Chapter 4 Full Moon, Love Deepens

Final Chapter

It was about a 20 minute walk from their apartment to the mall. They were silent the whole way, they walked up to the front doors and didn't see Naruto or Sasuke so they waited another 15 minutes and saw Naruto and Sasuke walking up to them. "Hey 'yawn' Neji, Hey Gaara 'yawn."

"Hn," Gaara aswered back like he wasn't interested. Naruto yawned really loud and laid his head on Sasuke's shoulder, about to fall asleep when Sasuke lightly slaped Naruto's cheek and said "Oi dobe dont fall asleep.

Naruto lifted his head up and rubed his eyes. "Well I'm sorry you kept me up all night!" Naruto said in a irritated voice.

Sasuke glared at him then said "Your the one who called them up here while we where haveing sex plus you wanted it," Sasuke smirked.

Naruto blushed and looked at Gaara and Neji which were staring back at him and Naruto pouted a little bit and walked off saying "Come on lets celibrate!"

"Dobe," Sasuke whispered and slid his hands in his pockets and walked off twards Naruto, so did Gaara and Neji. They went into this one store that had all kinds of clothing.

"Hey Sasuke can I have these?" Naruto held up a pair of blue and black boxers.

Sasuke smirked and replied "Sure," like he was planning something.

Gaara walked out of the store telling Neji "I'm going to look somewhere else...Later," he smirked and walked off. Naruto, Sasuke and Neji got done at the store and Naruto wanted icecream so they walked a little ways and we got a chocolate icecream cone. They sat down at a bench and Gaara sat down beside them with a bag.

"What's in the bag?" Neji asked.

"Just some things I needed, Oh I got you something," Gaara held up some black and red boxers and a T-shirt saying on the front "Go fuck yourself."

"Like I would wear that," Neji mumbled and Gaara replied

"Come on I bought them for you at least wear them around the house."

"Yeah, ok whatever."

Sasuke watched Naruto as he licked the icecream and got some of it on his cheek, "Your so messy," and Sasuke leaned closer to Naruto and licked the icecream off his cheek.

Naruto blushed and turned tward Sasuke "Why did you lick me?"

Sasuke smirked and replied in Naruto's ear "Because you looked yummy." Naruto blushed harder and faced the front of him. Gaara and Neji ignored them like it was a everyday thing and Gaara asked

"Hey Neji can I have a peck on the cheek since I bought you some stuff?"

"Ok as long as it's not on the lips," Neji leaned closer to Gaara but at the last second Gaara turned his head where they were lip to lip.

Neji broke it and said "Dumbass why did you do that."

Neji knew Gaara was teasing him and the red head answered back "I dont know." Gaara grabed his bag and was walking off when Neji stood up and rushed twards him, Grabing Gaara. Gaara turned into sand.

"A sand clone, when did he do that?" Neji asked.

Gaara said "Hey baka I'm right behind you." Gaara taped at Neji's shoulder and he turned around but Gaara wasn't there. "Hey dumbass I'm right behind you!" Gaara yelled and Neji turned around and Gaara was right infront of him.

"Stop playing around your making me mad."

"I just got bored and needed some entertaining, your no fun," and they walked up to the blonde and raven. They were both staring at Neji and Gaara.

"Hey how about we all stay untell 8:00 PM," Sasuke said and they all agreed, they all explored the mall untell 8:00.

They were walking home and Naruto said "Man I wanted to spend more time with you guys, I'm going to be all lonely!" Sasuke grabed Naruto's waist from behind and whispered in his ear

"You wont be lonely I'll be with you all night long."

Naruto blushed and replied trying to act cool "Yeah yeah,whatever."

They waved there goodbye's and Gaara and Neji walked up to there apartment. Neji slid the key into the lock and unlocked it. Neji opened the door letting Gaara walk in first, Neji following him. Neji didn't know what Gaara was going to do next so they just walked into the living room in a akward silence.

"I feel beat! I'm going to take a shower to relax," Neji said and Gaara unstraped his gourd and came up behind Neji,

"Hey lets take one together." Gaara smirked and pushed Neji to the bathroom, Gaara turned on the hot water and said "Take off your clothes." Neji hesitated and stood there, "If you wont take them off then I will," Gaara pushed Nehi against the wall and whispered in his ear "What are you embrassed about I've seen you naked before."

Neji could feel Gaara's hott breath on his ear making him feel a chill down his spine. Gaara striped all the clothing off his lover and ordered him into the shower, Gaara soon after striped his clothing off and steped in to the shower. Gaara moved under the hott water closing his eyed to feel the comfort. Neji watched and blushed thinking how sexy Gaara looked and his cock became hard.

Gaara walked over and put his hand on Neji's cock "Your already hard just by looking at me naked?" Gaara smiked. He crashed his lips to Neji's, he licked the bottom of Neji's lip. Neji knew what that meant and opened his mouth to let Gaara's tongue enter. The tongue explored every inch of Neji's mouth then both of there tongues locked in a swirling rotation.

Gaara broke the kiss and they were both breathing deeply trying to catch there breath. Gaara moved down to Neji's cheak and Kissed lightly on every inch. of his lovers skin. Neji shuddered ad Gaara was getting closer and closer to his cock. Gaara slid his hand on his lovers cock and started stroking it,faster and faster. Neji felt a tongue touch the tip of his cock and he moaned. Gaara put Neji's cock all the way into his mouth 'God Gaara you tongue feels so good...Ah' Neji thought, as his lovers tongue glided over his slit sucking the pre-cum off.

Gaara could feel Neji's climax real close and he let the cock out of his mouth and stood up to look into his lover's eyes. "Gaara..." that was the only thing that Neji could say and Gaara smiled then he put his mouth on Neji's neck, sucking it untell a red-mark appeared,

Gaara looked back into Neji's eyes saying "You only belong to me, no one else."

Neji smiled back and replied "Of course"

"Turn around," Gaara ordered.

Neji obeyed him and had his hands on the side od the shower with his ass right infront of Gaara. Neji felt a tongue lick his hole and he mumbled "Gaara how long are you going to make me wait," Gaara looked at Neji who was staring back over his shoulder.

Gaara smirked and answered "I was just having fun," He reached over to the corner of the shower and grabed the lube. Gaara rubed it all over his cock and grabed Neji's hips then nudged his cock in very slowly into Neji's ass.

Neji cluched his fist together ready for the pain. Finally Gaara moved his cock all the way into his lovers ass, He didn't move because he wanted Neji to adjust to his size. "Move!" Neji moaned and Gaara did what he said. Gaara slamed 'in' and 'out',after a few thrust he found Neji's prostate making Gaara smirk when Neji moaned and pleaded for more "Ah! God Gaara please hit it again!"

"Hit what?" Gaara smirked.

"My...'moan' prostate!" Gaara hit it a few more times making Neji yelp and Gaara could feel himself almost at his climax hestarted pumping Neji's cock. "AHH! I'm coming!" Neji shouted and he released all in Gaara hand. About the same time Gaara released his seed inside Neji.

Neji turned around and Gaara's head landed on his chest breathing really heavely. When he cought his breath he said "Clean up and come to bed," Then he steped out of the shower,dryed his self off and walked to the bedroom. Neji cleaned up and walked to the bedroom to find Gaara under the covers looking out the window at the full moon. Neji sliped on the boxers Gaara bought for him that day and crawled in bed with him. "What are you looking at?" Neji asked.

"The moon it's full tonight," Gaara replied. He turned to Neji and nuzzled into his chest feeling his warmth. "I love you Neji," he whispered.

Neji smiled and held him tight and replied "I love you too Gaara."

The end... It's complete I might later on correct stuff and add a little more to it but right now it's complete because im writing 9 other stories. If you want more please tell me and ill write it but u have to give me some idea's...Also going to put another story up soon with Gaara and Neji.

PREVIEW: Gaara's father abuses him and the company that he workes with makes him move alot so Gaara and his brother and sister have to move to... Gaara moves to a new shcool for 11th grade but what happens when a boy named NEJI starts to notice him and askes him over to his house..What will happen... will they be more then friends?????