I like this a bit better than my other Office fic. (:

Jim liked her place the best.

He and Pam switched houses every other night or so. His favorite place was Pam's apartment.

It was certainly cleaner than his. He wasn't extremely messy, but he wasn't a neat freak, either. Her apartment was clean, straightened up most of the time, but some things were messy, when appropriate.

The kitchen was spacious, yet cozy. The counters were good for leaning on, which always comes in handy. In the months before he transferred to Stamford, Jim was always ordering food out; his fridge was almost always empty. Pam's fridge was stocked up pretty well.

The living room was actually pretty small, with a couch nice for cuddling and watching reruns of Planet's Funniest Animals. The window had a wonderful view of the parking lot below.

The bathroom was much cleaner than Jim's; no spots of mold around the edge of the tub, no dust clots by the doorway. Now, Jim even had his own special toothbrush (it was blue), in his own cup (green), in the cupboard behind the mirror.

Probably best was the bedroom. It had a nice queen-sized bed, with crisp, clean sheets, and a comforter that wasn't too thick, and wasn't too thin. Pam had good taste.

They were now accustomed to sleeping in said bed together. On work days, they either went to a restaurant, cooked a meal, or simply ordered pizza, depending on how boring or seemingly illegal the day had been.

After dinner, they sat on the couch and watched TV for a while, then went to bed. Jim was always in first, because Pam took longer brushing her teeth. Then she would get in and hog the blankets. This continued, stealing the blankets from each other, (sometimes becoming a pillow fight) until they were too tired, and fell asleep.

Or, rather, Jim waited till she fell asleep, then pulled her a little closer, till he could smell her shampoo. Then he went to sleep.

He liked her place best.

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