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Sam's Perfect Storm

Chapter four: "As one storm ends…"

Sam's perspective:

Wow. He kissed me. I kissed him. We kissed. His arm is around me and I'm cuddled against his strong shoulder. It should be embarrassing, but it's not. It's comfortable, and it feels right. Besides, the blanket wrapped around both of us is warm, adding to the pleasant sensation.

I blush at a thought. He saw me wearing a teddie. He was drooling. Hormones or love? I'd say hormones except for the kiss. Mmmm. That was such a sweet kiss. Maybe we'll have kisses that are more passionate later, but for a first real kiss, it was perfect. I'm getting ahead of myself, I guess. One kiss doesn't make a relationship, or does it?

I'm so, so tired. I'm cried out, and my emotions are rubbed raw, so to speak. I can still hear the storm, and I'm a little worried about my room. My beautiful windows are shattered. Groan.

The storm is still loud, but I feel perfectly safe. I'm protected in the arms of the boy I love. Does he feel the same way? I think he does, but we'll cross that bridge in the morning. Right now, I just want to sleep.

Hours later: Danny's Perspective

I wake, my bladder urging me to action. My beautiful Sam is lying against me. I make myself intangible, and slip out of her arms. I hurry to relieve myself. The bathroom smells like lavender: HER scent.

Walking back to the couch, I note the storm has let up. The rain sounds gentle now, all the violence of the storm abated. Wait, did I kiss her goodnight? I'm sure I did, just like I'm sure she returned it. However, does that mean she likes me like I like her? I hope so.

Should I go home, or return to Sam's comfortable embrace. Dumb question. Still, I hesitate. I don't want to take advantage of her when she's vulnerable. I mean she was scared silly when I came in last night.

"Dan?" a groggy voice calls.

"Yeah, Sam?"

"Are you coming back?" she asks, pointing to the couch.

I hesitate, struggling with love vs. gallantry. "You promised to stay as long as I need you, didn't you?" she purred. I nodded.

"I need you," she grinned.

I crawled back onto the couch, and she re-cuddles against my shoulder. Re-cuddles? Is that a word? Who cares, it sure feels nice. I'm tempted to kiss her again, but I resist. We need to talk, but right now sleep (and cuddling) is more important.

Tomorrow… I promise myself. Tomorrow I tell Sam how I feel about her. No excuses and no stuttering.

Hours later…

"Hey," I hear a voice calling me in my dreams. It sounds like an angel. If it is one, the angel just punched me on the shoulder.

I open my eyes to a lovely sight. Sam's wonderful amethyst eyes are staring into my blue ones.

"G' Morning," I manage to say.

"You want breakfast?" she offers. "I'm cooking, that is if the kitchen is still standing. Any requests?"

I shake my head, but whisper as she departs. "Can you serve it in your teddie?"

"I heard that, Daniel Fenton," she turns trying to look stern at me. I can see the smile behind her frown, though. Her face is red.

"In your dreams," she teases.

"It sure was," I tease back. Grinning, she flounces off.

I guess I nodded off again. Suddenly I hear my name called. She's using the intercom system.

"Danny Fenton, if you want breakfast get your butt up here," she warns, "or I'll eat it all."

Laughing, I rush upstairs. Wow, there is glass everywhere. Windows are broken all over the mansion. I make my feet intangible, so they don't get cut.

Coming into the kitchen, my nose is greeted with the smell of waffles.

"Sit down and eat," she offers. "I just called mom and dad. They're in Denver, and can't get a flight back here until tomorrow night. Dad's calling someone to fix all the damage, and replace the windows."

"Mmmm. This is good," I nod, biting into a waffle, "I wonder how my house is?"

"We can check after while," she slurps, drinking O.J.

We ate in silence for a few minutes. "Dan?" she whispers. I look up at her curiously.

"Yeah, Sam?" I acknowledge.

"Did…did you kiss me last night, or was it a dream?" she asks.

Oh, boy this is it. Don't screw this up, I remind myself. Now is the time to answer her earlier question. This time I'll say it right.

"Yes, I did Sam," I admit. "I don't want you to go to the dance with Jerrod, because… I think I…love you."

"About freakin' time," she laughs. "Let me confess. Danni told me a long time ago. I needed to hear YOU say it, though. I was beginning to worry that you'd changed your mind."

My whole face breaks out in a grin as she continues. "Yes, Danny, that means I love you too."

"So we're dating?" I ask excitedly.

"Yeah, we are," she chuckles. "First I sleep with you, then you kiss me, and now you ask me out? Are we screwed up or what?"

We share a quiet laugh, with just a tad of embarrassment on the side.

"Sam?" I ask a few minutes later. She looks up at me, smiling. "Do you still have that ring I asked you to keep?"

"Do you mean the one with MY name in it?" She giggles. "Yeah, I got it still."

"Would you wear it?" I ask. "I guess I'm asking you to be my girlfriend."

"Finally," she laughs (I love her laugh), "and my answer is YES to both." She puts down her plate and plops her adorable backside on my lap. She gently kisses me; a kiss that starts with innocent and changes to "wow."


(From the pages of Sam's diary)

Well Diary, who'd have thought a storm could bring about something good? I sure didn't, but Danny is a great boyfriend. He's so sweet, and considerate. Of course, he's not perfect, but that's cool 'cuz neither am I.

Our friends are cool with "Us," but we had to promise Tucker not to "gross him out" with our non-fake make outs. I still hang with Danni, which gives Dan time to do stuff with Tuck. The Fenton's are overjoyed with it, and they treat me like I'm already their daughter in law. It's weird that we've talked about marriage already. I know we're only 15, but it seems "right" for us.

My folks have been better about things since we had "the talk" with both sets of parents. Danny and Danni spilled their secret to both families. Dan didn't want to start our relationship with lies, and having to keep secrets. It went okay, and now Team Phantom (as we call ourselves) is a lot more formidable.

Gotta go, diary, Danny and I are going to dinner tonight. We're going to an Italian place, and the BF assures me they have great Veggie meals too. The occasion is our six month anniversary. The door bell just rang, so I'm history.



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