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Passion Night

Sirius and Lupin was on the bed and they was both naked. Sirius was a dog form and Lupin was on the bed and Sirius as the dog was licking Lupin balls and Lupin loved it.


Sirius barked happily and continued to lick and Lupin screamed louder and louder and louder. A few minutes later he came all over the place and covered Sirius as the dog in jizz. Sirius drinked what he could and then transform back into a man.

"That was sooooo awesome" Lupin said.

"I know" Sirius said.

Then they had lube and it was very good and fun for them. But this time Lupin did lube with Sirius instead of other way around. When Sirius finally scream happily and Lupin drank all the jizz he could they stopped and lay on the bed.

"Are you ready for the real fun tonight?" Lupin asked.

Sirius smile. "Oh yeah"

"Its time for the passion night" Lupin said.

Lupin got up and turned out the lights and put on the candles and put on the sexy music. Sirius smile and got ready. He turned around and waited. Lupin was happy and he shoved his 10 inch dick up Sirius butt.


Lupin did what Sirius want and Sirius started moaning a lot more and more because it felt really really good. Lupin was moaning to but not as loud as Sirius.


"IF I GO ANY FASTER WE WILL BE AT HYPER SPEEEEEED!" Lupin shouted trying not to moan while he shouted.

Sirius was enjoying it lots when suddenly Lupin stopped a little. Sirius was sad but then he saw that Lupin was changing very quickly. It was a full moon night and Lupin was changing into the werewolf and Sirius saw this but he didn't move. He felt Lupin dick get even bigger and go further and further into Sirius butt and he moaned even louder. Lupin stopped transforming and started moving faster again but he was still the werewolf.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sirius shouted as Lupin as the werewolf moved faster.

Lupin barked like a werewolf in answer and moved even faster than before and pushed himself as far as he could into Sirius butt.


Sirius came and jizz squirted everywhere and covered the bed and the floor and Lupin pulled out of Sirius butt and as the werewolf drank all the jizz he could get. Then Sirius transform into the dog and Lupin got behind Sirius as the dog and shoved his dick inside Sirius as the dog butt.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sirius as the dog barked out as Lupin as the werewolf went faster and faster.

They were both barking like crazy enjoying the fast movement and then Sirius switched and Lupin felt Sirius as the dog dick go up his butt. Lupin barked with happiness and started moaning like crazy.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Both of them barked at the same time.

They both came at the same time. Lupin jizz squirted all over the room and covered the bed til it was white. Sirius jizz squirted all over Lupin fur and dripped til Lupin as the werewolf was dripping in jizz. They licked up all the jizz they could get and then got under the covers and fell asleep the way they was.

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