So I have this really bad habit of starting stories and never ever finishing them...hopefully this won't be another one

Stay Awhile

I'd do anything to hold you
I'd go anywhere to touch you
I'd do anything you want me to
If you'll just stay with me awhile

Julie sighed after unsuccessfully trying to zip up her size four jeans. "God, I hate you post-baby body." She whispered to her tummy. Julie had expected to reach her goal weight by now. She had never gotten used to the idea of her petite trunk being covered in fresh stretch marks, or her toned upper arms now devoid of any muscle definition.

She moaned and let her t-shirt fall over her small gut as she went to her drawer to pull out a pair of sweatpants. This was going to take longer than she had planned and she hated when things didn't go her way.

Just remember you have a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby girl. Some women can't even have children.

This thought comforted her for a moment and she silently put on her sweats.

But God, would it kill ya to give me slimmer hips?

To make matters worse, some of Dean's college friends stopped over on Halloween before they hit the bars.

All of his female friends chose to leave little to the imagination with their costumes. A tall blonde was dressed as a play-boy bunny complete with the ears and cotton-tail. A shorter brunette was a sexy cop, with bare midriff and plastic handcuffs on her belt-loop. The third female was a taller brunette who was dressed as a sexy pirate wench to match her boyfriend's costume.

To say that Julie felt unattractive was putting it lightly. She stood there in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, holding Madison to her shoulder with a receiving-blanket as Dean introduced the young group.

"You guys know Tammy and Fulton. This is Julie, she's another old friend from high-school." He said coming to her side and placing an arm around her shoulders. "And this little Princess is Madison."

Julie knew he was only introducing her to be polite, but he was completely oblivious to how uncomfortable she felt. Tammy could sense her friend's discomfort and tried to end the introduction.

"You guys better get going if you want to find a parking spot."

"Yeah, we should get going." Said another male, dressed as a convict.

"Okay, see you guys later. I'll try not to make too much noise when I get back."

"So what do you two feel like doing?" Tammy said turning to her boyfriend and Julie after the group had left.

"It's way past this one's bedtime." Julie said looking down into the bundle in her arms. "Hopefully she won't be thrown off schedule."

"Well put her to sleep and we can watch a movie." Tammy offered hoping to draw Julie into the family room for a change.

"I'm pretty beat myself, I think I'll call it a night. You two should do something, don't stay home on my account." Julie said gently slipping around the corner towards the back of the house. She knew her friends felt obligated to stay and keep her company but she always did her best to encourage them to go out.

When she was out of sight and earshot Tammy shook her head.

"What?" Fulton said.

"She needs a break. Besides from feedings when one of us offers to help. She needs a weekend, or even just a night out."

"Yeah but you know Julie, she likes to act tough and pretend she doesn't need help."

"Which is going to make it that much harder to convince her to come out." Tammy said leaning against Fulton. "She needs to know that she's not in this all alone."

She pulled away from him and followed Julie's trail.

"What are you doing?" Fulton asked raising a brow.

"Just checking something. Pick out a movie, I'll be right back." She called over her shoulder. She knew he felt completely in the dark about everything. He didn't know much about women, and what he did came from dating Tammy who was straight-forward when it came to her feelings. The idea that something was wrong with Julie never dawned on him.

2 weeks later

"I was thinking about going to community college." Julie said as she walked along side Tammy in the grocery store.


"Yeah, I have no training and no qualifications. Let's face it, no one would hire me. I made the mistake of marrying Scooter straight out of highschool and becoming a housewife." She said shaking her head.

"I think it's a great idea. You should talk to Portman, he can show you around and get you ready for the upcoming spring semester."

Julie debated whether or not to explain that she was trying to avoid their room-mate after an awkward meeting in the kitchen a week ago.

Julie drifted into the kitchen for a drink after finally putting Madison back down to bed. As she turned around from the cupboards she came face-to-face with a pair of brown eyes.

It was so unexpected she dropped the glass in her hand and it shattered on the tile floor.


"Sorry Jules." He said sheepishly.

"You scared the hell out of me. Next time make some noise." She said regaining her composure, unaware of the shard glass next to her foot. She shifted her weight and stepped straight onto a piece, yelping in pain.

"Shit!" She lifted up her foot to examine.

Before she could protest Dean placed his hands at her waist and hoisted her onto the counter-top behind her. As he did this she could feel every inch of him against her. She was sure it was reciprocated and she was immediately self-conscious. He could probably feel the extra pounds and her padded hips as he gripped her torso. He was trying to examine the bottom of her foot while Julie squirmed uncomfortably.

"Portman?" The voice rang from over Dean's shoulder. Julie's head shot up to see a petite brunette looming in the doorway wearing one of his oversized t-shirts.

Dean cringed when it registered on Julie's face what was going on.

"Are you okay? I heard a noise and you were taking so long...Oh sorry, didn't mean to wake anyone up."

"It's fine, I'll be right there." Dean said calling over his shoulder to her. She looked at the pair and then reluctantly turned back towards his room.

"Hang on a minute." Dean said while he carefully walked around the kitchen island and disappeared out of the room.

It took Julie a few seconds to realize why Dean's female companion looked so familiar. She was the same girl dressed as the cop on Halloween. Julie remembered watching she and Dean interact as the group left the house. She said something to him and he responded with a smile and an arm around her. They made a very attractive couple and Julie wondered why it didn't occur to her that they were involved.

Dean reappeared with the pair of tweezers in one hand and a band-aid in the other. He lifted up her leg and quickly plucked the sliver of glass out her foot. Julie tensed up in pain while he placed the band-aid over the small cut.

"Better?" He said looking up at her as he lightly pressed the edges of the band-aid.

"Thanks, but you'd better get back to you're guest." She said putting her heads on the edge of the counter to hop down.

"Julie I-" He said trying to stop her and provide an explanation.

"You don't have to answer to me." She said putting a hand up. "You're an adult." With that she hopped down, careful to avoid any other stray pieces of glass.

Why did she care what Dean did? She knew his reputation. She had suspected that he had brought girls home in the few weeks that she had stayed there, this only confirmed her suspicions.

She decided not to say anything to Tammy. "Yeah, I'll talk to him tonight."