The Surface.

1: Haunted.

Tales were passed. Soon, the rumor had been confirmed correct. The school's pool was haunted.

"So, how's that game going?" My best friend asked, brushing a lock of his dark blue hair out of his face. I nodded, deliberately stepping over every crack in the sidewalk. "It's really cool." I finally answered, just as we came to my house on the flat street. "Wanna come in?" I asked him, walking up onto the large porch. He thought for a moment. "Only if you show that game." He answered, hands in his black hoodie. I nodded, smiling. WE entered my huge house, passing my folding the laundry. "Hey sweetie, hello Gabriel." She said, folding through the whites. "Mom, Gabe and I are going to play video games upstairs in my room." I informed her, stepping up onto the next step on the stairs. "Okay. Gabriel, why don't you call your mom and see if you can stay for supper? That game won't last too long if your mom calls wondering where you are." She asked, handing hima portable phone. He nodded, accepting it. "Thanks mom, we'll be upstairs." I concluded, making for the rest of the stairs.

Gabe sat on my bed, putting in his mother's phone number. I flipped my Playstation two on, waiting for the Kingdom Hearts two menu to come up. "Hey mom? Can I stay over at Char's for supper? She wants to show me her new video game." There was a pause; I could hear his mother on the line. "Yep. Sure." I pressed load game. "See ya later. Bye." Gabe pushed the end button on the phone. "I'm supposed to be back by seven." He said, watching me as I moved Sora to the Moogle synthesizer on the screen. I nodded. "Good, that's more than enough time." I answered, walking Sora all around Mickey's library in Disney Castle. Gabe just watched me play, asking me questions along the way. "Hey Charlotte?" He asked after a while. "Yeah?" I answered, while I smacked Xigbar over the head with Sora's keyblade. I was in the Hall of Empty Melodies at the moment.

"Did you hear about the school pool? The new one they put in recently?" He asked, kicking his Etnies off. I paused the game. "Heard about it? It's on the news!" It was seriously big. "My mom taped the report on it."

Gabe looked at me seriously readying to tell me something he thought was necessary. "I think we should check it out." He said finally, his face inches from mine. "Are you serious?!" I backed away from him little, trying to watch his body langue too. He nodded. "Didn't you hear? A guy our age, fell in, and didn't come out again. They didn't even find a body! Some one dived in after him, but he was gone!" I repeated the report, what I had seen on TV. Gabe nodded, as if saying 'duh, that's why I want to check it out'. I turned back to the TV, taking my game off pause. I killed Xigbar finally, and started to watch the after movie. "Come on Charlotte!" Gabe begged, saying my full name to get my attention. I paused the movie.

"Have a little adventure!" He pushed, seeing he had gotten my mind off the game. I turned to him, biting my lip. "What's the worst that could happen?" I asked, wondering if I'd possibly die. "They didn't find the body of the boy who jumped in, his name was Cole Crander."


After supper we went back up to my room, still having one hour for game time. "Please?" Gabe begged, still on the subject of the haunted pool. We hadn't mentioned it in front of my mother, which would have been very unwise. I sat down in front of my TV, pressing the start button to take it off pause. I turned to him, as I stopped Sora from walking anymore; he was on the Altar of Naught. "Okay." I agreed, trying to feel excited for this. And it rushed through me, the excitement. Anything could happen.

"Great!" He glanced at the clock, it was seven. "Great! Great! I'll meet you at the gym doors tomorrow at eight!"