Marian of Knighton, wife of Robin of Locksley and one time Nightwatchman died a year later. Those of a romantic disposition would say she died of a broken heart. An idea the lady herself would no doubt scoff at (even if it is partially true.)

She was laid to rest beside Robin on the grounds of Locksley. The turnout wasn't quite as big as the one for Robin's but there was an unexpected guest. An aging man in black leather came to pay his respects to the woman he had once loved.

Guy of Gisbourne was no longer the man he once was. Not too long after fleeing Nottingham he had turned on his former master killing him. He had then fled north where he had married a local girl who had showed him what love really was. He had years past sent a letter to Marian apologizing for all the wrongs he had done. A letter she had burnt and never told Robin about figuring in would only upset him needlessly. Nor did she tell Robin about the reply she had sent Guy where she accepted his apology and wished him the best.

Over the centuries the story of Robin Hood would be told and retold the truth of the man behind the legend lost somewhere in history. But really is it the truth of the story that matters or the spirit of it?

Robin and Marian's story is one of standing up for what you believe is right even if the odds aren't in your favor and despite what it might cost you. A story of principle. It's a story of never giving up, of love that can last and overcome all obstacles. That is the legacy of Robin Hood and his Lady Marian.