Long time no see! I understand that this is over a year later and an ACTUAL UPDATE. Surprised? So am I.

But it was mentioned a couple of times to me that I should do an epilogue. Right after I finished, I attempted to write one, which didn't work, and then attempted a story of Dax and Kara, which got about maybe two chapters in before I just lost interest. I knew basically what they went through, but I wasn't interested enough to go into deep detail. Maybe, if you'd all like, I could put up a short summary of what happened, so you all know. But you have to ask. Or go vote on my profile. And remember to please review!

So here it is. Finally. The epilogue of Memories, my first fanfic.

A crash sounded from downstairs, followed after a brief moment of pure silence by Esme's scream of "Emmett McCarty Cullen and Dax Klein Cullen!"

I sniggered, glancing at Edward as he snuck back into our room through the window like I had. He rolled his eyes as they met mine, then grabbed my hand and started leading me out the door.

"What'd they do this time?" I asked quietly.

He chuckled, rolling his eyes again. "They bolted the furniture in the dining room to the ceiling."

Snorting, I followed his example of rolling my eyes, and muttered, "They never learn, do they?"


We both glanced at the new voice. Tanya stepped out of her room - though it honestly might as well be hers and Dax's, the rate they spent time together - and started following us downstairs.

Esme was standing in the middle of the empty dining room, hands on hips and glaring up at the ceiling. As we walked in, she asked in annoyance, "How, exactly, am I supposed to fix this?"

I shrugged. "Call in Kara to make them?"

"Oh no," Esme laughed - unamused, shaking her head. "This time they will be punished."

As if on cue, Kara skipped happily into the room, giving us all a knowing look. Edward started laughing loudly, almost doubled over.

"What?" I asked, smiling.

He straightened, fighting to keep the ginormous grin off his face and failing miserably. "Kara's going to dress the two up in silly yellow dresses and post pictures of them all over the internet, send them to every email and cell of the student body of our school, and print them out and stick them in lockers. Just in case she misses someone."

Esme grinned. "Wonderful. But make them fix my dining room first." With that command given, she turned and walked outside, probably to continue gardening.

A week later…

"I wish that they'd all get over that already. And you'd think they'd know that Kara's evil, but somehow that escapes everyone's attention." Dax muttered, sitting at the lunch table with his prop, leaning over absently to kiss Tanya's cheek.

Kara grinned. 'I look too cute to be evil.'

I snorted at that one. "It's the cute ones that people know to be evil, but also know better than to accuse of it."

She shrugged, but agreed.

I twisted back so that I was facing Edward again; he had me seated firmly in his lap. Ever since we'd been reunited two years ago, we took every opportunity we had to be close again. We were almost always late to class in the mornings, and most the time after lunch as well, and had been caught making out on multiple occasions despite Edward's mind reading abilities. That was usually when my memory abilities came into play. There was no way I was going to waste time I could spend kissing, or running, or listening to Edward play piano by getting caught and sent to detention. My records remained spotless; I could beat any school system with ease!

I wasn't even making out with Edward this time; I was simply staring into his gorgeous green (I'd always known they'd be beautiful) eyes - we had Dax change everyone's into some color, simply because it made us blend in more, if only slightly - when a high heel shoe smacked into my head.

"Hey!" I snapped, rubbing the spot it hit. It wasn't like it had hurt, but for any humans who had noticed, I had to put on a show. "What was that for Alice?"

She was bouncing in her seat, looking bubbly and excited beyond measure. Kara, frowned, blanked out - probably checking to see if she could see what Alice had - then grinned hugely.

I looked between the two of them, then sighed. "Not until we get home, okay? I'd like to not scare any girls out of the bathroom this week, alright?"

Alice pouted, but Kara laughed. Alec sent an adoring look her way at the sound, one of the few she could make. She hadn't been able to make any sounds before becoming a vampire; the venom had been able to heal her enough for such sounds, though not words. Which showed how truly damaged her vocal cords had been before.

I smiled, thinking back to last year, when Alec and Kara had gotten married. The Volturi, the Denali's, and some nomads had all come to see the celebration. Jane had given all of us Cullens the evil glare, and Tanya and Dax had been practically inseparable. Kara and Alice had smirked over at them, and Alice then told a bunch of us that Tanya was going to be staying for some time. Kate had met a nomad named Garrett, and they'd hit it off wonderfully. I was surprised we hadn't heard about a wedding from them yet, actually.

None of us girls really wore our rings in school or much public; like we weren't already odd enough to the humans. We had manufactured a new story this time, because we were so large. Esme and Carlisle were newlyweds; Rose and Jaz were still Esme's niece and nephew, and Edward was her much younger brother, from her mom's second marriage. Tanya was Carlisle's young cousin, who lived with him, and he'd adopted Alec when he'd been in Italy, and Kara and Dax shortly before he'd married Esme, in New York. I was adopted after they were married, because seven kids just weren't enough, right? Really, the humans still thought us crazy and weird, but that story was slightly more believable than they adopted pretty much all of us after they were married. Yep, it all happened before hand. Except me.

Still, I had manufactured a link that I could bend on and off the ring, and added it to my charm bracelet. I never went anywhere without my one last gift from Jake, and my two precious pieces from Edward. I called it my good luck charm; Edward kissed the ring every morning to 'renew the luck'. I'd told him that I'd much rather have a kiss on the lips every morning, so of course, now Edward did both. He was mental, and obsessive-compulsive, and overprotective, but god did I love him.

We finished off our day - thank god this school was cool enough not to require more than two years of gym, because if it was bad as a human, it was worse as a vampire with tremendous power and a still klutzy tendency - and I got into Mazarati, starting it and waiting for Alice and Kara to join us. They were dragging Rosalie along as well, probably to have her in the loop and to make sure no one else could fit in the car, and once they were seated in my back seat, I raced out of the parking lot towards home.

"So? What's up?" I asked.

Alice grinned. "Dax is finally going to do it. Tonight."

"And let me guess? You-"

"Want us to spy on them too see it." Edward finished dryly for me.

Kara gave us a 'duh' look, making me laugh. "You guys, let's just let them have their moment. Then I can take it from both their minds and play it for everyone, okay?"

Alice pouted, Kara sighed, knowing she wasn't going to win this argument with me, and Rosalie rolled her eyes amusedly. "Alice, you'll still see it, only this time, you'll see it from two different views. Isn't that better?"

"It'd be three," I added. "Your vision, Dax, and Tanya."

She considered that, then perked up. "Okay!"

3rd POV

Tanya smiled, dipping her feet into the lake with a sigh. She looked around at the moonlight reflecting off of the water, and at the snow in the mountains in the distance, then at the handsome, funny man next to her. He had been unusual tonight, going between odd silences and extreme babbling.

"How about we go for a dip?" she suggested with a slow sexy curve of her lips.

Dax glanced at the beauty before him. She was older than him in probably every sense of the word. More mature, more in years, and more in how old she'd been as a human when turned. She was smarter, and powerful, and he didn't deserve the affection and… love she gave him, but he wanted it. He wanted her. Beyond just as a girlfriend or as something physical. He wanted more.

He realized he still hadn't answered her question, and shook his head. "No." The box would get wet, or forgotten. He knew if they stripped and started messing around in the large great lake, that he'd never again work up the courage to do this.

Tanya shifted around to face him, her face frowning in concern. "Are you alright?" she asked him finally. "Is something wrong?"

"No," Dax breathed. "For the first time in my life, everything feels right." And it did. Kara was safe and happy - she had Alec. Isa was happy as well, reunited with her old family, and keeping together with both the new and the old. And he had Tanya… or so he hoped. "At least…" he added as an afterthought. "It almost is. Maybe it will be, in a minute."

He swore, if he still had a heartbeat it'd be going a thousand beats a minute, killing him. Everything seemed to be too in focus, too there, too loud and quiet and still and moving. Dax shifted on the dock they were resting on, until he was also facing Tanya fully. Then, slowly, nervous as hell, hands actually shaking, he brought one knee up so he was only resting on the other, and reached inside for the box.

For one seemingly endless moment, he panicked as he felt around for the box and couldn't find it. Had it fallen out, had he left if behind? What if it had fallen into the lake and gotten wet? Oh, god, he was-

There is was. The panic left him instantly, almost making him deflate in relief. It was just deep down, like he'd intended so it wouldn't get lost.

Tanya was speechless. This had better not be one of his jokes or pranks because if it was, she was going to slap him senseless and go back to her sisters.

It wasn't, she realized as he drew out a small black velvet box and offered it up to her. He took a deep breath, then lifted his blue eyes to hers.

"Tanya Denali. The past year has been…beyond amazing for me. And I hope - out of all the ones you have lived so far - that it has been the same for you. I felt something the moment I met you when we were staying with your family after Bella found everyone but Edward, and I remember how sad I was to leave without the chance to get to know you better.

"But we got our second chance - I got my second chance - at Kara's wedding. And I wasn't about to let it pass me by this time, and I grabbed onto the opportunity with both hands. And now here we are, next to one of the great lakes, and I'm on one knee hoping like crazy that every year of eternity can be like this one, be better than this one. I want to marry you, Tanya. I want everyone to know that you are mine, and I am yours and we sure as hell don't share. I want to be with you every day of my existence, I want to experience the happiness I've seen in all my family members' faces when they look at each other, and I want you to feel it to. With me. For me.

"So, Tanya darling, answer me just this once, at the very least, and I promise to try to make every year after this stand out better than any other you've previously lived. Just answer this one question, this one time….

"Will you marry me?"

Tanya wished she could cry. She had never wanted to as much as she did now. At first, all she could manage was a barely perceptible nod of her head, but then as everything around her rushed back to life, she continued vigorously. "Yes. Yes, yes, yes! Always yes!"

Dax grinned magnificently, taking the ring out of the box and sliding it onto her left ring finger. Tanya couldn't quite bring herself to believe this was happening, but it was. Grabbing her hands, Dax rose, lifting her up with him as well, and kissed her deeply and fully. His. She had agreed to be his, just as he'd always promised to himself to only be hers. They were getting married, and no one could look at her with lust or try to take her from him, because they were going to be married.

As he'd said - he sure as hell didn't ever plan on sharing.