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Ch6 Family Trip pt2


Jun grunted as he landed face first into the snow. He lay motionless for a few seconds before he slowly lifted his head off the ground. Everything around him was blurry. He figured his glasses must have flown off after his exceptional demonstration of his snowboarding skills. He let his head fall into the cold snow once again. He should have known better than to try snowboarding. Sports were never his fortitude. Still, he couldn't help but try after Souseiseki gave him the puppy dog eyes. Those eyes should be considered a deadly weapon in his opinion.



"You idiot!"

Several voices rang out. Jun groaned. He knew very well who those voices belonged to. The Rozen sisters reached his prone body in a matter of seconds. Before he knew it he was rolled over on his back. The sisters each either fussing or lecturing him about what he had just done. Kanaria was kind enough to return his missing glasses.

"Are you alright Jun-nii? I was worried when you started to flip in the air." Kirakishou cried into Jun's sweater.

"Jun if you could not snowboard then why did you even attempt that jump?" Shinku asked in a firm tone. Although, Jun was sure he heard a hint of worry.

"Idiot! Stupid idiot! Why do all boys have to show off how tough they are?! You could have seriously hurt yourself!"

"Calm down Suiseiseki." Souseiseki began. "He wasn't trying to go off the jump. I was trying to teach him how to snowboard when, well things just went wrong."

Jun was standing at the top of a slope with Souseiseki. The rest of the Rozen sisters waited patiently for them at the bottom. He said he would attempt snowboarding and Souseiseki was an expert so he trusted she would do a good job. The slope they were on was a bit high, but Souseiseki assured him that it would be easier for him to go down. Jun was preparing to do so when someone bumped into him. It wasn't even shove, but it was enough to get him the wrong direction.

Before he knew it, he was flying down the slope and somehow making a jump into the air. After several flips he felt himself come to a painful stop.

"So he wasn't trying to show off?" Suiseiseki asked, now less angry.

"No, it was an accident." Souseiseki turned to Jun. "I'm sorry. We should have practiced on a smaller slope, but I never thought you would have gone backwards..."

Jun waved it off. "It's okay. I'm not hurt. I think. It was just an accident."

The girls helped him sit up and unbuckle himself from the snowboard. He stretched his legs to make sure nothing broke. He was happy to find that other from the pain he felt all over his body, nothing felt broken. He stood up and the girls helped him walk towards a snow mobile. They all took a seat and enjoyed the ride back to their cabin.

Jun took a deep breath of the crisp cool mountain air. This was their vacation spot. A snowy mountain resort. Rozen had his own private lodge and even a gated off area where his daughters could do as they pleased. However at the moment, they found themselves on the public side. As much as the girls liked having their privacy, they liked being able to be amongst normal people. Jun guessed being famous wasn't everything it was cracked up to be. Before he knew it, they arrived at a cozy lodge. They hoped off the snow mobiles driven by Holi and Pizzicato. They had been their escorts to the mountain today.

Once inside, they took off their layers of clothes and hurriedly went to the fire place. The girls requested some hot chocolate from some of their servants. One couldn't enjoy a the warmth of a fire place without hot chocolate they argued. Jun found himself to unable to argue back. His accident on the slope left him exhausted. In fact, he could already feel his eyes become heavy. Just as he was about to fall asleep, Jun felt something jump into his lap. His eyes flew open at the sudden movement.

He had expected to find Kirakishou, but instead he was surprised to find a girl with a lavender cap staring up at him. Jun looked at the girl in confusion. She looked to be a around the same age as Hinaichigo, but something about her eyes unnerved him.

"Barasuishou!?" The other Rozen sisters exclaimed.

The girl turned from Jun and faced the sisters. The girl smiled at them. At this point Hinaichigo hid slightly behind Suiseiseki.

"Why hello cousins. Isn't this a coincidence?"

"When did you get here?" Suigintou growled out.

"A few hours ago. I was looking forward to playing on the mountain with all of you, however I was sorely disappointed to find that you had already gone."

"Get off of Jun-nii!" Kirakishou yelled as she attempted to shove Barasuishou off of Jun's lap.

Barasuishou was able to move out of the way and Kirakishou ended up falling into Jun's lap instead. Jun helped the girl up. Kirakishou held on to Jun's arm tightly as she attempted to glare at the other girl, however she was failing. Jun could tell there was some fear in her eyes. It made him wonder what had her scared.

"Now, now Kira-chan. Remember how I once told you that sharing is caring?"

Kirakishou didn't say anything and just held on tighter to Jun.

"Why are you here?" Shinku asked. Trying to get the attention off her sister.

"Vacation, just like you. I just stopped by to say hello." She made her way towards the door. "Well it was nice seeing you all." She then looked at Jun. "It was very nice meeting you too, Jun-kun. I hope you enjoyed your trip down the slope."

Jun felt a cold shiver run down his back. She smiled one last time and disappeared through the door. The Rozen sisters glared at the door. Was it really her? They wouldn't put anything past her, but to do that to Jun? They would never forgive her if she harmed him.

"Who was that?" Jun finally asked.

"Our cousin, Barasuishou." Suigintou growled.

"So...your dad has a brother?"

"Half-brother." Suigintou corrected. "Grandfather...had a little adventure and the result was our uncle Enju. Father and him were raised apart so problems arose when grandfather died. Grandmother was not pleased to hear that there was another potential heir to the family business. Things were eventually resolved. Father gained control of the family business while Uncle Enju was given a smaller branch of the company to run. It didn't leave him satisfied though."

Kanaria took over. "Barasuishou also seems to have gained some of this resentment towards our family. She often likes to pick on Hinaichigo but mainly torments Kirakishou. kashira"

"That girl did something horrible to Kira-chan last year. desu" Suiseiseki stated angrily. "It's because of her that Kira-chan developed claustrophobia! Desu!"

"It's true." Hinaichigo piped up. "It took us hours to find where she locked up Kira-chan. Na no"

Jun looked down at Kirakishou. It was painfully obvious by this point that she was shaken up by the memories. Jun could do nothing but give her a comforting hug. It all made sense though. He had a always suspected that she didn't like to be left alone, but he never realized it was because of something horrible that her own family member had done to her.


The sisters turned towards their father who had just walked into the cabin. He removed his heavy coat and shoes before joining them in front of the fire. He took a look at Kirakishou before letting out a sigh.

"I suppose you must have met Barasuishou."

"Yes." Suigintou answered for them.

"I'm afraid that you'll be seeing her a lot more for the rest of our stay here."

"What?!" The girls exclaimed.

"It would seem that your uncle decided to stay at his lodge for the week as well. "

The girls weren't very pleased with the news but assured their father that they would get along with Barasuishou. The rest of the day was spent discussing what to do about said girl. Jun did not like a thing he heard about her. If the accident he had earlier really was her fault, then he not only needed to watch out for himself, but for the sisters as well. For some reason, he felt the need to protect all of them. He wasn't sure how, but he would do what ever he could to keep them form harm. He was brought out of his thoughts when he felt a tug on his shirt. Kirakishou looked up at him with sad puppy dog eyes. Jun swore, once again, those should be considered deadly weapons.

"You won't leave me alone, right Jun-nii?"

Jun smiled kindly at her. Puppy dog eyes or not, no one could say no to her. "I won't leave you alone. None of us will."

Kirakishou turned to her sisters who were all reassuring her as well. She smiled for the first time that evening.


The next day, they hit the public slopes. They had decided that it might be harder for Barasuishou to do anything if they were in a public place. At least nothing too dangerous. Jun chose not to attempt snowboarding this time around. Instead he helped Kirakishou learn to ski. Suigintou was, surprisingly, an expert and was also helping out. Shinku and Suiseiseki were practicing their skills and Kanaria helped Hinaichigo make a snow man while they all waited for Souseiseki to attempt a jump from one of the harder slopes.

"Look, there she is! desu" Suiseiseki exclaimed.

They all stopped what they were doing and focused their attention on Souseiseki. They marveled as she went down the hill with incredible speed before making the jump. It really amazed them at the flips she did in the air before sticking her landing.

"Wow, just like what you did yesterday Jun-nii!" Kirakishou exclaimed.

"Yes, except Jun had no idea what he was doing and landed on his face." Suigintou smirked as she poked Jun's cheek teasingly. Jun, in turn, could only blush with embarrassment.

Suiseiseki and Shinku immediately shot their older sister a look. How dare she make physical contact with Jun like that? And why was he not moving away?!

Shinku took a deep breath. She needed to be able to control these irritating feelings. It would be unbecoming of her as a lady to lash out. Suiseiseki, on the other hand, didn't have the self control Shinku had. So she leaned down and scooped up a handful of snow. She quickly rolled it into a ball and threw it as hard as she could at Suigintou.

Suigintou didn't know what hit her. She lost her balance and fell back into the snow. Jun back away slightly when he heard her growl. Suigintou wasted no time in throwing her own snow ball at Suiseiseki who was too busy laughing to notice. She took it right in the face. The two sisters glared at each other and proceeded to attack one another. Unfortunately, their aims were off this time around and instead ended up hitting Shinku and Kanaria. Jun wasn't sure what happened next, but before he knew it, everyone had joined in.

They were all too involved in their snow ball fight to realize that their accuracy with the snowball was getting bad. It wasn't until they hit an innocent bystander that they all stop. Jun and the girls ran towards the girl that had become an unfortunate causality of their war.

"Are you okay?" Jun asked as he helped the girl up.

The girl groaned and looked up at Jun. Her eyes widened.


Jun's eyes widened as well. "Tomoe?"

The Rozen sisters could not believe their eyes. What were the chances this could happen? Shinku, Suigintou, Souseiseki and Suiseiseki were in even greater disbelief. Now not only did they need to watch out for Barasuishou, but they also needed to watch out for Tomoe. The only girl they felt was a threat to them.


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