The Quiet Life

This is a sequel to The Long Road although it can stand on its own. Robin and Marian's lives after King Richard has returned. Rated PG-13 although there will be a rated M chapter later.

Part 1

It had been eight years since Robin of Locksley had left England to fight in the crusades and three years since he had returned and became an outlaw. It had been a year since he and Marian had finally married.

King Richard had only returned a few months ago thus restoring Robin to his former status as the Earl of Huntingdon. Gisbourne and Sheriff Vaysey had last been seen leaving Nottingham with what possessions they could carry before the King arrived. No one expected to see them ever again.

The gang had settled quite nicely. Will and Djaq had moved into Locksley where Djaq served as its physician. Much and Eve were enjoying the comforts and Bonchurch. John and Allan had both been given positions in the castle.

It did not take Robin and Marian long to settle into a nice quiet life themselves although sometimes a little bit boring of one. Both discovered that after so many years of upheaval they quite liked boring. It was nice to not have the risk of death constantly hanging over them.

Their only responsibility now was looking after their village though that responsibility was lessening. The taxes had been reduced and now that Edward was again sheriff the people were no longer suffering as badly. Robin's days were filled with his duties as lord and mostly enjoying being with Marian without interruptions. Of course life still had its excitements though pleasant ones.