I sat in my rom, staring at the ring on my left hand, twisting and turning it so that I caught the morning light and faintly relfected it. My mind wandered as I did so, and I felt my memories pushing against the wall I had built to keep them behind. But, like I did every once in a while, I let myself remember.

We were both standing at the alter, looking at each other as if we were alone. Of course we weren't, not with Alice having planned the wedding. But I was far too occupied with how good Edward looked in his suit, even better than when he had forced me to go to the prom. His golden eyes smoldered with more intensity than ever, burning into mine and holding my gaze so I couldn't look away.

"I do." I whispered, finding it hard to speak any louder.

I got the feeling that neither of us was really listening to the words, jsut responding when we knew we should. I knew that I wasn't relly listening to anyone. Except Edward. He was all that mattered at the moment.

"I do." he said, his velvety voice making the words so much more beautiful than anyone else could. I let out a breath and relaxed muscles I hadn't been aware of before.

We kissed in front of all the people, in front of the alter.


We were in the remote regions around the Himalaya's, perfect for hunting, especially for someone who was newborn vampire. Everyone marveled at my selfcontrol, even Carlisile. It wasn't that human blood didn't hold the same temptation, just that it seemed to be less all-consuming to me.

Edward and I were running, hunting with the family, when he stopped and turned his head to the side, eyes far away. I looked at him curiously, wondering if he was hearing someone's thoughts, and what they were.

He turned to me, taking both my hands in his. His eyes were worried, almost frantic. It made me start to worry too, and if I'd been human still, I'd have been hyperventilating, heart racing.

"Bella, stay here." he said quietly.

"But...why?" I asked, barely breathing the words.

He ignored me, instead pressing his lips against mine. Even though I was now a vampire, he still could dazzle me, make me dizzy and my thoughts scrambled. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. He held my face between both his hands, and pressed his lips against mine again. "I'll be right back. I promise." he breathed. Then he was gone. I was still too dazed to move, and stared after him.

I waited for a long time. I still was.


I re-focused my eyes, and looked up from my ring to the person standing in the doorway.

"Are you alright?" Dax asked.

I nodded. DAx was tall, about six - two, and usually easy-going. His dark hair hung in soft waves to about right above his eyes, brushing his eyebrows. His eyes were a light, clear sky blue, with darker sapphire bands along the outsides.

A small gril skipped up the stairs, and smiled at us. Her hands signed so fast they blurred, and I didn't catch everything. All I could translate was Volturri and school, and tomorrow. I had a feeling I knew what she was saying, but still waited for Dax to translate.

"Kara said that the Volturri are sending us some visitors after school tomorrow." he said, turning to me.

I nodded, and rose. "Ok. Thanks for the heads up Kara. We'd better be leaving soon. Since Kara wants to get to school early, and the bell will ring in four minutes." I added teasingly.

Kara responded with a rude sign, so I told her, in ASL, to go to hell.

Grinning hugely, she told me we all were.

I didn't have anything to reply with that to, so I just signed, "Whatever."

Kara grinned triumphantly, and disappeared down the stairs and out the door in about a second. Dax was leaning against the door, laughing, as I walked by.

"Come on," I said, grabbing his arm. "Let's go masacre the unsuspecting townsfolk." I felt a momentary pang at remembering the first time I'd said that, but brushed it off.

"Sure. Sounds like fun." Dax linked his arm through mine and skipped down the stairs, singing "We're off to see the wizard" along the way.

We got into his car, one of the nicer BMWs from a few years back, and I laughed.

"Dax, didn't you take your medicine this morning?" I joked.

He grinned. "Oops." he sighed. "I totally forgot about those seriousness pills. Do I have to take them?"

Kara laughed.

He started the car, and pulled out of the drive. "Honestly though, I just think you need cheering up, Isa. You were obviously watching something depressing this morning, and the Volturri never improve your mood. Neither does school, come to think of it."

I laughed. "They weren't depressing persay...just..." I sighed. "Bittersweet, is what I'm looking for I geuss."

The mood in the car was no longer light. We were all quiet for a while, before we pulled up at the school.

Kara leapt out of the car, and I hissed, too low for regular hearing, "Human speed, Kara!"

She signed "whatever" to me, then waltzed to the building our class was in.

"How does she manage to always be all sunny all the time?" I wondered.

Dax came to stand next to me, and look after her.

"Kind of reminds me of those annoying, perky barbie dolls." he mused.

I luaghed, raising an eyebrow. "What would you know about barbies?"

He shrugged. "Kara used to play with them, and they were annoying. Always happy...it's a wonder I didn't get nightmares!"

I laughed again. Dax had a way of doing that; making people laugh and forget anything was wrong in life.

The bell rang, and we winced, since it was really close. With a wave, Dax turned and headed to his first class, calculus. I turned and went in the direction Kara had, for English.

Another normal, human day...without any of my other family.