Title: Dark Heart
Part/Chapter: 1/12
Fandom: D N Angel
Spoilers?: If you haven't read D N Angel.
Pairing/Characters: Daisuke/Satoshi, Krad/Dark, others.
Rating: R over all.
Disclaimer: D N Angel and it's respective characters belong to Yukiru Sugisaki.
Warnings: Boy love, random pervertedness, mentions of sex, bad words, etc.
Beta: DarkSetoKaiba deviantart com
Medium: Story
A/N: Rewritten..basically I just translated all the Japanese words to English but I kept honorifics, rebetaed.
A/N2: Dasisuke, Dark, Krad and Satoshi have inner thoughts, characterized by:


Original Dates: 8/28/2001-08/03/2003
Rewritten: 11/16/2006

Chapter One

The air was filled with magical energy. The blond had appeared to be on the losing side of things, his arm was cut from a blast sent by the violet haired one. The blood was winding down around his arm from the cut and dripping off his fingers into a little pool on the dirt.

Krad focused all his energy into a magical blast and sent it right at Dark. But his blurred vision from blood loss caused him to miss. "Damn." Krad said as he fell back into a fence with a pained whimper. Dark stepped forward towards the fallen one. Krad tilted his head up wearily.


Dark stepped even closer.

Dark, what are you doing?
Shut up, Daisuke, you know what needs to be done

Krad tried to stand up. He hissed in pain when he realized his body wouldn't let him. Dark stood beside Krad, looking down at him. "Pathetic." Dark said kneeling down and brushed a few strands of hair out of Krad's face. Krad growled and turned his face away from Dark. Dark grabbed Krad's long golden bang and forced him to look at him.

Dark, you can't kill him!
It's what needs to be done for your safety.
But… Hiwatari-kun…

Dark focused a little bit of magic into his hand and slammed it into Krad's shoulder. Krad screamed in pain from the blast. "Damn it Dark! Quit playing around if you're going to kill me then just fucking kill me!"

"As you wish." Dark closed his eyes and gathered up the last of his magical energy into the palm of his hand. Dark drew back his hand and opened his eyes looking directly at Krad's face while he brought down the blast that would hit Krad right in the chest. Krad's eyes were shut tightly in pain, and he almost looked…childish from that point of view.



Moments later the dust cleared. The fence had been blown to pieces in one spot. Daisuke looked along the fence. Krad still lying against the fence remotely unharmed by the blast that was meant to kill him. Apparently the blast missed. But Dark was right there how could he have missed.

But, Dark!
Ask questions later! Just get the hell out of here!

Daisuke stepped back a few steps.

Go, now!
I'm so glad you didn't kill him.

The red head turned around and ran as fast as he could from the scene.

Satoshi stood up.

I'm still alive?
Well no shit.
Shut up.

Satoshi walked away from the fence where he woke up from, almost surprised that he was still alive.

"Daisuke-chan! Time to get up!"

Daisuke grumbled and pulled one of his pillows over his head. He hated that Dark's late nights kept him from getting a good night sleep.

Emiko pulled the pillow from her son's head. "I know you're still tired, but school is important." She commented as she grabbed Daisuke's arm and pulled him up till he was in a sitting position.

Daisuke yawned and batted at his mother's hands, "I'm up! I'm up!"

Emiko smiled, "I expect you downstairs in 10 minutes." She kissed her son's forehead and headed out of his room.

Daisuke yawned again and flopped back down on his bed.

Dark are you up yet?
At least you get to sleep in.

Daisuke sighed and climbed out of bed, pulling off his pajama top, "Great another day of school." He slipped on his red undershirt. "I wonder if Hiwatari-kun is okay."

Daisuke stepped into the classroom, he was immediately put into a headlock and noogied by Takeshi.

"He-hey, cut that out!"

"Hey there Daisuke! How are you today?" Takeshi said letting go of Daisuke.

"Morning Takeshi, I'm a little tired." Daisuke replied, glancing around the classroom.

Hiwatari-kun isn't here. Do you think he was hurt?
Dark you jerk! I'm worried about him!
…Maybe you love him?

Daisuke blushed a deep crimson. It was a good thing he had just looked at Risa, he really didn't want to come up with some excuse on why he was blushing.

Takeshi nudged Daisuke. "Still thinking about her aren't you?"

Daisuke just nodded and headed to his desk, trying to hide his blushing.

I'm sure he's fine.
He better be!

Daisuke was scribbling down notes the teacher was writing down on the chalkboard. Well that's what it seemed like to him…scribbles. The bad thing wasn't that he was tired because of Dark's late night; it was that the class was so boring it was adding on to his tiredness. The last thing he need right now was to fall asleep in the middle of class. Daisuke decided that talking to Dark might keep him wake for a little while longer.

Yes Daisuke?
Why didn't you kill him?
You wouldn't understand.
What wouldn't I understand?
It's too complicated.
Then tell me why you transformed back into me?
I just said it was too complicated.
DARK! Just tell me!
It's because… I love him Daisuke.
You didn't…

Daisuke hit his desk face first.