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Baby mine

Picks up close to where the series left (I still don't know if I've seen all the episode) Scott's father has left Elaine but what about the baby she is carrying? This story is somewhat AU, just so everyone's on the same page Scott has been in Horizon for about eight months.

Peter sat down as the Cliff hangers took their places for group, once everyone was seated he asked, "All right who wants to start?" Scott raised a hand, "I will." Everyone gasped, Scott never went first in group usually it was Juliette, or Kat, sometimes Ezra if he was in a good mood, but never Scott this was a good sign. Peter bit back a grin as he said, "all right Scott." Scott sighed and sat up this was something he was actually excited about, "Well as you all know my Dad left Elaine, and all I can say is thank goodness. But, Elaine is pregnant and my dad is suing her for custody. The good part is I will get to testify." Shelby said, "Wait I thought CPS said there wasn't enough evidence to prove what Elaine did?" Scott nodded, "Yeah they did, but I can testify to what happened to bring Elaine's competence as a parent into question. Now a family court judge might decide that in a custody case the acusations alone could be enough, they might not be but at least I have a chance at my day in court."

Oggie grinned, "Well that's good news." Jules asked, "Are you scared?" Scott shrugged, "Yes and no, I want to tell people what she did but at the same time I never want to see her again. The thing I'm most afraid of is if Dad looses the case, I don't want her to raise my little brother or sister or be allowed within 50ft of the baby." Peter nodded, "So you're afraid that Elaine will continue the pattern of abuse?" Scott bit his lip, "a little, I mean I know there is no excuse for what she did, but I was her step-son we weren't related, related you know? And I don't know if she'd actually do that to her own kid."

Peter sighed he wished that were true, but he knew it wasn't and Scott deserved the truth, "Scott, people like Elaine usually don't stop their behavior until someone else stops them." Scott nodded, "I know I just kind of hoped you know?" Peter nodded, "I know." After giving Scott a few more minutes Peter moved on through group. Scott seemed to be recovering fairly well, he still had a long way to go, but he was definitely on the right path. Little did any of them know that the events of the next few days were going to change everything.

Peter was sitting behind his desk going through the papers for students who would be leaving this year; he couldn't help feeling a small rush of pride at the number of kids who had been helped by Horizon and its work. Peter put down the folder for Nicholas Jefreys and was reaching for the next one when the phone rang Peter answered, "mount Horizon Peter Scarbrow speaking. Oh, Mr. Barringer hello. What? When?" Peter's face broke into a smile at the answer, "Well congratulations is it boy or a girl?" Suddenly his face paled and he looked truly appalled, "What? Are they sure? Oh no, I am so sorry, yes, yes of course he'll be right here. Mr. Barringer I would like to assure you that we will do everything possible to help Scott get through this." Peter put the phone on hold and, pushed the button for his secretary muttering, "Damn it, why now he's been doing so well and now this hadn't the kids been through enough all ready. Hello Mary would you get Scott Barringer here immediately."

Mary nodded as she asked, "Are you all right? You look like you've just seen a ghost." Peter swallowed hard, "let's just say it's going to be a very long day now can you get Scott please?" Mary nodded and headed to Mr. Claypool's class.


Scott was just finishing with the short quiz Claypool had given them on the reading from last night and handed it in when Peter's secretary Mary came in, "I'm sorry to interrupt Mr. Claypool, but Scott Barringer needs to come with me immediately." Scott's heart instantly jumped into his throat, was something wrong? Was his dad or mom hurt? Mr. Claypool gestured to Scott and he stood without thinking Shelby squeezed his hand in comfort before he left and Scott gave her a grateful smile and followed Marry out. It didn't take them long to get back to Peter's office and when they arrived Scott asked, "What's going on?

"Scott?" Scott jumped as his Dad's voice came from the phone on Peter's desk, Scott felt stupid for not realizing it was set on speaker. Scott sat down and ask, "yeah Dad?" Martin said, "We need to talk." Scott gulped, no conversation ever ended well when it started with, 'we need to talk' Scott looked to Peter who stood and walked around the desk so he was standing next to the troubled young man he'd become so close to, "Scott you're father has something to tell you and it's not going to be easy to hear, just remember we're all here for you."

Scott felt his stomach drop," What is it what's wrong?" Martin sighed over the phone, "Scott, I wish to God I could do this in person, but I'm afraid it can't wait Elaine went into labor early this morning and she gave birth to a healthy eight pound baby boy." Scott grinned, he was an older brother!, "That's great! I don't see any problem congratulations Dad." Martin swallowed hard, "Scott you don't understand, the family court judge ordered a DNA test for the baby and the baby isn't mine."

Scott nearly fainted not only had Elaine been sneaking into his bedroom on a regular basis, but she'd also been cheating! Who the hell does that? Scott shook his head, "Dad, I'm sorry do they know…?" Before Scott could finish Martin said, "Yes Scott the baby Elaine had isn't my child, but he is yours."

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