AN: This chapter is told from POV's of various characters.
The Doctor.

He's dead, he's dead, he's dead, he's dead...

"Answer me! Where's my prophecy?!?!"

I look up. Snake eyes, slitty nose, pale skin, no hair... it can only be him. Voldemort. The man who's fight I wasn't interested in. Well, I'm interested now, you lack-thar-rondashar!!

Lootarian swear words. Nothing in English seems to quite fit what he's done to me. Hope you enjoyed life, Voldemort, 'cos it's about to end.

I look down at the Master. Calm, Doctor, calm, maybe he'll regenerate...

That becomes my hope - if he lives, if he becomes a new man, then I won't be alone. Ever again...

I hear Dumbledore. When did he get here? Doesn't matter, he's fighting Voldemort, they don't need me anymore...

Duh duh duh dummm.

Duh duh duh dummm.

What? Something in my head... it sounds like...

Drums. The Master.

Duh duh duh dummm.

Duh duh duh dummm.

He's standing up. He's using the psionic science, renewing himself...

The others can sense it. I look at Harry, and he's holding his head in his hands, Hermione's rubbing her head, as if in pain, and they're all staring at the man who should be dead.

He stands to his feet, straight as a Cyberman, and says one thing... just one thing...

"The Master... reborn!"

The Master.

I'm burning, glowing, dying, living, a thousand things at once...

And the pain of it... it's been far too long since I've done this, it feels wrong, almost...

Someones screamoing, and then I realise... it's me...

And then it ends, and the new me is satanding there...

New body, new personality, new voice... I'm about to test that out now on the man who killed me...

"Hello, I'm the Master, the bloke you've just tried to kill. Hope you enjoyed life, 'cos it's about to end!"

He stares at me. Voldemort. I read up on him. Second rater. Amatuer.

"What magic is this? How can you survive the Avada Kedavra?" he asks, his confusion evident. The Doctor and 'co are now standing, watching, and though the Doctor's free to move, the others aren't. I've made sure of that. I don't want the apes interfering.

"I'm a Time Lord. Death is an irritation at worst for us."

I'm being lyrical, obviously, and I have a blinding headache, but he doesn't know that. Acting is half the fun of being an evil genius.

He's trying to get into my mind, though. I can feel him. 'Legimency', it's called.

He wants in, he'll get in. I decide to scare him, just a bit. I show him the Cruciform, the Daleks taking it. I show him true power. The sort he thinks he wants...


The scream pierces me. I hate it when they over react. So bloody pointless.

He vanishes, using some sort of magic to teleport himself... I can't remember what that was called.

I turn to the Doctor.

"These humans have no imagination. I show him a little power, and he runs off. Really."

Harry Potter.

I was still, like it was the most natural thing in the world to not move, to not think, to be barely breathing... what?

The guy... the guy in Yana's clothes... Yana, he was... burning... changing... is that him?

He scared Voldemort off?

Nothing scares Voldemort that I know of, except maybe Dumbledore.

"Who are you?" I ask, my questions needing to be answered. I'll work under the assumption that he's the same bloke. "The Doctor was fighting Yana, then he was hugging him, then he died, then he stiod up, and your here, and Voldemorts goine, and now I'm all confused..."

He stares at me, and suddenly I'm captivated by those eyes. Like...

"I am the Master. You do not need to know any more then that."

Hermione Granger.

What's going on? I was watching Yana... he died, but he... he got up... he... burned...

Then I was still... something was stopping me from moving...

And - who's that in Yana's clothes?

He's staring at Harry, speaking, and Harry's standing still, and then he turns to the rest of us.

"I'm afraid to say, me and the Doctor have unfinished business!" he calls out. "Would you all go away, somewhere?"

His voice sounds so right...

Ron Weasley.

His voice sounds so right...

Sirius Black.

His voice sounds so right...

Lucius Malfoy.

His voice sounds so right...

The Doctor.

He's got them all going away, even Dumbledore. He always was hypnotic.

"So now what?" I ask. "Are we friends or foes?"

He simply smiles, his new face younger, sort of like my old Ninth incarnation...

"Foes, like we've always been Doctor, but neither ever ending the other. A war across the stars, 'til the end of time, or the end of you. Whichever comes first."

He puts his hand in his pocket, and pulls out a screwdriver. A sonic screwdriver? Hardly his style...

"Laser screwdriver," he says, answering my unspoken question. "Who'd take sonic? I built after I was ressurected."

"Who ressurected you?"

He smiles even more. That could get annoying.

"That tale will have to wait. I have a date with the universe."

He presses a button, and a gold statue of - him, amazingly, materialises around him with a wheezing groaning...

Then it disappears.

I sigh. It's over. I've done what I needed to do. The TARDIS couldn't stand me being alone, so it brought me to where he was going to be, to await the other last Time Lord.

I look to the door the others went through. Can I leave without saying goodbye? I must, I suppose. That's how I always do it. Same old life...

"Goodbye," I say.

I enter the TARDIS, set course for Oxyveguramosa to take my mind off things, and pull the lever.

Harry Potter.

I rush in - I hear the noise the TARDIS makes when it sets off. It's over by the time I get there, but then, just as I enter, he leaves.

Hermione and Ron are right behind me.

"He never even said goodbye..." she says, dissapointment on her face.

Three weeks later.

Harry, Ron and Hermione heard the sound outside, and ran to get there in time. They would not miss this. They had waited - through all the kerfuffle, through Sirius getting a pardon, through it all...

The Doctor was back.

The TARDIS was standing right there, by Hagrids hut. And so was the Doctor, grinning, hands in pockets, blue suit, coat...

"Hello!" he called when they were close enough to hear him. "I thought you'd never get here!"

"Hello," said Harry, grinning.

"Hi, mate," said Ron.

"Hi," said Hermione, breathlessly.

He smiled.

"Well, I thought I'd pop back for three reasons," he said grandly. "First, Mr Potter!"

He threw Harry a whistle.

"That is a stattenheim summoner," said the Doctor, his voice going RP. "When you blow on that, the TARDIS will be drawn to your point in time and space. If ever you need me, just whistle."

He turned to Ron.

"Mr Weasley! A present for the next time Draco Malfoy gets out of hand."

He threw him a stink bomb.

"Azurian mark 2299," he said. "That will lock on to the target and spray him with the most unbeliveable smell you can imagine, which will only affect him. I already primed it to Malfoy DNA so it will go off next time you see him. Good luck, and tell Snape I gave it to you if he catches you."

He shuddered. He didn't like Snape at all.

And then he turned to Hermione.

"And you, Miss Granger. The only one who didn't laugh when I said I'd been outside the solar system. The one who twigged I wasn't a wizard. The only person who didn't boggle at the TARDIS. I have something special for you."

He drew a breath, as if steeling himself.

"D'you want to come with us?"

Hermione latched onto the last bit first, which was typical really.


The Doctor nodded inside, and the Master's voice called out.

"Hello, apes! I'm not here out of choice, before you even start."

The others turned a questioning look to the Doctor.

"Lot of water under the bridge since we met," he said. "Something to do with him becoming Prime Minister, and a heckuva lot of Spheres. An a year that never was."

He grinned.

"Anyway, you didn't answer my question, Hermione!" he said. "Do you want to travel in the TARDIS?"

She looked at the others.

"Er, can they?"

The Doctor shook his head.

"One person only. Having more than two people aboard as well as me makes everything irritating. I can have you back in ten seconds, though."

She looked at the TARDIS, then at Harry and Ron, then at the TARDIS.

And she ran inside.

"Magnificent" the Doctor exclaimed, and he shut the door on the two confused boys.

The TARDIS's lamp lit up, and the wheezing groaning started up, and the box vanished.

The two boys barely had time to register that Hermione was gone, before the TARDIS reappeared.

Hermione strolled out the door, followed by the Doctor. She was wearing her uniform still, but it was slightly shorter on her now.

"Bye, Koschei!" she called inside.

"My name is the Master!" came a yell from within. The voice was still the same - he hadn't changed.

The Doctor and Hermione shared a grin, and looked at the two boys.

"Like I said," the Doctor explained, "ten seconds!"

He got back in the TARDIS, and the box dematerialised.

"Hermione, what's going on?" asked Ron.

"Daleks, Cybermen, giant faces and not so giant secrets," said Hermione. "All the usual with the Doctor."

Harry looked up at the sky.

"D'you think he'll ever come back?" he asked at length, still a bit confused.

"Whenever we need him," replied Hermione, pointing to the Stattenheim Summoner. "Now boys, we've a lot of catching up to do. From my perspective, I haven't seen you for six months..."