All-Hallow's Eve

Three Drabbles by That'sMyFiasco


by That'sMyFiasco

(part 1 of 3)

for Forthright's Halloween Drabble Challenge

Theme: Masquerade

Word Count: 330

Characters: Kagome, Inuyasha

Genre: AU/Romance

Rating: T

Flicking open her bejeweled fan before her face, Kagome looked out over the crowd through a thin veil of lace. Before her, dozens of tipsy couples in their costumed finest twirled on the dance floor, whirling fast among light shoes and spinning, voluminous skirts. From behind an emerald-flecked mask stormy blue-grey eyes glanced over each dancer, taking an absentminded note of their finery.

Smoothly, quietly, from behind her, a large, warm hand grasped her wrist. Kagome turned to face the intruder, frowning slightly, but her expression froze when she met the warm, golden eyes that were staring so intently into hers. The young stranger was clad in black, his ebony mask contrasting oddly with the bright silver of his hair. The neat, satin mask was lined with red gems that glinted maliciously in the soft lighting.

With a quick tug on her wrist, he pulled her closer, not bothering to ask permission before placing one hand against her waist. His right hand clasped her left while her free hand managed somehow to make it to his shoulder, curling against the warm fabric.

He didn't give her a chance to breathe before tossing them both into the frenzy of the dance floor, spinning her so fast that the world behind him was nothing but a blur and her eyes could focus on nothing but his. They moved in time to the racing beat, the warmth of his hand burning through her dress and searing her skin.

Their lips were close, but not close enough- only their eyes and breath met. The song ended after an eternity, stopping on a wistful note in a melancholy key.

Kissing her hand, he disappeared then- like a hero from a sad, twisted Cinderella tale. Kagome was left alone in the center of the dance floor, skin flushed and breast heaving in the flickering lights. Though the other couples moved around her, her blue eyes were lost, seeing something other than what was there.