Note: Okay, guys, this is my last chapter. Hope you like it.

Dean's body hit the ground with a thud and Sam sprang up and ran over to him. Sam knelt beside his brother. He watched the pain in his brothers eyes, and Sam felt tears in his eyes, but he didn't try to stop them.

Dean looked up at him and Sam could see it in his eyes. He was fading fast and Sam didn't know what to do. Sam took Dean's hand and his brother squeezed his almost painfully.

"Sorry." Dean whispered. Sam shook his head frantically as his brothers breathing slowed down. Dean stared up at Sam as his breathing slowed even more and then he let out one final breath and didn't breathe anymore.

"No." Sam said, shaking his head frantically again and still staring into his brothers green eyes. "No no no. Dean! Come, on man, no." But his brother simply stared at him, unseeing.

"No!" Sam sat strait up in the tiny bed, his heart beating wildly. He sat there for a few moments, his heart beating wildly, and then he sprang from the bed and sprinted for the bathroom. He dropped next to the toilet and expelled everything in his stomach. When he was done, he rinsed his mouth out and faced the mirror.

Sam stared at his reflection. He had to admit he looked horrible. He scrubbed his face warily. Tears sprang to his eyes once again as he thought back to his nightmare.

Sam couldn't believe that it was all over. He sighed as he walked out of the bathroom. He glanced briefly around the tiny motel room. Despite the size of the room, it still seemed almost unbearably empty without Dean.

Sam looked down at himself, wondering if he looked presentable enough to go. Then he decided that he just didn't care how he looked. He couldn't stay here another minute. He went out and hopped into the Impala.

As he drove, images sprang to Sam's mind against his will. Images from his nightmares. He hadn't been able to think of much else for the past few days. Finally he parked the car and walked up to the hospital.

Sam walked slowly through the halls, and stopped outside of the room. He smiled a little when he heard a nurse talking. He stepped into the doorway.

"Annoying the staff again?" He asked. Dean's head snapped in his direction and he smiled, though he looked slightly concerned.

"I thought I told you to go get some sleep." Dean said calmly, smiling at the nurse as she left.

"I did." Sam said defensively.

"Uh huh." Dean said, looking him over a little. Sam just shrugged and sat down in the chair beside Dean's bed. Nightmares were normal, after all. Dean hadn't died in that room, in fact the bullet had missed doing any major damage but that didn't stop Sam's nightmares that it hadn't missed.

"How's dad?" Dean asked, breaking Sam out of his thoughts and changing the subject.

"He's fine." Sam shrugged. "Getting released today." Dean simply nodded, looking thoughtful. John had taken a bullet to the leg and a bump to the head, but he was going to be fine. Sam hadn't really gone to see the man, and John hadn't come to see Dean yet. Sam hoped that John would at least talk to Dean before he disappeared again.

"Feeling better, kid?" A gruff voice said from the doorway. Sam and Dean both looked up to see Bobby in the doorway.

"Feelin' like I want out of here." Dean said. Bobby smiled a little. Sam grinned a little as well. Dean had been getting a little on the restless side. He hated hospitals. Bobby and Sam were the only ones not seriously hurt though.

It turned out that the man had set a trap for Bobby and John that had worked. The man, who Sam had learned was named Scott Reed, had actually loosened some of the floorboards in the house. Bobby had actually fallen through and was damn lucky that all he got was some bruises and a concussion.

John had nearly fallen through himself but hadn't. It had caused enough of a distraction for Reed to get the drop on John, though. Sam was just very grateful that they were all going to be alright.

Of course, they still didn't really know why Reed had done all of this. Mostly because John hadn't left his room yet.

A noise from the doorway snapped Sam's head in that direction, though. Sam swallowed. John was standing in the doorway. Dean stared at his father, his face unreadable. He took in the fact that John was wearing jeans.

"Your leaving?" Sam glanced at Dean, and stared at John, wondering about the implications of that question, knowing Dean didn't just mean the hospital.

"Yeah. I'm leaving." John said quietly. Dean simply nodded and laid his head back.

"I suppose you all want to know about Reed." John said. "I knew his brother." He said, not waiting for them to answer. "They were both hunters. Reed's brother and I were on a hunt that went sideways. He ended up dead." John sighed a little. "I suppose Reed always held a grudge for that." John stared at both of his sons for a moment.

"You know what, I think I'll go get some coffee." Bobby said suddenly, leaving the room. For several minutes, John said nothing. Sam thought he looked like he was struggling with himself.

"I'm sorry, boys." He finally said. Dean's head snapped to John and Sam could clearly see the shock in his brothers eyes. John turned resolutely to Sam.

"I'm sorry that I gave you up, that I couldn't take care of you. I'm sorry for the things I said after finding out who you were." He turned to Dean. "I'm so sorry, Dean, for everything I did and didn't do when you were child." Dean stared at his father, his eyes wide and his mouth open a little. John nodded once and then turned and walked out of the room.

Sam watched Dean for a few minutes.

"You okay, Dean?" Dean was quiet for a moment and Sam thought Dean's eyes actually looked a little liquid. Then he blinked and a slow smile crept to his face.

"Yeah, 'course I am." Then he scowled at Sam. "I want out of here, though, Sam. You going to get me out?" Sam laughed and patted his brother on the leg before getting up.

"I'll see what I can do." He said, walking out of the room with a smile on his face.