The pinkish coloured Pokemon floated in the air in front of Ash and Misty, and the newly weds looked at it in amazement. Both of them knew about all different types of Pokemon, and they both knew that Mew had never been caught by anyone. It had been attacked, but everything had been defeated.

"I don't understand" said Ash.

"You are not the only one" said Misty. To the surprise and wonder of both of them, the Mew began to speak, but it was in its own language. Thankfully though, Mewoth was on hand to translate.

"Mew, Mew, Mew, Mew. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Me Me Me Mew, Mew" said Mew.

"What did Mew say?" asked Misty, all the time looking at Mew as if she had seen it before. From the look on Ash's face, it was clear that he was thinking the same.

"Mew said it was bored living in the mountains, so it decided to visit old Prof Oak so that it could be put in a Pokeball. It decided it had to make up for what Mewtwo had done to both of you" Mewoth said.

"Done to both of us?" asked the pair. The wedding reception listened in with interest at the spectacle.

"Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Mew Mew" said Mew, and it sounded very musical. Ash thought that it was like a child giggling at something funny.

"Mew says that Mewtwo wiped the memories of you and everyone on New Mew Island. He did it again after you rediscovered him a few years ago. Mew would like to join in battle with you. It thinks that it would be a big surprise if you didn't use it until the end of your last match in this year's Pokemon finals" and Mewoth looked back at Mew which nodded. "It also says it knows where Pikachu can get a good deal on the Ketchup it likes".

"Pika Pik Pik Pikachu" said Pikachu in delight. Everyone knew what that meant – Pikachu accepted Mew as a fellow Pokemon of Ash's. The reception went on for some time, and then the two of them went off on their Honeymoon with Pikachu by their side. He only went to make sure they stayed safe, or so he claimed to them both. When they got back from the cottage by the lake underneath Mt Moon, Ash got right back into training with his Pokemon team. He wanted to win the money a lot, as it would mean that he could take time off from travelling and spend time with his new wife.


"What is troubling you, Ash?" asked Misty one night over dinner.

"I finally have the chance to win" Ash replied, "But I feel there is something missing. I just wish there was something I could do about it" and his wife wondered about it for a while.

"Maybe its just a feeling that you didn't do it the first time round" she told him, "And you've never had the chance to do it again" and Ash looked up suddenly into her eyes.

"That's it!" he cried.


"First time around… I'm going to get my old team back together for one last bash at it" Ash did a little dance around the dining room. "Professor Oak knows where they are. Charizard will want to come back to win it, and I'm sure that Pidgeot is up for it. Not too sure about Butterfree though. I mean he has kids now you know" but Misty looked at him.

"You sacrificed your life, or nearly did so on many occasions to save your Pokemon. This is the least that they can do for you" Misty told him.

"I guess you are right. I suppose that I had better see about them tomorrow" Ash said, and then he led Misty towards the bedroom. Pikachu hopped off into the living room and decided to put on the TV loud enough to not hear the bed springs going at ten to the dozen.

"Pika Pik" he said contentedly. Pikachu would be happy to have the old team back again. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Butterfree and Charizard – ah the good days.


"HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE FINAL MATCH OF KANTO LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS! My name is Harry Carpenter, and my co-presenter today is Murray Walker. Today we have a man fighting to achieve what he has always wanted – to be the number one person in the Kanto region. Ash Ketcham hasn't fought a battle in this region in over five years, but he has made his way to the finals. His opponent is the three times in a row, and currant champion – Richard Dastardly!" the announcer paused to let the crowds cheer. Misty, Ash's mother, Professor Oak, Team Rocket, Todd, Brock and a few other friends sat behind Ash in the stands. Ash looked at his friends and family before turning towards his opponent. The rules had changed so that the winner of the championship – or first to qualify for the final – sent his Pokemon out after the second person had already done so. It all sounded complicated to Ash. Not knowing what would be the first to challenge his team, he sent out…

"Bulbasaur! I choose you!" and the grass type Pokemon came out from the pokeball. Several people looked at him with surprise. It was not done nowadays to send out an unevolved Pokemon out first. Ash and Bulbasaur ignored the laughs as they waited for Dastardly to throw his starter.

"Well if you want to go out quickly, then I'll oblige you" he taunted, and he threw a ball. A flash of light appeared and when it had faded, there was a Totodile.

"Ash sends out Bulbasaur, while Ricard sends out Totodile" said the anoucner.

"Grass type against fire type?" said his assistant, "I don't like the sound of that"

"Bulbasaur! Leaf attack now" Ash ordered his Pokemon.

"Totodile – use Flamethrower!" and the opposing Pokemon burned away Bulbasaur leaf attack, and then proceeded to scorch the grass type. Battered and bruised, Ash's Bulbasaur got to its feet and used vine whip on his master's command. It took Totodile by surprise, and Bulbasaur smashed the fire type into the ground and knocked it out.

"Bulbasaur" said Bulbasaur defiantly.

"Bulbasaur defeats a Pokemon of greater strength then itself" said the announcer.

"That was unexpected" said his partner. "What will Richard send out next?" and he was answered by Ash's opponent sending out bigger and better Pokemon. Bulbasaur went down fighting, as did Butterfree, Charizard, Squirtle and Pikachu.

"Care to give in?" asked Richard. He was taunting Ash, but Ash knew something he didn't. He called for a time out, and he spoke quickly to Misty.

"This is it. After all of these years, I am going to win the Kanto league" and his wife smiled.

"You can do it" she assured him. "Just do something for me will you?" Misty asked.


"Say something good when you throw out Mew" and Ash nodded. He went back to the technical area to resume the fight.

"You haven't got a chance" said Richard.

"You're right – I don't have a chance" Ash agreed.

"Well at least you have spirit" his opponent said.

"I have a certainty" and Ash threw the pokeball containing Mew out into the open air.

"Mew Mew" it said. When the light had materialized, three things happened, the already raucous crowd lost it, Richard froze, and the play-by-play announcer turned up the volume on his microphone just to be heard on the radio over the crowd.


"Crap" said Richard.

"Mew…take that Pokemon down" Ash ordered, and Mew tore into Richard's Taurus, and knocked it out with one smack of its paw. He ahs doen it at last.

Ash had won