Chapter 1 excitement in the closet

this is a story with Gaara and Neji and how there love deepens...

And sorry for the spelling and grammar im really bad at that LOL

Now too the story...

"Byakugan," Neji whispered and the veins on his head poped out and his eyes could see through Gaara's clothing.

"Stop looking at me naked or I'll kill you" Gaara ordered then looked at Neji with cold eyes,

"Ah come on, I was just kidding around, but then again you looked so sexy," Neji answered back and his Byakugan faded.

"Dumbass just come on or we'll be late for school," Gaara straped on his gourd and was about to go out the door when he was stoped. Neji put his arms around Gaara'a waist and wispered in his ear,

"Baka I'm not mad at you" Gaara mumbled and turned around, then brushed his lips slightly to Neji's. Neji closed his eyes ready for a deep kiss but Gaara turned around, and went out the door.

"Come on!" Neji yelled and rushed out the door towards Gaara. They were both walking to school when Neji asked, " Hey Gaara how about after school we lock the door to the apartment and have some fun Hehe." Gaara's cheeks turned a shade of pink then stoped to glare at Neji with his cold green eyes, then walked off to school.

Gaara and Neji have been a couple for about three months, of course they have had deep kisses and a little touching, but they havent done "It". Well 1st period started and Neji sat beside Garra " Hey cutie" Neji whispered in Gaara's ear making him have a chill down his spine.

"Hn" Gaara aswered back and signed,

"What's 'hn' mean?!" Neji asked then put his hand between Gaara's thieghs. Gaara jumped in shock then whispered "Stop Neji people will see" then a big smirk grew on Neji's face, and his hand stayed on Gaara's groin.

"Dont worry know one can see" Neji answered back and started rubbing his hard erection.

"Class is starting now, take your seats and pay attention to the board" Kakashi Sensei shouted and started writting on the board. Gaara bit his lip to try not to moan, Neji just kept rubing it faster then Gaara let out a little moan, but nobody noticed. Gaara's stomuck was on fire, his erection was throbbing to release the cum inside him. Neji stopped and raised his hand,

"Yes?" Kakashi Sensei asked,

"Gaara does feel well, can I take him to the nurse's office?" Neji asked with a smirk,

"Go on ahead" Kakashi replied.

"What?!" Gaara said the Neji grabed his wrist and pulled him out of class. "What are you doing?" Gaara almost shouted,

"Shhh... be quiet" Neji whispered and instead of going into the nurse's office Neji pulled Gaara into the storage closet. He pinned Gaara to the wall and whispered in his ear "Your begging for 'It' arent you" Neji then sliped his hand in Gaara's pants and started sliding his finger over the slit and touching the pre-cum. Gaara moaned, Neji stroked the member hard and fast untel Gaara was at his climax,

"Im gonna... AHH!" then he cumed all over Neji's hand. Neji then slid his hand back out of Gaara's pants and licked the cum off of his fingers so lustful.

"MM... that was a good snack" he said the looked at the red haired boy and Gaara glared back at him. Neji pulled Gaara's head closer to him, then kissed him, Nejis tongue wanted enterance but the red haired boy's teeth were in the way. Finally Gaara gave up and upened his mouth then let Neji's tongue in. They had a very lustful kiss then Garra droped to his knee's panting.

"Stay here and clean yourself up, then come back to class" in a flash Neji left the closet.

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NOTE: Baka means idiot