arms around the blonde.

"I heard you moved back here a few months ago. Couldn't stand to be away from Fulton eh?"

"More like he couldn't bear to be separated from me."

"I'll bet."

"So where's you're lucky husband?" Tammy said as the group continued to fawn over a sleeping baby in the car-seat. She had light hair, a small button nose, and full pink lips. She was definitely Julie's daughter. She had on a lacy-head band and was swaddled in pink blankets.

Julie didn't blink as she explained, "Scooter and I called it quits before she was born. It was for the best."

No one pressed for anymore answers and they continued to 'oh' and 'ahh' over the infant. Dwayne, Averman and Russ were all enamored by the little person. Being the first baby born out of the group she was certainly going to be spoiled rotten and doted on by all of her mother's friends.

"She looks just like you, Julie!" Dwayne concluded as they left the infant alone to continue sleeping.

Dean stood back and watched the scene unfold. He listened as Julie explained her situation to Tammy. "There's not much to tell. I got pregnant for all the wrong reasons. I thought having a baby would save my marriage. Eventually we grew apart and realized it was just best if we went our separate ways." She said staring down at the glass of wine in her hands. "But I'm glad it happened, I wouldn't give her up for anything."

"Julie, she's beautiful." Tammy said putting a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder. Julie beamed like any proud parent should, and then excused herself to go help the other women in the kitchen.

"You're awfully quiet." Fulton said handing Dean a beer.

"I can't believe we're all old enough to be parents." Dean said opening the can. "It's pretty scary."

"You said it. I just hope Tammy doesn't catch any of this baby/wedding fever."

10:43 P.M. - Tammy, Fulton and Portman's house

They were arguing again. He could hear muffled voices yelling and the floor creaking as they walked back and forth in their bedroom.

As much as Dean Portman loved living with his best friend and his laid-back girlfriend, he didn't like living with their lovers' quarrels. Or the lovey-dovey makeup that usually followed.

Their tifts never lasted long; Fulton was too easy-going to fight with the strong-headed blonde. However, this argument didn't show signs of ceasing. Dean decided it might be worth while to venture upstairs and eavesdrop on then. It wouldn't cause any harm, would it?

"I don't think it's a good idea. Baby's tend to disrupt lives." Fulton said pulling his boxers on.

"Fult, she has no where else to go. Connie and Charlie's apartment is too small for her and the baby. We have that extra room downstairs that's big enough for a bed and a crib!"

"I doubt Julie would want to live with us three. And I just don't understand what happened between Julie and Scooter. They were so happy last year at the Thanksgiving dinner, you should have seen them."

"People change." Tammy said simply. "Besides, we could all help her with the baby."

"Well, maybe if she let Scooter visit more she would have a little more help." He said climbing into bed.

"Scooter's a douche-bag!" Tammy said whipping her dirty clothes into her hamper. She was obviously angered by her boyfriend's comment.

"There's something you're not telling me. Why are you so against Scooter? He was just as much our friend as Julie has been these last five years."

"Let's just say he's not the person we all thought he was."


Tammy sighed and finally broke down, "He was having an affair while Julie was pregnant with his child! She found out when she was about nine months along."

"What?" Fulton said wide-eyed.

"He said he kept it from her because he didn't want to upset her when she was so far along."

"How do you know?"

"Connie told me." She whispered. "She's been staying at Connie and Charlie's place for about a month."

"She looks better, the first time I saw her she was pretty broken." Connie said in a hushed voice as she handed Tammy a dish to dry. The two women had retreated to the kitchen to clean the dinner dishes while Julie had taken the baby upstairs to breast-feed. "It was awful. I opened my front door to find little Julie with this big round belly. She had a suitcase with her and asked if she could spend the night."

"I can't even imagine..." Tammy said shaking her head.

"She was about a week away from her due date when this all happened."

"I'll kill him." Fulton said as anger was starting to set in. "I'll get Portman and we'll-"

Dean stopped eavesdropping in order to take everything in. Like his fellow bash-brother he could feel his blood start to boil when he heard the truth. He and Julie had never been extremely close, but she was a friend and team-mate. No one could treat one of his friends like that and get away with it.

"Julie's not ready for everyone to know!" Tammy said grabbing Fulton's arm to stop him from running to his friend's room. "Connie only told me because felt like she had to tell someone else, even Charlie doesn't know the truth! You cannot tell anyone! Not even Portman."