The beginning: The finding of the ring of power.

It all started on a bright and sunny day in England, where a girl named Elenor read a book in her peaceful 1800 house. The book happened to be "The Lord of the Rings; the Fellowship of the Ring" a book she enjoyed above all others. She wore a cloak she had bought from e-bay, Ranger design, of course, and on her hip was the authentic sword of Aragorn, and she wore on her back an elven bow and full quiver of arrows. Her tall, willowy build, dark hair, and hazel eyes gave her an almost vampyric apperance, and on her finger, she wore a curious ornament.
It was a ring shaped like Arwen Evenstar's pendant, but yet, the jewels inside were missing, and it had a forlorn apperance. Just then, Elenor's sister walked in. "Oh my gosh, you are like, soooo peppermint retarded, why on earth are you wearing that..erm...stuff, and where did you get it?" Elenor was not at all perturbed.
"E-bay and a thrift store, love, and why do you ask? Today is not only groundhog day, it is official Lord of the rings day, and you owe it your allegiance as my older sister who used to be obsessed but now is not"
"I just grew up and stopped being retarded." Lisa replied, sitting down on the fluffy couch. Elenor mumbled incoherently. As the day grew old, and the two sisters got gradually bored, Elenor started to rub her ring absentmindedly as she looked around the room. Lisa glared at her, and moved to the TV to put in a musical. At the sight of the cursed movie, she went ballistic, and started to twitch.
"Oh NO NO NO, you are SOOOO not putting that movie in for the upteenth time this week.' She pulled out a wand that looked remarkably like Voldemort's own wand, and cried: 'Levicorpus!' To everyone in that room, the silence that followed as the spell worked was deafening. Then the two girls screamed. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! LET ME DOWN OR ELSE!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!" Lisa screamed, and Elenor was drowned out as she muttered the countercurse. "That was so weird. Can I do it again?!" Elenor said, hopefully looking at her older sister, then cowering in fear as Lisa gave her an almighty glare. "How did you do that? YOU are sooo not a witch"
"That is comforting in only one way. I have no id-" Suddenly, the two arguing sisters were cut off by the presence of a white light in the room, after which they blacked out.

They awoke in a room in which five boys were sleeping, all of them looking unfamiliar. The girls, too shocked to scream simply stared at thier surroundings. Elenor felt her ring burning white hot, and looked down, suprised to find the empty jewel holes filled with saphirres. Suddenly, Lisa stifled a gasp, and gestured frantically at one dark haired boy.
"Elenor, look!!! ITS HARRY POTTER!!!" The girls gasped in unison, and goggled at him.

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