Hey guys! Don´t ask me what was going on in my brain when I wrote this, but it was kind of funny to write this crap.


„Huh?" yawn

„Alec! Wake up!"

„Max! What the hell are you doing here. It´s 3 am! Some of us don´t have shark DNA and need their beauty sleep."


„I need your help." Hicks

„What was that?"

Hicks „What?"


„Ah right." Hicks „That´s the hicks…reason why I´m hicks…CRAP why I´m here."

„You´re in my bedroom at 3 am because you´ve got a hiccup?"

„Yepp." Hicks „I need you´re help to make it hicks…go away."

„Why can´t OC help you?" yawn

„Cause she kicked hicks… me out of our apartment. I think she hicks… couldn´t stand the sound anymore." Hicks

„Man alive! How long do you have the hiccup now?"

„Uhm, hicks…since I´ve got from work. Hicks...perhaps 8 hours?"

„Damn, that´s pretty long for a usual hiccup. Maybe it´s another one of White´s evil plans to eliminate you."

„Yeah, right hicks…White tries to kill hicks…me with a hiccup."

„You never know of what he´s capable of doing…"


„Ouw, Maxie. It´s not my fault."

„No, hicks…but your yackety-yack makes it worse." Doublehicks

„So, what can I do for you?"

Hicks…me! I mean, help me. Damnit!"

„You know what some people are saying?"

Hicks „What?"

„If you got a hiccup someone is thinking of you while he kisses someone else…maybe you should visit Logan and look if he´s getting busy with Asha…"


„Ouch, that´s not fair."

„Everything´s hicks…fair in love and hicks…war…and when you hicks…got a hiccup."

„Whatever. Now let´s see what we can do…I got it! Do a handstand Max!"

Hicks „What?"

„You´re doing a handstand and than you have to drink upside down some water."

„Yeah right. Hicks...I think you only want me hicks…to make a fool out of my hicks…self."

„Maxie, I´m just trying to help you. Now, do, what I´m telling you or let me get my sleep."

...a few hickses a totally pissed of Max and a soppy Alec later…

„The task was to swallow the water, not to spit it all over me."

„Yeah right. Hicks…you should have told me hicks…before that the water can hicks…run into my nose."

„Okay, let´s try something else. You hold your breath and swallow three times."

„Alec, I´m a transgenic hicks…my pulmonic capacity is hicks…a bit bigger than the one of an ordinary."

„Okay, than let´s say thirty times, cool with you?"


„I think it´s hicks…NO!"

„Great, just great. Slowly my ideas die down…Hold it! I think I have one more."

Hicks „Tell me."


Silence…only disturbed by Max hiccup.

„What the hicks…hell was that?"

„I just tried to scare the hiccup out of you."

„Yeah right. Hicks…you only accomplished that I now think you´re totally hicks…crackbrained."

„Okay, I only have one more solution left."

„Well, what are you hicks…waiting for. Let´s beat this hicks…bitch."

„You won´t like it."

„Did I like your other great ideas?"

„Okay, I´m only doing this if you promise me that you won´t punch me."

„Allright. I promise."

„Ouw, Max. Why did you kick me? Only a minute ago you promised me not to…"

„…punch you. I said nothing about not kicking you."

„Why did you do that?"

„Same question could I ask you. Why did you kiss me?"

„To help you lose your hiccup…you know, after the scaring you thing didn´t work I thought about a thing that would really scare you."

„And you came to the conclusion that the only thing that would scare me enough would be a kiss from you?"

„Kind of. But it seems to work. I heard no „hicks" from you so far."

„You´re right. I think it´s gone. Yippee!"

„Great. I´m very happy for you. Can I have my sleep now?"

„Of course. Sorry that I kicked you."

„Ah, never mind!"

„Cya tomorrow!"

Alec lays on his bed and feels kind of weird.

„What the hicks…? Oh, NO!"

Yep, poor Alec, now he´s the one with the hiccup.

By the way, when I wrote the oneshot I had a hiccup too. Somehow the hiccup had inspired me…yeah, I know. Clear the space for a weirdo!