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Home Is Where The Rozens Are

Ch1 Move

Sakurada Jun stood in the middle of his now empty room. The black haired boy ignored everything else around him as he stared lifelessly at a lone box sitting in the middle of the floor. After what seemed like hours, Jun slowly began to walk towards the small square object. He tenderly picked it up and cradled the box to his chest. Lifting his head slowly, he took another look around the room one last time before turning and walking out. A click reverberated through the house as he closed the door. Jun walked down the empty hallway without sparing a glance to any of the other doors that he went by, except for one. He stopped at a door which he was all too familiar with. It had been her room after all.

"Jun-kun, it's time for dinner!"

"You'll be late for school if you don't hurry!"

"Can you sew this button back on my shirt Jun-kun?"

Jun covered his mouth with his hand as he violently shook her head as if he was trying to rid himself of any and all memories of the owner of that room. He quickly ran past the door and down the stairs to the living room. He collapsed in the middle of the floor, gasping for air. Once his breathing resumed its normal pace, he glanced around the room he now found himself in. It was bare, just like his room. Just like the rest of the house. Just like his life was now.

The boy stared blankly at the wall where their TV used to sit. Tears began to stream down his face.

"Nori, Jun, stop watching TV and get started on your homework."

"Jun quit picking on your sister. You know your mom hates it when you do that."

"You've made us very proud son."

A wave of nausea hit him, but Jun managed to quell the feeling. He supposed it was inevitable for him to feel this way. After everything that happened, this seemed minor in comparison to everything else he had to deal with. This should be easy. It was like a mantra he kept repeating over and over in his head. Leaving should be easy unlike when he had to pack their things away or attending their funerals. Those things were nothing but heartbreaking. Being the one left behind was never meant to be anything but easy.

"Sakurada-san, are you prepared to leave?"

Jun's inner torment came to a halt after hearing that voice. He turned towards the front door where the speaker stood. A man with spectacles and somewhat long black hair in a butler's uniform slowly stepped into the home and towards the grieving boy. Jun tore his eyes away from the approaching man and instead chose to look around at his childhood home one last time. Every detail about it, he burned into his memory.

"Yeah, Shirosaki-san." Jun answered after a few more seconds.

He stood up with his box and followed the butler out the door. As he prepared to step into a limo parked in front of his home, he couldn't help but throw one final glance at the house. The weight of what he was doing suddenly hit him. He could never return here. This place that he'd known all his life was gone. There was nothing for him to return to. Nothing.

"Good-bye," Jun thought as he stepped into the limo.

The ride out of the city had been a dull one. Jun did nothing but stare out the window of the limo as the scenery zoomed by. They had been driving for about half an hour, with most of that time stuck in traffic, and the city was beginning to fall farther away from them. Jun turned away from the window, growing tired of the scenery. As of late, he had begun to notice he had grown tired of a lot of the things he use to enjoy. He glanced at his driver, Shirosaki-san and at the limo he was riding in. It felt unreal. A few days after the tragedy had befallen his family, he received word from a family lawyer that a man named Rozen would be looking after him. From what he was told, Rozen was an old friend of his mother and father. From what he was told, an arrangement had made between them that should anything happen to the Sakurada's, Rozen would look after their children. Jun was sure his parents hadn't counted on him being left alone though. He once again stared out the window in order to keep his mind from drifting towards the accident; however, his mind didn't seem to want to comply.

He was saved from further mental anguish when the limo came to a stop.

"We have arrived, Sakurada-san." Shirosaki stated simply.

Jun took this time roll down the window and get a better look at where he'd be living in for the foreseeable future. The house, no, mansion, was enormous. As they waited for the gate to open, Jun admired the intricate design of the gate. It twisted and curved in the middle into a design of a rose with smaller ones surrounding it. The gate creaked open, allowing them passage into the sealed off mansion. Jun marveled at the huge front lawn that contained beds of flowers and fountains. He briefly wondered how everything was maintained so well. Jun glanced further up the road and saw a fountain come into view. They circled in front of it and came to a stop in front of some short stairs. Jun grabbed his box and stepped out of the limo once Shirosaki opened the door for him.

It was then he noticed the man standing at the top of the stairs. The man stood tall with his locks of messy blonde hair falling gracefully around his face. He smiled gently at Jun.

"Welcome, Jun-kun."

"T-Thank you," Jun said with a bow. "I'm sorry to trouble you like this."

Rozen chuckled. "It's no trouble at all. I do hope your stay here will be comfortable. Shirosaki, please see to it that his belongings are placed in his room."

Shirosaki nodded and after calling a few more butlers for help, set to getting Jun's things out of the limo.

"Allow me to give you a tour of the house Jun-kun." Rozen waved a hand towards the front door.

'You call this a house?' Jun thought absently. "Okay."

As Rozen showed him around the house, Jun marveled at how homely it seemed. There were almost no expensive items, flashy furniture or decorations around the mansion. Everything was kept relatively simple. In a way, that made Jun feel more comfortable. He already felt enough like an outsider and certainly didn't come from money so this helped ease his mind a bit. Then he began to wonder about the person he'd be staying with.

Jun actually didn't know anything about Rozen. Now that he thought about it, he hadn't even known the man was rich. It was partly his fault for never taking a look at the case files which his parent's lawyer had given him. All the information he needed to know about Rozen was probably there, but he had been rather preoccupied at the time preparing to leave his home to think about the man that would become his guardian. Looking around, he spotted a few pictures of various different girls. It didn't look like Rozen lived by himself. Who were those girls? Relatives? Jun hadn't expected the answer to his question to knock him over.

"Oomf!" Jun groaned as he was tackled from behind, falling to the ground. His glasses were tossed to the side from the impact.

Rozen stopped and watched the scene unfold. Jun slowly began to get up, but found he was unable to. Turing his head slightly, he looked back hoping to get a glimpse of the person who knocked him over. A pair of bright green eyes stared back at him. The small girl smiled at him.

"Hi! What are you doing on the ground?"

'You knocked me over!' Jun thought angrily. "I fell." he answered instead. Whoever this girl was, he felt it was probably in his best interest not to snap at her.

The girls smile grew wider. "Then Hina will help you up!"

The girl rolled off of Jun and extended her small hand to him. Jun gently took it and pushed himself to his feet. Now that he was no longer on the ground, he squinted to get a better look at her, she seemed to be no older than 10. He couldn't be sure considering he lost his glasses during that collision.

"Hinaichigo, what do you do when you've done something wrong?"

The girl, Hinaichigo turned to Rozen. "I'm sorry Father. I didn't mean to run into him."

"Tell him Hina-chan, not me." Rozen smiled gently at her.

Hinaichigo turned back to Jun. "Sorry, I didn't mean to knock you over."

"I-It's okay." Jun answered.

"Now Hinaichigo, why were you running in the house?"

It was then that Hinaichigo remembered her reason for sprinting through the house like a girl possessed. She quickly hid behind Jun as more voices began to get closer and closer to them.


"Stop yelling already!"

"You really need to learn to control your temper."

"That brat desecrated my room ~desu."

"Is that why you scared her with the story of the Alligator of Truth?"

"Which is, by the way, the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

"Shut up!"

Jun bend down and picked up his glasses. Better to see who he would be dealing with than squint like an idiot at them. As he put them on, six girls came into view. Hinaichigo made a bigger effort to hide behind Jun as one of the girls glared at the poor blonde girl. Her glare, however disappeared when she saw Jun and Rozen. She studied Jun for a moment before looking to Rozen.

"Father, who is this boy?"

Rozen smiled at them and motioned to Jun to take it from there.

Jun straightened up and bowed slightly. "Sakurada Jun. Nice to meet you."

The girls followed suit.







"It's a pleasure to meet you." they all said in unison.

"Girls," Rozen began, all of them gave him their undivided attention. "I hope you will make Jun-kun feel at home since he will be living with us from now on."

Seconds passed before the words seemed to have sunk into their heads.


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