20: End


"You may go." Maleficent's cold voice said, opening the castle doors to their fullest. I gaped. "Really?" Outside the angels were still fighting, but they were coming more to a close, and both badly injured. "Yes. Go." I did not wait for her to say it a third time, I ran out. Out. Wherever that was, all I knew, was that the angels were far away, and I wanted to break that distance.

That distance between us.


"You almost done?" I yelled, panting, flapping my wings, and attacking him with two swords at the same time. Cole shook his head restlessly, his expression becoming more and more foreign with every hit. He was letting the darkness in slowly. Not safe. He hurled another fire ball at me, and I used my sword to counter it, and throw it back. It hit him hard in the chest.

I was breathing heavily, my arm bleeding from an ice dagger, my lungs knocked out from their overtime job at every fire ball that literally punched the air out of me. I felt worn. And Cole was gaining power with each bit of darkness he consumed. Maybe I wouldn't win this fight after all. I had been so sure. So, positive. I wonder what Charlotte's doing right now. I wonder what Axel, Roxas, and Demyx are doing right now.

I don't think……it would be so bad….as to die a death….for some one else……


Roxas's POV


"Come on! Hurry Axel! He's losing it!" I yelled, staring up at Xero in the sky, his arms hanging at his sides, and that 'angel' catapulting ice daggers at him. He was bleeding badly. "What?! I thought he didn't get hurt easily!" Axel exclaimed, a bit distracted by Demyx's battle cry in the back seat.


"Well, by the way Cole throws those swords with such confidence, I'd say either Cole's super strong, or they can hurt each other." Axel grimaced at my response, continuing. "I'd say it's number two, 'cause little Cole is hurt too." Demyx was hyperventilating now, holding his Sitar tightly to himself, hugging it. "What are we doing here?! Aren't we supposed to help him?! What can we do to help him?! WWE CAN'T FLY!!!!" Demyx screamed, taking hold of the back of Axel's seat.

"You know, he's got a point." Axel said, steering the ship –we were in a gummi ship, yeah I know, its weird- towards Ansem's old castle. I tried to think about another way….but nothing came. "Can't you throw fire balls Axel?" I asked anxiously, watching him out of the corner of my eye. Axel's mouth stretched into a thin line, still watching the castle in front of us.

"No. We're here!" Axel said, smiling bogusly.


My lungs were on fire, and my chest heaving with my last amount of adrenaline from my dry veins. I had stitches in my side, and time was running out, I had only made it to the Bailey. I stopped, falling onto a large rock in the rumble. I could still see the battle in the sky clearly from here. Xero had hit Cole once again, and I cheered internally for him. And then Cole threw something new out. A Shadow ball. When had he gained that move? And what was that gloom under his eyes?

It threw Xero against the castle behind him. I gasped lightly, this turned Cole's evil face towards me. Who knew he had such good hearing? I was so far away from him! I couldn't make his face out, I was too far away, but I was pretty sure it was grinning with an evil idea. My human eye sight wouldn't allow the identity of the anti angel, or the angel swooping in on me right now!


I saw him dive down in the direction of the Bailey. What could he want down there? A rock? Oh no, I don't think I could handle a rock. Man, that Shadow ball was…..breath taking. I clutched my stomach, the pain coming as I moved forward. I was still flying, but movement of my chest was torturing. That would hurt more later. Cole was taking a long time, wonder what he's doing.

I waited; maybe he had gone for a bathroom break. Or….he found something to help him out. Like a rock. No, Cole's not that primitive. I flew over to the Bailey, careful to keep my chest at a certain point where it didn't hurt as much. It started to rain hard, blocked my vision lightly, any normal human would not be able to see through this mess. The clouds were thick, and I was as cautious as possible for an angel through a storm can be. I froze, just as Cole flew up out of the rocky ditch known as the Bailey.

My lungs pumped more air quickly, trying to keep up with my heart. The rain fell down hard on me as I stared at the being under his arm.

My world washed away with the rain at that moment.

I put my hood up, but only to see if that helped improve my vision, to see….this couldn't be happening.



We heard a scream, but we were well inside the castle by now, soaked from the pouring rain outside. Sora nor any of the others had caught us yet, but they would, very soon. Demyx was biting his nails nervously, thinking about Xero, and wondering if he'd survive. We were all thinking about that. And if he didn't, we'd kill him again. No! Don't think about that Roxas!

I was mentally fighting with myself. We would lose too much if he died; I couldn't allow my self to think like that. It was insane. "Roxas! How are you here?" Yuffie asked as I walked in with Axel and Demyx. I looked down at myself, I had not yet disappeared, and Sora was standing several feet away from me.

"You know, I have no idea." I admitted, looking over my hands next. Tami laughed. "This is sick! We're all going nuts!" she laughed, walking over to Demyx and putting her arm around his shoulders, and he laughed with her. Sora's smile scrunched up into a sour lemon, and he crossed his arms yet again. "Come on Sora! Lighten up!" I said, putting my hand on his shoulder, and that did it. I disappeared into Sora, never to see light until Axel and Demyx left the world.

"Cheesecake!" I said just before turning into shiny sparkly thingies and going away. Demyx stopped laughing, and walked over to Sora, putting his hands on his shoulders as I had done. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!!" The rocker exclaimed, as Sora rolled his eyes.


(AN: Prepare for switches between POVs in record time)


"Let go of me!" I screamed, struggling against Cole's solid arm. He glanced down at me, his glare killing. His wings beat behind me, keeping us up in the air. As he turned away from me, his face went smug, but the rain covered pretty much everything……

A black shape flew a ways away from us, though I couldn't make him out totally. I could see that he had his hood up, huge black things moving behind him, and he was wearing a black cloak. It was the anti angel. But wasn't the anti angel supposed to be the evil one? And not the white angel? Ugh, I don't understand any of this anymore. But I could hear Cole's yell through the raging storm, just barely, but he screamed it practically in my ear, so, that made it easier.

"Hey angel! You want this girl?" Cole asked, holding me up as if I was a doll to be shown. The rain beat down harder on me as I was raised; I was forced to shut my eyes. I could hardly hear the reply, but something told me that Xero was playing dumb. "Oh? So you would mind if….I kill her!" Cole raised a Shadow covered hand to my chest, and I could feel stingingly iciness come off of it.

It hurt being this close to it; I wanted to push it away. Cole brought me back down closer to him, so I could force my eyes open. The anti angel lurched at me, but was stopped by Cole's next words. "Okay, but if you come any closer…..I will kill her." He said plainly, as if Xero were just a few feet away. But I'm sure Xero heard wonderfully, even through this blindingly thick down pour of rain.


Every bone in my body screamed for Charlotte, I couldn't think straight, and my mind suddenly decided this was the best time for a head ache. I stopped as Cole threatened to kill her again, this time if I moved any farther. What were my choices?

I move and let him kill her so that I can kill him for all the nasty things he's done to me today (scratch that)

I wait till he thinks of a new idea, so that he doesn't have to kill her.

Ugh….if only my dark portals were working. But during all that fighting earlier, he had taken the darkness from me, taking all my powers given to me by Xemnas. What to do? I don't have all day! Charlotte's in trouble! Where are the others when you need them?

Cole's smirk was utterly wicked, his eyes eager, he would kill some one this night. I thought more quickly now, something had to work, just before Cole would do anything rash…come on brain! Something useful! But I was too late, my brain had been too late, and before I knew it, before my brain could even register that I was happier than I had ever been in my entire life, several ribs were smashed. I could feel blood pouring into my lungs, only a matter of time….


"Xero! No!" I screamed, as he started to fall from the sky, his hood falling back. Cole laughed wickedly, looking down at me as Xero fell. Everything seemed in slow motion, my brain went numb, my hearing, my heart…..stopped pounding. Cole gave me one last look of pure evil, and then dropped me. I was falling, everything around me going at strange speeds, some times fast, some times slow, I didn't know very well, but I didn't even have enough time to scream. It all stopped, very abruptly, just as something caught me.

Gasping came into my ear, and I tried to look up, but my rescuer wouldn't allow it.


I caught her, but my heart was drowning, my lungs almost filled, I was on my last ounce of strength. Then we crashed to the ground…so much for trying not to hurt her further. She fell from my arms, and I landed on the cold, hard surface in the Bailey ditch. If I was right, the skies opened up, the rain still falling, but the sun came out, coating us all in its brilliance.

I managed a smile.

Once Charlotte regained her breath, she hurried over to me, my back was facing her.


"Xero?" I asked anxiously, turning his body over. His grin caught me by surprise. "Sorry that was such a rough landing." He gasped out, blood coming along with it. I suddenly saw something in his face, something familiar, and I brushed away his bangs to see his whole face. I stopped breathing.


She stared at my face for a long time it seemed, everything spilling out wordlessly. All the things that had happened, all of it…was on the ground, along with my blood. I could hardly breathe now. So I had one last chance to say my dying thoughts. I took my last breath then. Using it to its fullest, no one could use it fuller than I did at that moment.

"Charlotte….I-I love…y-you."

Black spots came into my vision at that moment, and the last thing I saw, was almost hard to look at, so I reached up, with a bit of unknown strength, and touched her crying face, trying to make it beautiful again. And it did. Through her tears, through the rain, she smiled one last time for me. I smiled back, and blacked out into nothingness.


The End.