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The Little Girl With Sharingan Eyes


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon


Kakashi stared down at the small girl. Well taking care of a child this age couldn't be any different from keeping a team of three thirteen-year-olds in line, right? Yuriko stared back at the man, none too happy with being left in Konoha.

"So..." Kakashi started, but much to his displeasure he found that the small Uchiha girl was no longer standing in front of him. "Wha?" He glanced around the living room of his small apartment. Yuriko, again to Kakashi's displeasure, was at a bookshelf fliping through one of his 'Icha Icha' manga.

Suddenly she turned to the Jonin, a frown fixed on her childish face. "Eew, the people in this book are kissing!"

Kakashi could only sigh a silent sigh of relief that the girl had pulled down one of the least adult of his books. Outwardly, the man gave a small laugh as he walked over to Yuriko. He patted her on the head between her pigtails, pulled the book from her hands, and placed it back in it's place on the shelf. "If it's so gross to you, then let's leave the books on this shelf alone, okay?"

Yuriko looked back at the book shelf and made a face at the books there. "I will if all of them have yucky kissing in them!"

Kakashi raised an eyebrow at the girl. "So kissing boys is yucky?" He asked, amused.

Yuriko crossed her arms. "Yes!"

Kakashi let another small laugh slip out. "Alright, I get it, so I won't tease you for kissing your 'Sasuke-dono' before he left." This was, of course in it's own way, a way of teasing the girl for just that.

Yuriko tried her best to glower at the man, but she just didn't have the years of practice that Sasuke had by the time he was her age, she ended up looking like she had swallowed a full bag of sour candy all at once.


"Nauto, why are we here?" Sasuke asked a he looked at the shrine to those who died fighting the Kyuubii no Kitsune. It wasn't that he felt out of place at the shrine. No, it was because other than his friends, once known as the 'Rookie Nine', Sasuke didn't want the people of Konoha to know he was back. He wasn't there to stay, not yet anyway, but when he finally put to rest Itachi's ever present threat he would come back to Konoha to stay.

"Oh, right. You were gone when I found out." Naruto motioned Sasuke to look at two of the names, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

Sasuke blinked. 'Kushina Uzumaki?' "You found a blood relation?"

Naruto nodded slowly. "Kushina Uzumaki was my mother, a ninja of the Land Of the Whirlpool." He said proudly.

"So your mother was a ninja. And this," Sasuke leaned in to read the other name clearly. "Minato Namikaze?"

Naruto closed his eye. "He was my father... and you may know him by a different name... the Yondaime."

Sasuke could only stare at his friend. He was surprised, yes, but not shocked by this revelation. It had always been said that Naruto looked very much like the fourth Hokage.





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