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"So you guys are mutants or something?" Akira said eagerly as he followed Takuya and Akane inside. "Dude, this is awesome! Does Rojo know about this? Who's she? What is this place? How did you get to be a mutant? Am I a mutant? Can you turn it off, or…"

"Sorry, what was your name?" Gondo cut in.


"Right. Akira, shut up for a minute."

"Sorry. But they were like monster-dragons or something…"

"Godzilla," Takuya corrected him levelly.

"You're a Godzilla?"

"The Godzilla," Akane corrected him. "Well, kind of. He has Godzilla's DNA inside him."

"And you have…?"



"The thing is," Zera explained, "Takuya here is a truly unique specimen because his cells were already like this. The G-Cell we exposed him to seems to have only been a catalyst."

Akira blinked. "I understood "the thing is"."

"So what do we do with him?" Akane asked.

"Do I get to be a monster?" Akira piped up.

"Good God in heaven, I certainly hope not."


"I'm thinking of breaking up the gang," Gendo said as he idly kicked at a trashcan, a smoking joint still held in his hands.

"What?" Hideo stared, "c'mon, man…"

"We suck," Gendo said levelly. "Seriously, man, we suck."

"We do not suck."

"We do. We entirely suck."

There was a movement behind them. As they turned, they could have sworn they each saw a pair of golden wings retract into Ogata's body.

"Now, now," he grinned, "I think I just might know how to help you two idiots out there." He reached into his jacket and pulled out a pair of glowing, green canisters. "Boys, we are moving up in the world."


"Hey! Hey!"

For the hundredth time, Rojo slammed his fists against the heavy, metal door of the cell. "Where am I? You can't do this, man! You're a company, not the cops! Hey! You hear me? I am gonna kick the ass of everyone within the sound of my voice, you…"

The door clicked and opened.

"Finally," Rojo breathed, "where the… Megan?"

"Hi, honey," Megan grinned wickedly, "miss me?"

"Wh- what the hell is this?"

"I was gonna tell you," Megan pouted, "see, I was supposed to do some digging, and I thought, hey, I can have some fun on the job, so…"

"What the hell is going on?" Rojo yelled, because there's only so much the average mind can take in one evening.

"Relax," Megan grinned, "you can go… but first, you gotta do something for us."

"And if I don't?"

"If you don't," the purple-haired girl grinned wickedly, and Rojo noticed something swelling behind her- a swarm of buzzing, particularly large dragonflies whose bodies ended in dripping pincers. "Your friends, family, and pretty much everyone you might even think about coming to like, gets a visit from these little angels."


Zaine folded his arms behind his back, looked out over the city, and chuckled.

"Look at them," he sneered as Megan entered the room behind him, "scuttling around down there like they're so individual, always spouting the same old trite- global warming, the EU, the UN, HDTY, celebrity gossip, filling their lives with a never-ending fountain of pointless, useless trivia." He shook his head. "Can't even get along with their own kind half the time. I'd say they're like ants, but at least ants know how to organise themselves."

"Yyyyyyeah," Megan said slowly, "anyway, the Russian guys are in the waiting room."

"Ah, yes. The fat little man who managed to lose my robot. Send him in."

A moment later, the doors opened behind Zaine, and a short, heavy-set man waddled in with two bodyguards.

"Mister Zaine," he said in a thick-as-chowder accent, "how can I thank you for allowing me to explain-"

"You misunderstand me, Piotr," Zaine said. "I didn't invite you here to listen to your half-baked excuses." He turned round, his eyes beginning to glow bright red. "You are here to be made an example of."

A few minutes later, Zaine exited the board room, wiping some blood off of his hands with a handkerchief, turned to Megan and Ogata and said, "Find me that robot."


"So this is where they keep those cell thingies?"

Akira stepped into the room, looking around idly and tapping the side of one of the cylinders.

"Yeah," Takuya shrugged, "but don't touch anything, or those doctors or the Shougenies or whatever they're called will go apeshit."

Akira wasn't listening.

Instead, he was staring blankly into the middle of one of the G-Cells.

In his ears, he could hear an earth-shattering, trumpeting roar, one he'd never heard himself, but somehow felt like he'd known all his life.

Within the shifting mass of genetic information, something reached out and touched his mind. And as it searched the boy's soul, wondering if it was of the type that could match its own, it thought: he'll do.

Involuntarily, Akira's hand reached out and grabbed the G-Cell.


I know that one moved fast, but hey, hopefully all of the stuff that happened there was worth the wait. To sum it up: Akira's about to transform, Rojo now works for Zaine, Ogata's recruited his old cronies, and… any bets as to this robot Zaine's so interested in all of a sudden?

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