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For those of you who actually follow my writing with some interest: I am still planning to do a DP/TT crossover. This is just a short(er) story I've wanted to write. Regarding this story: timeline before Phantom Planet. Just as in my other stories, Danielle is living with the Fenton's, and is Sam's best girl friend.

Sam's Perfect Storm

Chapter one: "Mulling Over an Invitation"

(Sam's Perspective)

"So, are you going to accept this Jerrod's invitation to the dance?" asked my friend Danielle. She's my best girl friend, and my crush –since- forever's kid sister.

Jerrod is a junior at Casper. He has long brown hair, and brown eyes. He plays bass for a local punk band called Phantom Wail. Yeah, they're big fans of Danny Phantom. Jerrod is cute, but he has a bit of a wild reputation. That's why I'm discussing this with Danni.

"I guess I will, but I was just hoping…" I began.

"Hoping my brother would ask you," the ghost girl grinned.

I sighed. "Yeah, pretty much."

"Do you trust Jerrod?" she asked.

"Yes…maybe…I guess the answer is no," I stuttered. "I don't know him well enough, and I don't like his rep."

"What would you tell me if I asked you whether I should go out with a boy I don't trust?" My friend commanded.

"That's not a fair question," I grumbled.

"Why isn't it a fair question?" She smirked, folding her arms.

I had a reprieve from answering the question. My cell phone rang.

"This is Sam," I answered on the second ring.

"Hey, Sam, this…this… is….Danny," my best friend stuttered. Why is he nervous?

"Yeah, Dan, I know your voice by now," I teased. "I'm talking with Danni right now. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Should I call back?" he asked, still nervous. What is his problem?

I rolled my eyes, and mouthed the words, "your brother," to Danni.

"Are you going to the dance with ….what's his name?" the nervous boy got out.

"Maybe, why- do you have a better idea?" I challenged him.

The phone was silent. "Please don't go with him," he whimpered.

"Dan, you know your opinion is important to me. Tell me why I shouldn't go with Jerrod," I urged.

He sighed loudly, "I …" Whatever his opinion, it was getting obvious he wasn't going to communicate.

"Fine," I snapped, "I guess I'll make up my own mind."

"Sorry," he moaned, "see ya tomorrow."

I hung up on him. Yeah I was a little hard on him. What's his problem? Does he dislike Jerrod? Could Danni be right that her brother wants to ask me to the dance? Either way I am not a mind-reader.

"Why don't you kick him in the shin next time, Sam," my girl friend scolded. "Did you have to treat him like that?"

"Hey," I returned, "Look Danni, I thought you'd be on my side…"

"Skip it, Sam. You're my best girl friend, but Dan is my brother. Don't make me choose."

I hung my head. Maybe I had gone too far. The Halfa girl reached over and hugged me briefly.

"I'll be at Aunt Liz's house if you need me," she comforted. "She's supposed to pick me up in fifteen minutes, so I better go. You two need to kiss and make up, Sam."

I didn't say anything in return. I should call him and apologize, I suppose. Maybe I am stubborn, but I didn't call. I convinced myself that Dan was the jerk.

I pouted as she left, changing to my pajamas. I wish she didn't have to go. We needed to finish our conversation about Jarrod. Danni's Aunt Liz arranged for Jack and Maddie to adopt the clone girl. They're real close now, and I won't interrupt their time together.

Time passed, and I still didn't call him. I want him to call. He needs to either object to Jerrod, or ask me out himself. That's what I want. I turned my radio up high, and got lost in excellent punk music. The parents are gone, as is the staff tonight. I'm all alone in this stupid mansion.

"This is an emergency radio bulletin," the words came, interrupting one of my favorite songs. "There is a tornado watch for our listening area. There has been a funnel cloud spotted near Amity Park. We advise our listeners to seek shelter immediately."

"Oh, god", I thought. I'm alone here, and I'm scared to death of storms."

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