Guys, it's been great. I thank Sithicus for making me stop and think. While most of you enjoyed the previously posted chapter 26 it did no justice to the story. I let my muses run away with the story. This was originally how I planned the story to end. I hope I haven't disappointed anyone and likewise I hope I can keep in interested with other stories in the future.


Four years later.

Everyone, Autobot and human alike were on edge. When Ratchet and Nick were at odds it was anyone's guess who would end up dismantled and turned into a toaster, even if they happened to be human.

"Nick." Ratchet's voice sounded strained; then again they had been over this particular point in the argument more than once. "I wish you would reconsider. It is ill advised to-"

"Enough. I'm not a kid Ratchet! I've got the wrist brace on what more do you want?" Nick was likewise reaching her breaking point, this battle it seemed would never end. She figured he was worried about her old injury, he had mentioned that a nasty hit could rebreak her wrist.

The road to this point had been filled with it's ups and downs. In four years much had changed, perhaps the biggest change of all had been between Nick and Josh. Their relationship had progressed slowly, even halted when both Sam and Josh signed up for the military, or rather received military training anyway. They deployed along with Epps, Lennox and several others in an effort to seek out and stop Scorponok who'd begun terrorizing the Middle East. The younger pair had left boys and returned men. Once you'd been dropped in a war zone, on a mission to discover and contain/destroy a Decepticon little things like nervousness around the woman you liked were nothing. There had been several woops and cat calls when, on first sight, Josh had pulled Nick into a brief kiss.

According to Josh, Sam had topped his moment when he'd proposed to Mikaela, despite lacking a ring at that particular moment.

Sam and Mikaela had been married in a private ceremony, as private as it could get with the entire Autobot base present. His parents had finally been let in on the big secret, after all they were there for the wedding as well. Perhaps the best part was Mikaela's father who had turned over a new leaf, had walked his daughter down the aisle.

Seeking his revenge for ruined moments Josh and proposed to Nick at the reception and rounds of laughter were mixed with cheers.

More Autobots had landed in the span of four years, Barricade and Frenzy had made their appearance at the base from time to time. On occasion a new Decepticon would land and often there were brief battles. On the whole however it appeared the great war was finally drawing to a close.

"We've been planning this trip for months Ratchet." She pointed out, it had been the boys idea, of course. With all the land available to them they had suggested a camping trip, to make things more interesting they suggested that the group ATV to the designated camp site.

"Sarah, Ed, Michael and Claire are already there with the girls. Not to mention the fact that Optimus went along with supplies and he took the twins and Jazz with him." Ed and Michael, Mikaela's father, both had physical limitations that made the ATVing ill advisable. Sarah of course had a four and a half year old Anne and little Becky to look out for and Claire, Epps wife, had offered to keep the mother company while they prepared food for the would be arriving ATV party. "You had Prowl and Bumblebee map out our route down to the last pebble and besides all that you, Hound and Ironhide will be following us. So what is your major malfunction?"

Nearby Ironhide, Lennox and Josh watched the fight take place, "I always wondered what would happen when an unstoppable force met an unmovable object…" The human shook his head and the bot chuckled softly.

"We're all…uh…ready to hit the trail." Epps commented, pausing when two glares were sent his wait from the arguing pair.

Tensions had remained high throughout the trip. Nick and Ratchet hadn't spoken a word to one another. Any attempt to bridge the gap between the two was met with stubborn pride and a refusal to give even an inch of leeway in the dispute.

By the time the group reached camp that nightfall it seemed a boiling point had been reached. Ratchet had made the mistake of mentioning that Nick really shouldn't be helping to gather wood for the fire, only to have a piece of oak hit his leg armor, "What?! What is your problem?!" Ratchet had always been a bit over protective; however this was a little much, even for Nick. "I've always done this. I've got a lot more than this! Are you out to ruin my vacation?!"

"As a medic I have your best interests at spark. Considering your condition it is not wise that you partake in any of the activities you have engaged in today."

"What condition?" Ratchet had previously mistaken several very common human occurrences for very serious ailments.


For the first time that day she was shocked into silence, unable to respond for several seconds, "I'm…?"

"Pregnant. Yes, and you have been for just over two weeks." Ratchet definitely had one up on 'early warning' devices, of course he'd assumed Nick had been aware of the condition as well, it was hard to imagine an Autobot unaware of another life growing inside, even after five years on Earth there were still gaps in his knowledge about the differences between humans and Autobots.

Somewhere off to the right the sounds of crashing were easy to hear as Josh collapsed in a dead faint, his stack of wood falling to the ground around him.

In response to the deafening silence that had over taken the camp Jazz could only think of one thing to say, "Does this mean…I'm an uncle?"