Title: Dark Heart
Part/Chapter: 12/12 - COMPLETE!
Fandom: D N Angel
Spoilers?: If you haven't read D N Angel.
Pairing/Characters: Daisuke/Satoshi, Krad/Dark, others.
Rating: R over all.
Disclaimer: D N Angel and it's respective characters belong to Yukiru Sugisaki.
Warnings: Boy love, random pervertedness, mentions of sex, bad words, etc.
Beta: DarkSetoKaiba deviantart com
Medium: Story
A/N: Rewritten..basically I just translated all the Japanese words to English but I kept honorifics, rebetaed.
A/N2: Dasisuke, Dark, Krad and Satoshi have inner thoughts, characterized by:

A/N3: I was orginially going to rewrite this but I've decided to leave it be, the story is over. I thought about cutting the whole thing with the twins but I also decided to leave that in as well.

Original Date: 8/28/2001-08/03/2003
Rewritten: 11/25/2006

Chapter Twelve

Satoshi stood against the far wall of the shower watching the redhead wash that mess he called hair. The blue haired boy turned his head to stare out the shower and blushed when he realized that he was watching Daisuke.

Not long after Satoshi turned his head he felt something - someone press up against him. Turning his head slowly he met up with a pair of red eyes.

"Satoshi... I..." The redhead started but before Daisuke said anymore Satoshi kissed him. His arms went around the smaller boy's frame and took Krad's earlier advice and just went with what his body wanted, not to bother with emotions, just do it. And that's exactly what Satoshi did.

Satoshi was sitting by the open window staring out at the street below. Daisuke had fallen asleep again; the blue haired boy had to carefully remove himself from his new lover's arms so he could think. The boy sighed while watching the people below.

This is the last time I will appear. After today I will be sealed away inside your blood to wait for the next Hikari boy.

Satoshi gasped slightly.

Are you serious?
I only have one thing left to do. Is to say good-bye.

And that's when the youth understood. Krad was in love with Dark, he hadn't noticed it before. The demon was truly in love.

And once I'm gone you can have your redhead.


Daisuke woke up alone. He knew he fell asleep with Satoshi but his lover wasn't in bed with him. The redhead rubbed his eyes and yawned before sitting up.

Even though his vision was still blurry he could see a figure sitting by the window. Immediately he knew it wasn't Satoshi there, it was Krad.

"Um... Krad..."

"Satoshi called your mother and told her that you stayed here last night and asked if you can stay another. She was very reluctant, but he said that you were already asleep and she told him not to bother you."

Daisuke opened his mouth to say something but Krad cut him off.

"Would you be kind enough to let my lover out? I miss him so much and I need to talk to him about something very important."

He sounds serious.
Well have fun talking to him. I'm transforming because I am still tired.
I bet you are.
You have no room to talk.

Krad continued to stare out the window he didn't even turn to face Dark when Daisuke transformed.

The thief walked over to the blonde and plopped himself right into Krad's lap. "Alright I'm here, let's talk." Dark said as he slipped his arms around his lover.

"I wanted to tell you good-bye. I'm leaving."

"...what? Don't tell me that you're going to seal yourself away." Dark's arms tightened, "Please not so soon..."

"I'm sealing myself away. I promise, Dark, we will meet again. I will constantly watch over you. One day we will figure out how to separate ourselves from our hosts and we can be together like we want to." Krad focused his eyes on Dark's. "I love you, Dark. Good-bye."

"I love you..." Dark responded and Krad kissed him gently.


The demon's body jerked so hard that Dark was knocked to the floor. The thief couldn't watch the final transformation as Krad sealed himself away in the Hikari bloodline.

He's transforming for the last time... Krad won't be back as long as he rests inside Satoshi.
But that's not fair to you!
He's doing it because he knows that it's the best option.
But... you are sad.
No I'm not.

Dark wiped the tears from his eyes.

You're lying.

Before Dark could come up with something snappy he heard Satoshi gasp sharply. Between the boy's gasps he heard "Is... he... gone...?"

"Yes. He won't come back until the next boy in your blood line turns 14."

Satoshi clutched his chest in pain. "Why? Why is it" he gasped for air, "... so painful?"

"I don't know. But I suppose I should leave. There is nothing left for me now." Dark stared longingly out the window, without turning he addressed Satoshi for the last time. "It was fun while it lasted, Commander. Be sure your son will be as fun as you were for me."

Satoshi gave Dark a glare but shielded his eyes as Dark faded into his counter part. For a moment Daisuke stood there in a daze.

"Is he gone now?" Satoshi's breathless voice knocked the redhead back into reality.

"No, I still feel him there." He rushed over to his new lover. "Are you alright Satoshi?"

The blue haired boy smiled at the concern in Daisuke's voice, "I will be fine. You should go home before your mother flips out about you being gone for so long."

"Alright, but I will be here tomorrow to check on you." Daisuke helped Satoshi over to the bed. Once the older boy had situated himself on the bed the redhead bent down and softly kissed him. "I will see you tomorrow."

As soon as the sun was up Daisuke was out the door to go check on Satoshi. He didn't feel depressed anymore, now that Krad had sealed himself away nothing would be able to get in the way of a relationship with Satoshi. But there still was one problem. Dark.

His family as well.

As the redhead walked he thought about all the problems that could come along with a relationship. He saw what happened with Dark and Krad.

Suddenly he stopped.

Before I go see Satoshi I want you to say good bye to my mom... and I want to tell the Harada twins about you. If you don't mind.
If it will make you feel better.

Daisuke made a turn-about and headed back home.

Satoshi sighed as he pulled his clothes out of his closet. He had withdrawn from school already and was going to live with his father.


He heard nothing, he felt alone. He felt almost normal. If felt very odd, no one was there talking to him, pestering him, harassing him anymore.

He shook his head and went back to packing. It would be best if he left before Daisuke showed up. He wanted to leave without the heartbreak of saying good-bye to someone he cared about and loved.

Why am I still running when I have nothing to run from anymore? There is nothing to hold me back from him. If I want to love him I can. But yet I cannot because I want him to lead a normal life.

Still there was no answer.

This isn't fair.

He resorted to as he continued to pack. Hopefully he would be gone before Daisuke made it over but his father would be arriving late tonight so all he had was his hope.

"WHAT?! What are you saying?!" Emiko shouted at the thief standing in the kitchen.

"Emiko keep your voice down."

She threw a dangerous glance at Daiki, "Stay out of this." She turned back to Dark, "You haven't been around for very long! There were still so many things I wanted you to get me! Won't you reconsider?"

The thief shook his head, "It is time for me to disappear. It was fun while it lasted and who knows we may even meet up again. No. I know we will meet again." With a smile he hugged Emiko and went to find With.

Daiki did nothing but chuckle softly and smile.

Emiko threw another glare at her father, "What are you laughing at?"


Daisuke took a deep breath and knocked on the Harada residence's door.

A smiling Risa answered the door, "Ah Niwa-kun?"

"Um... Risa-san is Riku-san home? I need to talk to you both."

"Hai, she's out back, I'll take you to her."

"Actually it would be best to do this inside, somewhere private maybe. It's really important." Daisuke was feeling very nervous, he hoped it didn't show.

Thankfully Risa didn't look at him weird or ask any thing of it. She just smiled and nodded, "Wait in the front room; I'll bring her here."

He followed Risa into the house and waited for her to return as the twin went to get Riku. He looked over the room, at the pictures, the furniture, anything to get his mind off of what he was about to do.

Don't worry so much.
I have a feeling this is going to be a disaster. Riku-san is going to hate me and I don't want to know what Risa-san is going to do.
The more you worry the worse it's going to be. Just get it over with, OK?
I guess you are right.
Aren't I always?
...And full of yourself.

"Niwa-kun, what is so important?" if Dark said anything Daisuke missed it because Riku's voice cut through his thoughts.

"I- I need to show you something but I can't show you here. Um... is there some place that doesn't have many windows?"

Riku eyed him, "The dinning room has no windows."

"That'll work. Are your parents home?"

"No they're not; they went out for the evening." Risa was the one who answered his question.

They probably think you're a pervert.
Shut up.

"Alright, I can't stay long though. I need to check up on Sa- Hiwatari-kun. He wasn't feeling well yesterday and I told him that I would be back today to check up on him."

He followed the twins quietly to the dinning room.

"What is so important that you had to take us somewhere private to tell us? What secret do you know?" Risa asked first. Riku just stood there quietly.

Daisuke tired to say it but he choked.

"Well?" the long haired twin said impatiently.

"I... am Dark."

"Niwa-kun you brought us in here to tell us that?! How can you be that perverted thief?" Riku blurted out. "It's impossible!"

"I'll prove it." The redhead thought of Satoshi and he transformed in front of the twins. Both girls stared at Dark in a state of shock.

"Niwa-kun is..." Riku started.

But Risa finished, "...Dark-san?"

"It's a very long explanation and Daisuke will tell you both about it one day. But no one must know about this." Dark quickly transformed back into Daisuke.

"..." All of them stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

"Dark will disappear after today, and no one knows when he will return. I must get to Hiwatari-kun's. Good-bye."

Once Daisuke was gone the twins stared at each other.

"So if Niwa-kun is Dark-san then are we in love with the same person?"

Riku looked at her sister in shock. "Of course not! How can you say something like that Niwa-kun is nothing like that...that pervert! They are two completely different people!"

"But they have the same body."

"...This still seems so impossible."

The knock on his door was light, Satoshi thought that it was his father, but when he opened the door a redhead stood there.

"I'm glad to see that you are feeling better Satoshi." The boy smiled and stepped into the apartment. With a small glance he noticed that the place was barer then normal. "Are you going somewhere?" he blinked at his lover.

"Yes. I am going to live with my father. I have failed what I was supposed to do. I was unable to capture my target. And since the target will soon disappear there is no use for me anymore."

"Yes there is! I need you here! I want you to stay. Will you not even stay for me Satoshi?" tears tracked down from the red eyes that desperately gazed at Satoshi.

"No. I will not stay for you."


"I cannot stay. You know that you mother would never allow such a thing."

"I don't care what she thinks!"

"Tradition must go on, Daisuke. You have to pass on Dark, like I will pass on Krad. One day we will meet again, but it will be different and you will thank me for doing this."

"Satoshi, are you ready?" A voice came from the hallway.

"Yes, father. My things are packed and ready to be picked up." Satoshi glanced at Daisuke's sad face. "I just need to finish saying good-bye. I'll be down in the car in a short while."

"Don't be long, I still have things to do."

Satoshi nodded toward the man, "Yes, Father."

Once he had left Satoshi turned to face Daisuke. "Please believe me that this is for the best." The redhead only nodded sadly. Satoshi gently wrapped his arms around Daisuke, "I only have one thing left to say." The blue haired boy place a small chaste kiss to his lover's lips. "I love you."

And without a good-bye Satoshi was gone.

I'll see you again Dai-chan. He returned your love, it is time for me to go.
But he didn't stay!
I have no control over it. Good-bye.

It wasn't painful when Dark was sealed away. It was just as someone had taken a memory away from him. For the first time since his 14th birthday, he was truly by himself. The only thing he could do was sit against the wall and cry.

It was years before Daisuke got over his first love, and began a life with his second love. He had heard that Satoshi married some woman in the Kyoto region; it was that information that lead Daisuke to gather the courage to ask Riku to marry him.

Daisuke wondered if Dark and Krad would appear again during his lifetime, and if they could find a way to be happy.